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August 28, 2014


Press Release: In the co-feature of a special Saturday presentation of ShoBox: The New Generation on August 30th, super middleweight Badou “The Ripper” Jack (16-1-1, 11 KOs) will look to bounce back from a knockout loss when he takes on streaking Jason Escalera (15-2-1, 12 KOs). Escalera has beaten two previously undefeated boxers this summer and has never been knocked down in his pro career or even lost a fight at 168 pounds. Escalera-Jack will be a ten-round super middleweight bout. Here is what the two boxers had to say about their upcoming fight:

“My last fight was the most disappointing minute of my life. It wasn’t really a lucky punch, so I’m not making excuses, but he’s not on my level and I wasn’t supposed to lose. I threw a lazy jab and got caught, so it was my fault. He was lucky he landed it because I was just stupid.

“I’ve been in the gym for five months, focusing on not throwing lazy jabs and working on my range. I’ve been sparring with both J’Leon and Ronald, but mostly Ronald. They all look good, everyone is in top shape and we’re ready.

“This guy (Escalera) is tough and coming to fight so I’m going to be 100 percent ready for him.

“I thought I would get an immediate rematch against (Derek) Edwards, but I guess he pulled out.

“I just need to keep winning. Things happen and life goes on. Right now, I need to beat this guy and we’ll be right back in contention for an eliminator or a world title shot after maybe one or two more fights.

“I want a rematch, I want to avenge my loss. I’ll do anything to get that fight made just for my pride. Other than my pride, that guy was nothing special. I want to be a world champion one day so I know I have to fight the best out there.

“I told J, don’t sleep on Medina. He can punch and he’s very tough. He’s not the most skillful fighter, but he has 26 knockouts. He can punch hard and he definitely throws a lot of them. I told him to just be smart in there.”

“Badou Jack was dropped in his last fight and I think that can be repeated if he makes the same mistake. The KO can be repeated again.

“I’m undefeated at 168 pounds. This is the weight for me, for my future. I’m like a whole different person fighting at super middleweight. I feel good and strong there.

“Training camp is going well. I’m getting great work with amateurs and pros, quick people, people who move around and don’t stay right in front of me. I like to spar with people who stay toe-to-toe with me. We know Badou likes to throw straight punches, so I’m working on perfecting my bob and weave

“It’s a great style matchup. I fight better when my opponents are brawlers. I like guys that come forward, confront me and fight. I’m not the type to run after fighters. We’re here to fight and that’s what we’ll do on Saturday.

“I think I can win a brawl. People like to see a brawl; people like to see actual fighting and not two guys running away from each other.

“If he makes a mistake again he will get dropped with the same punch. I feel sharp, I feel good, I’m ready to rumble.”

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