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March 01, 2017

By G. Leon

Saucedo will dominate Garcia on March 17

GL: You've got two guys going one day apart, let's start with Alex Saucedo. This is your second camp with him, how is he looking and what can we expect to see from him on March 17? He's doing very well. Our first camp it was difficult to really try to change anything, all we were trying to do was get him accustomed to our system. In this training camp we've been able to modify some things that he was doing before and I think we're accomplishing that. He got caught with some shots that he shouldn't have in his last fight and we're working on that. It's not from a lack of defense, it's from a loss of focus when he's in there. He's used to hitting people and them going down, but at this level not everyone goes down and you have to be ready for what's coming back."

GL: What are you expecting to see from hin on the 17th?

Abel Sanchez: "He's going to do very well, I'm expecting a dominant performance. I expect him to move his hands like he's been doing in the gym and it's probably going to be a late stoppage. I think this kid has a ton of talent, he just hasn't been pushed to the limit yet in the gym."

GL: How far removed from a world title fight do you think Saucedo is?

AS: "I would like to have him for another four or five fights before we make a move like that. I have another kid that's in the same kind of predicament and that's Ponomarev, who's 31-0, but sometimes these kids don't grow the same way as other fighters do and I want them to be completely ready when they fight for world titles."


AS: "He just got through some sparring at the gym today, I'm on my way home from it now actually and he's doing very well. This is our fourth day of sparring so we're really in nice shape, his sharpness is starting to come in, he went eight four minute rounds today and we're doing really well."

GL: Do you expect the Jacobs fight to go the distance?

AS: "I don't think so. I think that anybody between 154-168 won't go 12 rounds with Golovkin. Danny is a very good fighter, but Golovkin is an exceptional fighter."

GL: Do you consider Danny the biggest puncher GGG has been in the ring with so far?

AS: "I don't know, I think Curtis Stevens and David Lemiuex might have been bigger. I think Danny has better skills to prepare his punches, the other guy were just strong and heavy handed. Danny is a little more intelligent inside the ring and he does a better job of setting up his shots."

GL: It almost seemed like Golovkin was overlooking Kell Brook. Are you concerned he might be overlooking Jacobs too?

AS: "Guys at this level, the better guys, the elite guys, they need a mental challenge. The physical challenge is always there, but I think this is the first fight where he's got some real motivation. Once he hurt Brook he knew it was going to be a matter of time, sometimes it gets a little boring for the elite level guys. They need a challenge and I think Danny Jacobs presents that."

GL: Assuming he's successful against Danny, what's left for Gennady at 160?

AS: "We still have that WBO title that he's really interested in getting. He wants to be the next unified champion to hold all four belts following in the steps of the great Bernard Hopkins. Once he does that then we'll talk about something else above 160. Saunders people are in touch with Tom Loeffler so hopefully it happens."

GL: What's it going to take for Gennady and Ward to happen?

AS: "If Gennady gets the four belts and we can make a fight at 168, it's something we'd explore. People have to understand that Ward makes things difficult. They had a rematch and everything in place before the first fight. Ward is making is so difficult and it's almost not worth us having to go through with the hassle of dealing with him. We want to stay busy, we don't want to sit idle waiting for somebody to make up their mind."

GL: Who would you say has given GGG his most difficult fight thus far?

AS: "I would say Kassim Ouma only because of the circumstances that preceded that with us having visa issues and not getting there until right before the weigh-in. I think that made it a difficult fight for Gennady, but he's really handled everybody else in a way I thought he should and would. I don't count the Rosado fight because for that fight he was sick and I wanted to pull the plug on it, but Gennady insisted on going through with the fight."

GL: What's up with Denis Shafikov?

AS: "He's coming to camp on Sunday and he's the mandatory for Robert Easter Jr., they're negotiating right now. We were going to fight Easter before he did his last fight, but we agreed to wait so now we're expecting that fight for the IBF title to be next."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

AS: "We appreciate all of the support, on the 17th of March Saucedo is going dominate and we're looking forward to a big fight on PPV with Gennady and Danny Jacobs on March 18. Thanks Greg." 

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