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March 02, 2017

By G. Leon

GL: When did you fall in love with boxing? What made you first get into the sport? I started boxing at the age of fifteen, that was my first time going to a boxing gym and I really enjoyed it and right away I knew it was for me. GL: Who were your favorite fighters to watch growing up? Julio Cesar Chavez.

GL: What does being the first Mexican to win a medal at the Olympics in 16 years mean to you?

Misael Rodriguez: "I went over there and executed a perfect plan in my fights. Other great boxers had the talent and they went over there to look for a medal, I went there with the mentality to put all the effort in and do my best to win a medal for myself and for Mexico, so it means a lot to me."

GL: How would you describe your style to somebody that hasn't seen you fight?

MR: "I fight with a lot of heart, I put my blood and guts into the ring. I always come forward to throw a lot of punches and I'm strong. Now this training that I'm doing with Robert Garcia, we're working on executing a perfect plan."

GL: How long have you been working with Robert?

MR: "Since January 2."

GL: What's the differences between Robert and your previous coaches?

MR: "The difference here is that over there in Mexico City I was around 20 other fighters so it was difficult for them to give me more attention. With coach Robert I got more attention and he's pretty detailed in the way he's training me."

GL: Who do you like in GGG-Jacobs?

MR: "I think GGG has more experience than Jacobs and he also has the amateur background, so I think GGG will take this one." 

GL: What made you decide to sign with Ringstar Sports and Abner Mares?

MR: "I started a friendship with Abner Mares over a year ago and I started to get to know him well, then we decided to sign with Ringstar Sports and Richard Schaefer who I'm pretty sure is going to take care of my whole boxing career."

GL: Who are some of your favorite boxers to watch today?

MR: "I like aggressive Mexican fighters, guys like Oscar Valdez and Abner Mares."

GL: When can we expect you to make your pro debut?

MR: "I've been training since January, so I've been preparing myself hard with a lot of effort. I'm looking forward to making my pro debut some time in April."

GL: What's your favorite movie?

MR: "Blood in-Blood out."

GL: What's your favorite song?

MR: "Todo Encartado, by Ariel Camacho."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

MR: "Thank you for the interview, I want the fans to watch me grow as a boxer and I thank them for all of their love and support."

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