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March 06, 2017

By G. Leon

GL: Congrats on your victory over Edina Kiss, can you give us some thoughts on your performance? It was probably one of the smoother performances of my career. Not too many surprises, I felt like I controlled all over the rounds, so it was a really smooth performance. GL: Was there anything about her that surprised you and was it difficult to get ready for her on such short notice? Well, coming off the MMA camp it was actually much easier because you go from having to handle someone who's doing six or seven different things to only worrying about two hands. This is why my fight camp was really much smoother than any of mine have been in the past. Boxing became simplified after doing so much MMA."

GL: How's your eye?

Heather Hardy: "My eye is fine. Oh you mean the head butt. Yeah, it's cool, just a little black and blue but God knows I'm used to those."

GL: Over the weekend April 22 was announced as the next big show at the Barclay, are you ready to go again that soon? Have you talked to Lou DiBella to see if it's possible to get you on that card?

HH: "Yeah, the bosses are already in the midst of planning the next one. There's a lot of stuff happening in April, but obviously it's not anything I can release yet. I'm always ready, I stay ready, I live in the gym."

GL: If you could you pick your own opponent, who would you be fighting next?

HH: "I'm only looking at top ten girls from here out. Lou and I have talked about it and I'm ready to fight for a world title and I'm ready to fight for a world title and Lord knows there's plenty of girls out there with those and that's who I want to go after."

GL: You're one of the most popular fighters in New York and you fought in the opening bout. Do you have any feelings about that? Did it upset at you at all?

HH: "Yeah, I cried for about an hour after the fight. I got a call the night before and was told that there was a line-up change, you could go first or eleventh. That was a big choice to make the night before the fight like an hour before I'm about to go to sleep. First or eleventh? I said put me first, I sold almost $37,000 in tickets and I thought if the main event is over and there's going to be four or five fights after the main event, what am I going to box at 2 in the morning? I didn't want to do that to my fans, I told them to get to the venue at 6:30, get there early and go right to your seats and they had me walk out before the doors even opened, so to say I was disappointed is really an understatement."

GL: Where were your originally scheduled to go?

HH: "I'm not sure to be honest. I typically don't find out until the weigh-in or the day before. It hasn't been an issue in the past and I feel like I've made it clear that I wanted to fight in front of a crowd because I've earned it. When you come in with a record of 18-0 and you're defending your title I didn't think it would really be an issue. I was quite surprised."

GL: Did you and Lou have any words about this afterwards?

HH: "No, I would never disrespect my promoter and I respect that he's doing everything he could for me. I have nothing really to say to Lou about it, he's a fair guy isn't he?"

GL: I love Lou. And it sounds like it's easy for him to make it up to you as early as April 22.

HH: "(laughs) I'll be ready let's see what happens."

GL: Who do you like in the Shields fight on Friday?

HH: "Claressa man, that girl didn't win no two gold medals by accident."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say to the fans in closing?

HH: "I want to say thanks as always, we wouldn't be here without you guys."

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