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March 02, 2017

By G. Leon

Lithuanian Olympian to make pro-debut in April

GL: You started boxing when you were twelve years old, what made you first get into the sport? "I started boxing when I was thirteen years old, but I started in MMA when I was eight years old. I was always was boxing with my hands, but I turned it into boxing later on. My mother said boxing was better for me and everybody told me boxing would be better, so I started fighting without being able to strike with my legs."

GL: Was that a difficult transition? How long did it take before you felt comfortable as a boxer?

Eimantas Stanionis: "It was very different, different stance, different defense, maybe it took one month. Around then I had my first international boxing competition and I did very well, maybe in three months I was adapted very well."

GL: Who are some of your favorite boxers to watch?

ES: "When I was younger I was always watching Mike Tyson and Julio Cesar Chavez."

GL: How would you describe your style to somebody that hasn't seen you fight?

ES: "Mexican. I think it's Mexican. I like to go toe-to-toe and I like to fight. I don't like to fight at distance, I like to keep the pressure on my opponent always."

GL: What made you decide to sign with Ringstar Sports?

ES: "Richard is a very good man, we discussed working together and then he called me and I decided to sign with Ringstar. I have one manager from Lithuania and he asked me if I wanted to go with Top Rank and I told him I know Richard is a good man and I have a good contract with Ringstar. I know Richard has a lot of experience promoting big fighs from working with Mayweather and De La Hoya. When he talks, I see he's smart."

GL: I also understand you're on the verge of receiving your bachelors degree in Sports Science, how did you manage to juggle that while boxing?

ES: "The sport science is very important, when you're training you must know how to train and how to rest, what you need to eat and what you need to put into your body."

GL: Who are some of your favorite boxers to watch today?

ES: "I see these fighters and there are many good ones, but I like the old school with Sugar Shane Mosley and Sugar Ray Leonard. I do like to watch Golovkin and Alavarez because they have my style."

GL: How long have you been in California now?

ES: "Three weeks or so, this is my first time in the United States since I signed with Ringstar."

GL: What's that experience been like?

ES: "It beautiful everywhere, I like Los Angeles very much. I haven't been to a lot of places, but maybe next week I will go. Tomorrow my girlfriend shows up so we will go an explore, maybe we will go to Santa Monica beach."

GL: You're going to be competing in the welterweight division, who do you like in the Thurman-Garcia fight?

ES: "I want Garcia to win but it's a 50-50 fight I think."

GL: What about Kell Brook-Errol Spence?

ES: "I like Errol Spence, I don't know if Kell Brook will make the weight. I don't think he can make 147 anymore, I think Spence is young and hungry and he will beat him."

GL: When can we expect you to make your pro debut?

ES: "Sometime in April. Probably early April."

GL: What's your favorite movie?

ES: "Ballers is my favorite TV show right now, but I like a lot of movies, but I like the movie Legend a lot."

GL: What about music? Who are you listening to? 

ES: "I like every kind of music, I like pop, I like hip-hop, I don't like rock though."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

ES: "I want to let the fans know that I will make a great show, I will put on a good fight, I will show my skills and when I fight they will see this."

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