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March 20, 2017

By G. Leon

Kauffman wants Mansour rematch or another top contender

GL: Obviously it wasn't the result you wanted, but can you give us some thoughts on your performance and the decision? I thought I did good, I thought I let my foot off the gas in the sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth round. I started off at a very fast pace, faster than most heavyweights and I wanted to set the tone and it kind of, not that it backfired, because I thought I did the right thing by setting a fast pace. He had been off for fifteen months and he's older. Even though he keeps himself in great shape, I thought I would wear him down and he was tired. As he was catching his second wind, I was slowing down and I thought I dominated rounds one through five. I thought I lost six through ten, round eleven could've gone either way and in round twelve I feel like I did enough to win. I can't cry over spilled milk, I feel like I did enough to win or at worst a draw, but it is what it is. I take my hat off to Amir Mansour, he can punch. I have a chin and I don't like to show people I have a chin because I don't want to take punches at all, but I went out there and I did what I had to do, I just didn't do enough.

GL: Hindsight is always 20-20. Knowing how the fight turned out what would you do differently?

Travis Kauffman: "I think I would have started off a litle slower and pick it up a little bit more in each round. I started off super fast and I died out a little, but then I got my second wind in round eleven. I thought the fight was really close, of course I'm upset with the decision but I realize that there's things I could have done. With the Arreola fight, I know I won and I dominated. In this fight, it was close like a Gatti-Ward kind of fight in the heavyweight division."

GL: Is it safe to say you want an immediate rematch?

TK: "Absolutely. I don't think Mansour wants a rematch, he wants to go for a title and I don't blame him. He's been in this business a while and he wants a title shot, but I'm certain for the right amount of money we can make it happen and I'm sure that the fans want to see a rematch. It was a hell of a fight, probably one of the best heavyweights fights in many years, the last heavyweight fight I could think of like that one was Evander Holyfield and Riddick Bowe."

GL: If you don't get the rematch you're looking for where do you go from here?

TK: "Whoever's next. I don't care. I want to fight a notable name, I don't want to go back to fighting C level fighters. I've proven that I belong at the top of this division, I've proven that I have a chin and I don't think there's a heavyweight out here that could hurt me. I think there's things I have to change, I think I was in camp a little too long for this fight. I'm not making excuses and I don't think that hurt me at all, but I was in there a little too long and I didn't get enough me time. Sometimes you have to take a little time for yourself to get your mind off the fight and I was in camp for twelve weeks, so whatever happens next I'll be ready for and I hope it's somebody in the top ten or fifteen so I can mop the floor with them and get right back to where I belong."

GL: When will you like your next fight to take place?

TK: "In June or July."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

TK: "I appreciate all of my fans and the support I've got. I appreciate all of the new fans I've gained from this fight. I've proven how durable and tough I am and I've shown that every fight I'm in is an exciting fight. I want the big names, I want the Luis Ortiz, I want the guys most other heavyweights are scared of. Amir Mansour is one of the most feared heavyweights and I took that challenge. I want the guys people don't call out, I want a guy like Luis Ortiz or somebody of that caliber. I want the big names. I appreciate all of the support I've gotten from PBC for allowing me to fight on their cards and of course Al Haymon for rejuvenating my career."

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