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March 07, 2017

By G. Leon

GL: Congrats on your recent title winning victory. Can you give us some thoughts on your performance? Thank you. My performance, we had a game plan going into the fight and we executed the game plan very well. I feel like I got hit a little bit too much trying to execute the game plan, but other than that I followed the plan and I got the result we were looking for.

GL: He was putting a lot of rounds in the bank, every time you hit him you hurt him, but he was winning a lot of the early rounds. Was there something that you failed to do that was a part of the plan because if you didn't get him out of there it could have been up for grabs on the cards in a close fight.

Jarrett Hurd: "Here's the thing though, we knew that Tony Harrison would fight this fight like every other fight. One thing about watching tape on him, you find the same guy in every fight. He never switches it up, he's got a style that got him to where he is today, but in watching the tape we knew he was going to come out the same way. Toney Harrison is a great jab, great speed and a great fighter. He was moving well against everyone, even with Willie Nelson he was winning the fight before he got caught with the shot. The game plan was to win the battle with the jabs and show him the left hand. He knew I had a big right hand, so I was showing him the left hand and he would move away from it towards my right hand. As the fight went on, we shortened the jab and won the jab battle. We shortened the left hook and I wasn't landing really cleanly and he was actually landing more than we expected him to land. We wanted to back him up and get him moving towards my right hand, but we didn't want to get hit as much in the process, but we knew once he slowed down and we got him moving to the right that we would catch up to him. When he throws his jab, he doesn't always bring it back to his face, he leaves it at his waist and we wanted to run him into a right hand and that's what happened. From the fifth round on I started to land more and more and then in the ninth round I caught him with the right hand I was looking for."

GL: You've been waiting your whole life to be announced as a new world champion. What was going through your mind when you heard the announcement? Has it all sunk in yet?

JH: "It's funny because it didn't really sink in while I was out there in Alabama. I was happy we won, I was talking about the fight with my team, I looked at the websites and it really didn't sink in until we got home to Maryland on Sunday. The way I was welcomed when I got him was wonderful, people were taking pictures with me, throwing me on their social media and things like that so it was wonderful. I felt like a champion of the world and it's something I want to build on."

GL: How do you build off this momentum? Who do you want next?

JH: "I know we have a southpaw mandatory and he's fighting some other guy for the right to become my mandatory. Whoever my manager Al Haymon puts in front of me, I'm ready to fight. We got Justin DeLoach, he's got a small belt in the IBF and he's moving up the rankings. We've got Erickson Lubin and he's moving up in the WBC and he's probably going to fight Charlo."

GL: Since there's going to be an elimination bout before your mandatory is due, is unification high on your things to do list?

JH: "It's one of the most important things, I've got some of these guys calling me out on social media and I want to get in the ring with them now, but we're going to do things the smart way business wise. I'm not sure who's going to be the first one but I'm looking forward to defending my title."

GL: Jermall Charlo basically called your fight with Harrison a sloppy low level competitive fight. What are your thoughts on that?

JH: "Of course he's going to say that with his brother in the division. It was the Tony Harrison that came to win an IBF world title and he came with his A game. His brother had a similiar fight with John Jackson where he was behind and he was down but one punch changed the fight. That's the difference maker."

GL: If you had it your way, who would your next fight take place against?

JH: "Jermell Charlo or Erislandy Lara. I'd love to unify the titles against any one of them. To be honest with you, I really want to unify with Lara."

GL: What do you feel separates you from the other champions at 154?

JH: "My size and my diversity. I'm not one dimensional and in every fight I've fought on television, I've never fought the same way twice. With Galarza, I was countering, with Jo Jo Dan I bullied the smaller guy around the ring and with Tony Harrison I stalked him down and showed my chin and heart. You're never going to get the same Jarrett Hurd twice and that makes it difficult to prepare for me if you're trying to study me on tape."

GL: Do you think you could have gotten Harrison out of there earlier had you opened up sooner?

JH: "I do. I probably could have, it's something me and my team was talking about afterwards. But we stuck to the game plan and we knew he wouldn't be able to stand up to the power in the late rounds. But maybe y'all wouldn't have been able to see that I'm a complete twelve round fighter had I gotten him out earlier."

GL: We still haven't seen you go a hard twelve since your last six wins have all come by way of. 

JH: "When I fought with Oscar Molina I was going into the tenth round and I was still going strong like I could've gone four more rounds."

GL: So with all your size making 154 isn't a problem?

JH: "Nope. Not right now. I know eventually I'm going to have to move up to middleweight, maybe in the next year or two."

GL: When are you hoping your next fight takes place?

JH: "In about three or four months, that would be great."

GL: What part of your game do you feel needs the most sharpening?

JH: "I'd say my defense and a little bit of my footwork, sometimes I tend to throw shots all balance. Once I get my footwork a little better, I'm going to be hurting guys a lot worse because I'm able to hurt them now when I'm off balance sometimes."

GL: Who was your favorite fighter to watch coming up?

JH: "The one that got me into boxing because he was the most entertaining at the time was Roy Jones Jr. He's the one that got me tuned into the sport and that's how I began to get into the fight game. I like to watch a lot of James Toney because he's a great inside fighter and I really like his style and I picked up a lot from him as well."

GL: What's your favorite sport other than boxing?

JH: "Football. I don't really watch it but it's my next favorite sport. When I was a kid I played girls and boys clubs football, but other than that I don't got no other skills besides boxing."

GL: What's your favorite movie? Tv show and Musician?

JH: "Paid in full is my favorite movie. Power is my favorite TV show and I like Fetty Wop, but I haven't really been too into music lately."

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