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March 03, 2017

By G. Leon

GL: Congrats on your recent victory, can you give us some thoughts on your performance? Thanks a lot, I have to thank God for blessing me and my promoters of course. If I had to grade the performance, I would have to give it a C+. I made some mistakes, especially in the first round. I got caught with a punch I shouldn't have gotten caught with and that probably made the fight go a lot longer than it needed to. I should have probably ended that fight in about the third round, but I look back at it, and I've probably watched the fight at least ten times since the fight, so I'm already working on, at least mentally, how not to get caught with something like that ever again.

GL: Did Kenneth McNeil's toughness surprise you at all?

Alantez Fox: "Not at all, I know he went the distance with Khytrov and he's a walk forward type fighter so I know they banged it out. Khytrov had a majority decision against him, based on the punches Khytrov was able to land I didn't really expect him to go anywhere. I expected him to fight hard."

GL: What was going through your head when you start hearing scorecards read off 95-94.

AF: "When I heard 95-94 I was a little nervous, I was like man we are in Birmingham, Alabama and that could have happen. I feel like I won the fight cleanly, I was walking to him and making him hold me, but they wanted to give him rounds that I didn't win clearly enough that's on me because I'm fighting him in his backyard. I was upset though that the referee didn't take any points for holding. When I heard 97-92 I knew there was no way a judge could have seen more losing that many rounds."

GL: So you feel the 97-92 card was more indicative of how the fight actually played out, correct?

AF: "Yes. I could definitely see that easily, especially with dropping him in the first round. I was the taller man and I was able to work him on the inside. He did a lot of slapping and winging punches, but he wasn't throwing effective blows to me."

GL: This was the lowest you've weighed for a couple of years, do you feel stronger at 163 than you did under 160?

AF: "I feel stronger at 163, I could definitely say that. That 159.6 wasn't super rough, but it was rough and I did feel it, it's like you said I haven't been under 160 in a while. I just had to will myself through it, but I did a pretty good job of cutting. By the time I got to 163 which is what I had been weighing in at, I felt good. The few extra pounds was nothing."

GL: Sometimes it's good to have a fight at the title fighting weight. A lot of guys fight at 162-163 and then they can't make the weight when it's time for a title fight or an elimination bout.

AF: "Exactly, so that really was a good test for me and I appreciate you for saying that."

GL: Lou DiBella recently told me that you're one of these guys who people aren't going to want to fight and he says that he's going to have to move you up the rankings in order for you to get the major opportunity you're looking for. Do you agree with him?

AF: "Hell yeah! Nobody wants to see me, I'm too dangerous of a guy for just anybody to take."

GL: Who do you like in Golovkin-Jacobs?

AF: "I think I like GGG over Jacobs, I don't think Jacobs is going to be able to box him like he needs to. Honestly, he does have some power though so he's got that chance."

GL: Have you been tested by VADA since you enrolled in the clean boxing program?

AF: "No I have not, but they can come through and test me anytime."

GL: When are you hoping your next fight takes place?

AF: "In another three or four months, honestly, if I could get one fight per quarter of the year that would be fantastic."

GL: What do you think about a fight with you and Khytrov?

AF: "I don't mind the fight, I don't feel anybody is invincible, so if they want me to fight him to better myself I don't mind doing it at all."

GL: How important is it for you to get some national television exposure?

AF: "I think it's very important and I'm confident that it's going to happen soon. I know it would help me a great deal."

GL: It would've been great for you if that last telecast was a quadruple-header.

AF: "Tell me about it!"

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

AF: "Y'all know how to find me it's SlyAzaFox on everything."

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