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March 01, 2017

By G. Leon

DiBella expects Thurman-Garcia to set Barclay Center gate records

GL: Congrats on a fantastic PBC on Fox event. Can you give us some thoughts on the telecast from top to bottom? The heavyweight bout between Dominic Breazeale and Izu Ugonoh was a classic heavyweight fight. The guys were knocking each other down in every round, it felt like there were five knockdowns in that fight. I think Izu showed his athletic ability and he has a lot of talent. But he was over anxious and over eager. Breazeale is more of a veteran, he's seen a lot more in his career and he showed the heart of a lion. It was a great fight and Jarrett Hurd is a problem. Swift Hurd is a problem, the guy's got tremendous upper body power, a great uppercut, real good offensive skills. He got out-boxed for the first half of the fight, but he adjusted and you got the sense that even though he wasn't winning rounds he was breaking Harrison down and that power was there. It was a sensational performance and the kind of performance you want to have when you win a belt, and then Deontay's got the bomb. Deontay's got the nuclear bomb in that right hand. He's got a 97.4% knockout percentage, the greatest knockout percentage in the history of heavyweight boxing by a lot. He could start slow like he did in this fight and it doesn't really matter. It could take him some time to figure his opponent out, but at some point guys are going to feel his power and I don't think anybody else in boxing has that power."

GL: Do you think the stoppages in the co-main and Wilder fight were a bit on the quick side?

Lou DiBella: "Harrison, when he spit out the mouthpiece that was pretty much it. If he didn't spit it out, when the mouthpiece came out that was pretty much it, I think he was really hurt. I would have said maybe on the Washington stoppage, but then seconds after the referee stopped it he fell into the ropes so that ended any doubt on my part. No, I don't think they were bad stoppages, I think the referees made judgement calls and they were solid."

GL: Fight week is about to heat up for Thurman and Garcia...

LD: (cutting in) "You couldn't have a better lead in for Thurman-Garcia than this last card. Frankly I'm elated, we had a tremendous card last week and now we're having one of the most anticipated fights of the year right here in Brooklyn, NY. There's going to be a tremendous undercard from top to bottom, people are going to be seeing great action from the moment the first bell rings. Then you've got Lubin, who is a terrific prospect fighting a knockout artist in Cota. You have Sergey Lipinets on the card who is a number one contender. You have a real crossroads match-up with Fonfara and Dawson, a great woman's fight with Heather Hardy and Edina Kiss and there's prospects all over the place on the show too, it's going to be a terrific card."

GL: Any final comments on this terrific card?

LD: "I think anything can happen in the main event and it's a terrific fight where somebody's O has got to go and the winner of this fight is going say he's the man at 147. Tickets have been moving quickly, there's still some good seats left on the upper levels and we've just released a few more seats down on the floor. Tickets are literally flying out and this show is absolutely setting the record for most people to attend a boxing event at the Barclay Center, as well as the highest gate ever at the Barclay Center."

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