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March 17, 2017

By G. Leon

Golovkin-Jacobs HBO PPV March 18 At MSG

GL: Golovkin on March 18, tell us all about it. "It took quite a while for the deal to get finalized. We actually waited until the day before the purse bid, I've been excited about this fight for a while, but we had to make sure the business was right. Now that the business is straight we can go ahead and give the fans what they've been wanting to see."

GL: I understand if you don't want to get into the details of it, but what does the business being straight exactly mean?

Daniel Jacobs: "It means that both sides are happy with the finances, and it means making sure that me and my team are happy with the finances of the deal. Sometimes things could be strenous because of this or that, but I have a great team and I'm confident with the fight and I'm happy with the deal that was made and I look forward to this super mega fight. This is a PPV super mega fight in my opinion, I'm happy it's in New York City and I'm happy it's against somebody that the world thinks is the best."

GL: How does this super mega fight play out? And why?

DJ: "Who knows? This is one of those fights where anything can happen. I'm making sure I bring the best me to the table, because I definitely see a lot of flaws in his game and I definitely see me capitalizing. Obviously, there's risks to that because of his power, but this is boxing and anything can happen. We have to play our cards right, we have to adjust when necessary and we have to execute the game plan."

GL: Can you elaborate on the flaws you see in Golovkin?

DJ: "It's the basics. He doesn't really have a great defense and my speed enables me to elude a lot of punches, my power allows me to hurt guys. It's one of those fights where you never know what's going to happen. I'm excited to see what all the fans have to say and all the critics have to say, but this is one of those fights that the fans are winning at the end of the day because it's going to be an action packed fight."

GL: Do you plan to approach Golovkin differently than your previous fights? If yes, how?

DJ: "Everything will be different, every opponent is different. You can't bring the same thing to the table for everybody  and you have to be able to adjust because things aren't always going to go your way. I'm just looking forward to having a great camp, because I know that as long as I'm in tip top shape there's nothing I can't do in the ring."

GL: What's your biggest motivation going into this fight?

DJ: "My bigges motivation is making history. What I've been allowed to overcome and been allowed to achieve after cancer is remarkable and incredible, and I look forward to continuing that. It's really been a special thing for me to say that I'm a survivor in every aspect, but not only that, I've been able to take control of my career. I feel like this is a win-win fight, we were able to make sure that we took care of the business aspect, this is a big PPV fight, both guys going to get world wide notoriey and pound for pound one of the best. It's a win-win fight and I'm excited to be a part of it."

GL: This is the first time in a long time that you're going to be a decided underdog. Does that give you extra motivation?

DJ: "This is boxing, those things are going to happen. I'm not always going to be the guy people choose to win, but it's not like their opinions about the fight is going to change the outcome of the fight. I'm equipped with a lot and I look forward to showing the world what I have to display against a guy they consider the best. It's the perfect story, I wouldn't want to have it any other way. This is the biggest challenge of my career and I would want to go in there as the underdog, because you're right, it does give you that extra motivation. Throughout my whole life I've always been the underdog, coming from where I come from, being raised in the conditions I was raised in, overcoming what I've had to overcome, my life has been full of challenges. This is the pinnacle of my career as far as challenges and I couldn't be happier, because I feel like it's happening at the perfect time."

GL: This is the kind of fight that brings you from being a star in boxing, to superstar in boxing. Do you agree?

DJ: "I do, I think this fight not only as far as reputation wise, I think the winner of this fight will be considered among the best pound for pound. We're both very skillful fighters, but I'm looking forward to shocking the world, getting that notoriety and seeing what will come of it."

GL: Do you think Golovkin is worthy of all the credit he deserves even though he's yet to beat a marquee name?

DJ: "He's promoted the right way and he's done everything he needed to do and he looked great doing it. You may be able to criticize his level of opposition, but you could do that for me as well. We've both been moved the right way, and most guys have to have it the hard way we're they're fighting they're toughest fights at 15-0, 16-0, but we've been promoted the right. I understand how some people can say he hasn't really faced anybody, but he's definitely facing the toughest fight of his career on March 18 at the Garden."

GL: What do you consider your biggest advantage coming into the fight?

DJ: "I just think my speed and my power, and my elusiveness. My experience. We both have a large number of amateur fights, we both have that background. I'm just looking forward to digging down deep and taking care of whatever is in front of me. I know this won't be an easy fight, I know it will be my toughest fight, but I'm in my prime and I'm looking to take advantage of my youth and doing everything I can do inside the ring. This is a sport where you can get old fast, not everybody is going to be able to fight until they're 50 like Bernard Hopkins. I want to be able to get in and get out. I don't want to be fighting in my 40's."

GL: Is there a rematch provision in the deal?

DJ: "I'm not sure yet, we've locked down the deal, but I can't really get into that. For me this is an all or nothing fight, this is unification, this is for all of the belts except sorry BJ Saunders."

GL: Do you see the fight going the distance?

DJ: "I'll be ready to go twelve rounds, but if the opportunity presents itself, you got to know I'm taking advantage of it."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

DJ: "I'm excited that everybody has been showing me love and for the naysayers who were saying I wasn't going to take the fight or I was scared of Golovkin, what are you going to say now? I wanted my business to be straight and now that it is, I know I can go in there, do my best and give the world a great show. I'm looking forward to the future, March 18 is going to be huge."

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