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February 16, 2017

By G. Leon

GL: How is everything going in training camp? What can we expect to see from you against Joshua Greer on March 10? Training camp is going great. We basically continued camp because I had such an early knockout in my last fight, so we've bascially been building from where I was already at. It's all going goog, we've been back in the gym, we've been sparring. In the couple of fights we have seen on Greer, he just likes to try to outwork people. He can't punch, out of the 13 fights he got he's only got 4 knockouts. He likes to get close and throw a bunch of punches, so we're just trying to make sure we don't get outworked. He's also never gotten hit by somebody who's punching like I am, so we don't know if he's going to be able to throw all those punches after he gets touched, but we're just making sure that we're in the best condition possible not to get outworked.

GL: Do you consider Greer the most difficult test of your career?

James Gordon Smith: "Honestly I don't. I think the guy I fought that was 14-2, he was a Uzbekistan amateur champion. He had a decent career and I feel like that fight was a harder fight than this one is going to be. That guy had like 10 knockouts in his 14 wins and I got caught with a couple of big shots, I don't feel Greer brings that obstacle to the table." 

GL: What weaknesses do you see in Greer that you feel you'll be able to exploit on fight night?

JS: "He makes a lot of defensive moves but he still gets hit. If I can catch him on the end of my punches, I don't think he's going to be able to stand in front of me like that because I've seen him get dropped by a dude with two knockouts. If I hit with a right hand like that guy hit him with I guarantee you he won't be getting up. On top of that he makes some basic mistakes, like flattening off in a front of a guy, squaring up. He stays flat in front of everybody I seen him fight and he gives up his whole body. I plan to exploit that."

GL: How do you feel about Showtime coming to the D?

JS: "I love it. The last TV fight I can remember being here is when Artur Dirrell fought Artur Abraham and around the same time we've got Tony Harrisson getting ready to fight for a world title, so we're bringing the spotlight back to the Detroit and it should have never left. We have so many great fighters here in Detroit and people don't get a chance to see them and they don't get to get their names out there, but now people are going to get the chance to see what Detroit boxing is all about again!"

GL: Other than victory do you have a prediction?

JS: "No, I just want to look good. I would love a knockout, and most likely and hopefully I get one. But I would like a nice clean victory with no problems, no head butts, cuts or anything like that."

GL: What does a victory on March 10 mean to you?

JS: "Everything. The sky is the limit is I win this fight on national TV. There won't be anywhere for me to go but up from here."

GL: What do you consider your biggest advantage coming into this fight?

JS: "Against Greer my biggest advantage is my punching power. The way that he fights, I don't feel he's been hit by somebody who's punching like me, so that's the obstacle I'm going to put in front of him. When I hit him is he going to have the courage to keep coming forward? Everybody I hit changes their minds once I do. I've never had anybody outside the guy from Uzbekistan who was able to keep coming forward after getting hit." 

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

JS: "I just want them to come out and support like they've been doing at Masonic Temple. We need the fans support to make sure Showtime keeps coming out here. We're going to put on good shows that the fans support and March 10 is going to be a great night of boxing for the fans."

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