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March 13, 2017

By G. Leon

GL: Congrats on a sold out show at the SugarHouse Casino. Can you give us some thoughts on the card from top to bottom?  Let's start with the main event. Tyrone Brunson had a heck of a fight with Brandon Quarles. It was a back and forth fight, Quarles took the early rounds and then Brunson made some adjustments. Now that he's back with his original trainer Fred Jenkins, he made some real good adjustments and caught Quarles with some real solid shots, but Quarles has a great chin so it made for a great main event. I had Brunson winning it close by a margin of five rounds to three. The fight of the night was Brandon Robinson and Lamont McLaughlin, between the two guys they had like 300 people there for a four round fight. It was a barn-burner between the two and it made for a great night of fights in general. Another fight that stood out to me was Carlos Rosario, he's a 6-1 junior lightweight and he fought a really tough journeyman named Lance Williams who's 7-7. Rosario dropped him early, he got off the canvas to drop Carlos and then he came back to stop Williams. It was a great night of fights from top to bottom. I could go back and forth and tell you about every fight, but in all honesty I didn't sit there to watch every fight because I was busy doing other things. Those are the fights I did catch, it was a great night of boxing and to have a sellout crowd where we had to turn people away and to have that happen on back to back nights, because Russell Peltz did it the night before, it says a lot about Philadelphia and their great fans."

GL: What's going to be next for Brunson?

Marshall Kauffman: "Just looking for the right opportunities. There's a number of guys at 154 and he could make 154 and that's really where he needs to be. There's a number of great fights and there's fights here in the local scene for him. I'd love to see him go up against guys like Tony Harrison and J-Rock Williams. I think he needs to be in the ring with people like that to really show himself. He's got a great record and he's a puncher, but he also showed last night that he could box as well."

GL: Less than a week away from the March 17 card. Are you expecting another sellout? Can you give us some final thoughts on that card?

MK: "I'd love to have sellout in Reading, PA, but it's challenging. It's a Friday night, it's Reading and they're calling fall a lot of snow so we'll see what happens. It's going to be another great night of boxing, I strongly believe that when you put great fights on people will come out to watch them, and that's what we do from top to bottom. We've got Travis going up against Mansour, Cintron against David Grayton, Steve Cunningham will be in action. Chris Colbert is a young kid out of New York, so there's a number of excellent fights on this card. My next move from a promotional standpoint will be to sign some of these young kids coming out of the Olympics, or kids with standout amateur careers that didn't make it to the Olympics. Not to pat myself on the back, but I think I do a good job of moving guys."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

MK: "Philadelphia fans are the best, they come out and show support for their fighters. We're going to be back at the SugarHouse Casino on May 12 and then we'll be back at the 2300 Arena May 19, the next fight on the agenda of course is March 17, The St. Patrick's Day Massacre and in my opinion this could be the best heavyweight fight in the last ten years or so with Travis and Amir Mansour going at it. Fans needs to tune into Bounce TV and be ready to watch a great night of boxing."

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