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February 17, 2017


Press Release: Adrien Broner vs. Adrian Granados will take place Saturday, February 18th at the Cintas Center at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio on Showtime. Televised coverage begins with Marcus Browne meeting Thomas Williams Jr. in a ten-round light heavyweight showdown. Also featured will be David Avanesyan battling former 140-pound champion Lamont Peterson with Avanesyan's regular WBA welterweight title at stake. Here is what the participants had to say Thursday from the Cintas Center:


I know everyone is used to me coming up here and being boastful. Thats not me anymore. I have a lot of respect for Adrian Granados and hes a great fighter.

A businessman that can fight. Thats what I am nowadays. Im not a sh*t talker anymore. Im a businessman that knows how to fight.
My best knockouts come when I dont go for the knockout. I look at my last fight and think to myself that it was terrible because I was looking for the knockout. I watch the Khabib fight, I didnt look for the knockout and it came. Thats when the biggest knockouts come. I just want to go in there and put on a great performance for the hometown crowd.

I just want to put on a great performance for everyone in Cincinnati. Its going to be a special atmosphere and I want to give them their moneys worth.

Ive had an amazing training camp and I feel great right now. Im very thankful to my team who has helped me get to this point in my career.


Im excite for this weekend. Im ready to go. Ive been through a lot but were ready. Im not here to lay down. Im here to take home a victory for Chicago and for my people.

Saturday Im expecting a great fight. It is going to be a kill or be killed-type of fight. It is going to be a very exciting night for all of us.
People that think Im an underdog dont know me. They dont know the tricks I have up my sleeve. I plan on thriving in the underdog position.
Ive watched Adrien fight live on TV and in the arena many times. Spending eight weeks with him [in camp], I think I know him more than most people.
I plan on winning in a stoppage or a unanimous decision. No matter what Im leaving with a victory.

Its going to be a great fight. We have a lot of mutual respect. Mixed with my style, I know its going to be a good fight. I hope everyone is ready for a great show.


Im very happy to have this fight in America. This is my second time fighting in the U.S. and Im looking forward to keeping my belt after fighting Lamont Peterson on Saturday.

I am excited to be fighting on a show like this. I hope that if I can get another win I can get even bigger fights and prove that Im the best.

Im ready for this challenge. I know Lamont Peterson is looking to make this a great fight and I hope he brings it in the ring on Saturday.


I had a great camp. Im thankful to my team for getting me ready for this one. We got some great sparring that has me ready for this fight.

Im ready to take care of business on Saturday night. Im looking forward to it and I hope everyone enjoyed it.

We always want to be in good condition. Avanesyan switches from southpaw to orthodox a lot, which is something we had to be prepared for. Weve sparred with guys from both sides and gotten a lot of good rounds there.

Hes a strong fighter too. You know a Russian fighter is going to come in with power. We made sure Ill be able to match him anytime the fight gets rough. Ill be ready for anything.

I think my speed will give him trouble. Hes been able to handle everything in the past, but that doesnt mean I wont have advantages. Im the more experienced fighter and I have the skills to get the win.

I feel like Im going to get him out of there. Im predicting a late stoppage.


Top Dog can say what he wants to say. On Saturday night well be Dog Whisperers. Make sure you tune-in for this one.

Ive had a great training camp and I feel ready to get in the ring. Saturday night cant come soon enough for me.

Im thankful to have this opportunity to fight on a great card like this. Ive seen guys like Adrien and Lamont in the ring for a lot of years and Im proud to be up here with them.


Im feeling great. It was an awesome camp. Everyone should buy a ticket or watch it on TV. Get there early and dont miss my fight.

Marcus is a boxer and I know hes going to try to kick and scratch every now and then. If you let him get comfortable, hes going to get in a zone. My job is to make him uncomfortable and make him do the things that I want him to do.

Everybody who knows me, knows what I bring to the table. When I get in the ring you know whats coming. Saturday night, Top Dog will reign.

RAVONE LITTLEJOHN, About Billions Promotions:

Its finally fight time. Tickets begin at $30 for this great card. Were excited to be promoting big events in Adriens hometown and the great boxing fans here.

Adrian Granados is a guy who weve had in camp with Adrien before. We know what hes capable of and how hard he works. Everyone knows hes coming to bring it.

Adrien has done a lot in this sport and he has a lot more left to do. I know hes going to do it, and it starts Saturday night.

Both guys are going to get in that ring and give it their best. Adrien Broner will be victorious, but we like the challenge.

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