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March 02, 2017

By G. Leon

Cunningham's Corner debuts March 9! Devon Alexander to return in April

GL: It's great to have you back on Boxingtalk. Tell us all about your recent move to Florida, what lead to you leaving St. Louis to start Camp Cunningham in West Palm Beach, Florida? It's something I've been wanting to do for the last twenty years, but sometimes things have to fall in place at the right and under the right circumstances. For one, for the most part I wanted to get my daughter through college before I uprooted and relocated, I got that done, she's about to graduate. All of the pieces fell right for the situation, I"ve got a really nice set up here in West Palm Beach, it's a perfect camp for elite fighters that want to have a world class camp, so for those who want to work with a world class trainer it's a perfect situation."

GL: How much did the environment in St. Louis, the climate in St. Louis and the lack of top level fighters wanting to train there, lead to this decision?

Kevin Cunningham: "I've been wanting to set up a camp in either Vegas or Florida for damn near twenty years, there was always something preventing me from making the move. Now the time is right and the circumstances are right. What world class athlete wouldn't want to come to Florida and train. The weather is great, it's like paradise, it's a great set-up. A lot of the fighters have their camps here in Florida, so there's always good work down here. The beaches are beautiful and morning runs along the ocean are inspiring so it's a great situation, I just wish it wouldn't have taken me so long, but you can't control everything. When it's meant to be it's meant to be, the timing was right and everything fell into place."

GL: What's up with Devon Alexander?

KC: "He's in camp. He's training, he's getting ready for a fight. We're looking to get in the ring sometime in April. There's no specific date yet or opponent, but he's in camp grinding."

GL: Devon hasn't fought since 2015, do you feel he's made the necessary adjustments to come back stronger than ever?

KC: "He's went through the whole process to rectify the whole situation that put him in a situation to where he had to take some time off and get things right. He's on track now and come April you'll see flashes of the old Devon back in there."

GL: Can you elaborate on what the situation that put him in a situation is?

KC: "We've made it known publicly that he had an issue with pain killers. We went through that whole process and that's a huge epidemic up there. He had the surgery after the Maidana fight, he had a blood clot in his nose that he had to have surgery for. The gave him pain killers, one thing lead to another and he started liking the pain pills after the pain was gone and there you go, you've got a situation where he got himself falling into an addiction. He's gone through the rehab process, he's addressed the situation, he stood up like a man and let it be known this is what was going on for the past three years. It's sad and it's upsetting to me because it's something that was hidden from me, but I knew something wasn't right."

GL: Is it safe to say that after this long layoff Devon's first fight back will be a tune-up?

KC: "Yes, it's going to be a fight for him to tune-up in and shake the rust off. He's been out of the ring for a year and a half."

GL: Will there be more than one of those?

KC: "Nah, he doesn't need more than one of them so I can get a gauge of where he's at. If he does what he's supposed to do, maybe we go after somebody in the top ten after that."

GL: How much does your wife Sheila like the change of scenery?

KC: "Oh man G, she supports me in everything I do. I really appreciate you bringing her up, it just shows how far back our relationship goes. She is a crucial part of everything I do in terms of the boxing and everything else. She and my daughter both support me for fully, they're loving the move to Florida and as long as they're happy, I'm happy. It's a beautiful thing every man needs a strong woman in his corner and I'm blessed to have one."

GL: Other than Devon who are you working with right now?

KC: "I'm getting Joseph Elegele in camp, I'm in the process of getting Eric Hunter in camp and there's a few other things going on where I don't want to put their names out there because they're trying to get out of their situations to get with me. AB is coming to the camp for his next fight, that's nephew so it's going to be a joy to have him down here so he can focus out here in Florida and do his thing."

GL: You're best known for the day one jobs you've done with Cory Spinks and Devon. Are you going to be looking to work with any top level amateurs?

KC: "I'm not opposed to working with any amateurs, but for the most part, from a time frame standpoint, it has to be elite athletes that I'm working with. As far as going back and training kids from the beginning, I'm only one man and I only have so much time. I would need a really good assistant to get into the amateur thing. It's just a time frame thing that I don't want to start something that I can't finish and follow all the way through. I wouldn't want to bring a bunch of kids to the gym and then not be able to put the time in that they need because I'm traveling with my pro's."

GL: Tell us all about Cunningham's Corner TV show debuting on March 9.

KC: "You're going to get all of the latest boxing information, we're going to be filming from Camp Cunningham Gym, we're going to be having guests ranging from fighters to celebrities and entertainers. We're going to have our own pound for pound list and it's going to be a really nice show. It's going to be available on Ustream, Periscope and Facebook live."

GL: Who's number one on Cunningham's Corner pound for pound list?

KC: "Y'all going to have to tune in to find that out!"

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

KC: "Glad to have you back in the game, it's great to be back on Boxingtalk."

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