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March 20, 2017

By G. Leon

Saucedo to return on Verdejo card June 10?

GL: Congrats on your victory over Johnny Garcia. Can you give us some thoughts on your performance? I liked the performance overall. I came out aggressively looking for good shots and good combinations and that's what happened and we saw what the outcome was. GL: You don't get paid by the round and it didn't go a full two rounds, was there anything about Garcia that surprised you? Did you expect to get him out of there so quickly? I was a little surprised by my own power actually, when I saw that I put him down with a jab and I was surprised how good I felt.

GL: I spoke to Louie Messorana and he told me you may come back to NYC for another fight in June on the Verdejo card. Is that when you're hoping your next fight takes place?

Alex Saucedo: "I hope so. I'm ready to fight again right away, I came out of this fight with no injuries at all. My face is clean, everything is good, so I'm ready to get back into the gym and put in work. I'm hoping to get another date soon. I would love to be back in the Garden in June."

GL: What was like fighting at the Garden for the first time?

AS: "It was a great experience man, it's been my favorite place to fight so far. The atmosphere and everything was incredible, I love fighting in places like that where the people are loving it. It just makes the fighters come out and perform even better for them. I came back home happy with my performance and the way everything was set up, it was just a great performance for my career and I'm looking forward to many of those."

GL: Based on the way you dispatched Garcia, do you want your next fight to be a step up against a legit top 15 type of contender?

AS: "Definitely. I felt like my performance was good enough to get a good step up, we'll see what they come to the table with, but I definitely feel like I'm ready for something a lot better."

GL: At this point do you feel fights like Johnny Garcia aren't really doing much for you anymore in terms of improving as a fighter to be ready for whenever these step up's come?

AS: "Johnny Garcia was a tough fighter and we've seen him take Ramirez and other tough fighters the distance. We were able to execute our plan well and get him out of there early, but like I said, I'm looking forward to fighting a top fifteen guys, even somebody in the top ten. I feel like my performance was really good and I feel like I'm ready for some bigger names."

GL: Do you feel like you and Abel Sanchez are starting to gel?

AS: "Yes, I think that was one of the things that effected my last fight. I wanted to do all of the things he wanted me to do, for this fight we had a lot of time to work together and I feel like we really connected and I was doing what he wanted me to in sparring. Everything was going perfect in sparring and we came to NYC and executed the plan well."

GL: Can you explain the differences in working with Abel at the Summit compared to the previous work you were doing?

AS: "He likes most of the punches to be thrown with power. We worked a lot on power punches and being smart working on the inside. Working with Abel is polishing me better and making me a better fighter."

GL: So what's the plan now? A week off and then back to camp?

AS: "Yeah maybe a week or two off and then go right back to work when I get that date. I'm hoping to get right back into camp."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

AS: "Thank you guys. I was really happy with all of the fans who came out to the Garden, just expect to see a better and better Saucedo every time. I'm hoping for better opponents in every fight, let's get the next date and I look forward to performing again."

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