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March 16, 2017

By G. Leon

GL: Congrats on your victory, can you give us some thoughts on your performance? My performance wasn't great, but I think that was because of the opponent put in front of me not wanting to fight. I still got the job done and I had to chase him down the majority of the fight and he had a lot of dirty tactics. He was holding and he didn't want to fight, he didn't fight like a professional at all to me.

GL: Did you expect him to hold so much?

Wesley Tucker: "I expected that and we knew he was a little bit dirty, but we thought he was going to fight more since this was a TV fight."

GL: Are you concerned that fight not being exciting could prevent you from getting another Shobox opportunity as quickly as you'd like?

WT: "I hope not, I really feel like I've got something to prove now. I hope they give me another opportunity to display my talents in there against somebody who wants to fight as much as I do."

GL: What kind of opponent do you think you need to bring the best out of you?

WT: "Like I said, just somebody who wants to fight. I want somebody that wants to engage and be in a war. In the next one that's what I plan on doing. That's what I wanted to do in this fight, so I feel terrible."

GL: In this business we take ugly wins over pretty losses seven days a week and twice on Sunday. How soon would you like to get your next fight booked?

WT: "As soon as possible, I'm in the gym now so whenever I get that call I'll be ready. I want to this bad taste out of my mouth in the near future, so I hope it's asap."

GL: What did you think of Thurman-Garcia?

WT: "I thought it was a good fight, I think both guys were kind of timid in that fight and they didn't want to engage. I thought Thurman outboxed him in a pretty good fight."

GL: Who do you like in Berto-Porter?

WT: "I'm going with Shawn Porter, not just because I fought him in the amateurs, but I think he brings a lot of pressure. Berto has the cleaner shots, but I think Porter is going to pull that one out if he doesn't knock him out."

GL: What about Brook-Spence?

WT: "That's a tough one, I'm rooting for Spence but Brook is a legitimate threat in the division and it's a fight I'm really looking forward to myself."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

WT: "I apologize for my last fight, I wanted to fight and I want the people to see what I could really do. I want to thank Salita Promotions and Shobox for giving me an opportunity to show my talents, I just hope I get another chance right away against somebody that comes to fight. I don't care who it is, I just want to put a show on for the fans."

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