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December 09, 2014

By Calvin Brock

Brock opens new business venture: Opens Jack and Landlord

For a boxer, transitioning from the ring to a working profession that will provide enough income to support his lifestyle is very challenging. This is evidenced by the sturggles of so many athletes, not just in boxing, but across all sports. Many athletes, including boxers, fail at that transition, and wind up losing their hard-earned assets. And even a college education alone doesn't make a person valuable enough to demand a high salary from employers. On the positive side, boxers and other individual sport athletes have the advantage of being a business unto themselves, whereas team athletes are employees of their teams and don't get the experience of being a business.

Fortunately for me, I always believed that boxing equipped me to run my own business. So that left me with the task of finding a product or service that is in demand and starting my own business. I have decided to open a roofing and nationwide guarantee company.

After boxing in the 2000 Olympics and then professionally for another seven years, in November 2007, I was forced out of boxing due to an unexpected retinal surgery that blinded the vision from my right eye. Since then, I have made the transition from boxer to business owner with my local roofing company and nationwide guarantee company, Jack and Landlords. Wherever you are in the United States, if you have not heard of it already, you will hear about it soon.

Since opening the doors to customers in December 2013, I've joined with over 50,000 landlords and apartment owners throughout the nation. Jack and Landlords contracts with landlords so they can lease without requiring a security deposit, yet at the same time stay protected from default in rent and property damages. Visit my company at

Now, here is why I was able to successfully create my businesses from the experience of being a professional boxing:

Boxing is entrepreneurial in nature just like any other business that involves selling a product or service. And the boxers themselves are the products and services that are getting sold. We are entertainer service providers to the viewing public and products of our promoters and managers to sell. And just as it takes a successfully support team to sell a product and/or service in any business, boxing requires a team effort for planning, making strategic decisions, negotiations, legal contracts, marketing, forming relationships, business and payroll expenses, travel expenses, accounting, and everything else required to develop and sell a product and/or service.

Therefore, evenbefore I started Jack and Landlords, I managed myself as the product and service of my own business. I was Calvin Brock, LLC, known as the "Boxing Banker". No one ever wrote a check for me. My promoter, Main Events, paid me directly for all of my bouts. Then I paid all my expenses and my team and did my own accounting. No one was ever hired to perform a task without my approval. And no one ever made any decisions for me without my approval first. This included camp expenses and the hiring of sparring partners, scheduling their travel and paying them. And by taking on the tasks of my boxing business as f it were a sole proprietorship, it gave me the acumen of running a business.

When I suddenly couldn't box anymore, I knew nothing about making a living outside of boxing. I didn't even know what a PDF fille was. Then after 2 1/2 years of first attempting to own a State Farm insurance agency (2008), then working as a commercial real estate broker in the recession (2008-2010), then as junior loan officer for NACA doing mortgage modifications (2009), then attempting to become a manager at a Long Horn steakhouse that lasted for 9 weeks (2010), I settled into owning my own roofing company (2010 - present).

It wasn't until I entered roofing that I earned enough money to pay all of my living expenses. Then on Labor Day 2012, I conceived the concept of Jack and Landlords and created it.

The transition is challenging, but the heart, work ethic, determination, and the nature of the boxing business provides an opportunity for boxers to succeed in business if they work hard and learn outside the ring as well as inside. So boxers, get that acumen while you have the opportunity to be a business. God Bless.

Finally, people should feel free to contact me directly. I like sharing my experiences to influence other boxers. I love the sport.

Calvin Brock
2000 Olympian
Professional record: 31-2 with 23 KOs
Former world title challenger
Business Owner,
Jack and Landlords
Accord Roofing and Servicing Company

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