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August 26, 2014


Press Release: Isaac Rodrigues, a super middleweight from Brazil, had a flying start to his professional career, winning his first seventeen bouts, including a victory over Brian Vera. He captured a regional title in his home country in 2008, and made one successful defense before relocating to the USA, where he won his first four fights. Then his career took a bad turn with consecutive stoppage defeats that left his hopes in shambles. Back in Brazil, and after more than two years out of the ring, he returned to action in April 2013 and has now won three straight. In his latest fight he defeated Mexico's Eduardo Tercero to improve his pro record to 20-2 with 16 KOs.

Q: Isaac, it is my understanding that boxing is a fairly big sport in Brazil. How did you get your start in boxing?

A: I got my start in boxing because my uncle took me to his gym to train in 2001, and in 2001 I had my first fight. From then on I was very serious, and I havenít stopped training since. I am very grateful to my uncle for introducing me to boxing. I went on to become state champion eight times in the amateurs, national champion twice and runner-up once.

Q: You started your professional career in Brazil, but later you went to the United States. Tell me about that experience, please.

A: Well, I had the pleasure of training with a great trainer there, Oscar Suarez. It was a great experience.

Q: Who is your idol in boxing? Someone you especially admire...

A: I am a big fan of Manny Pacquiao.

Q: Tell me something about what you enjoy doing outside of boxing?

A: I like cooking, for instance. I am also taking some DJ classes, and I like to play as a DJ. Im a big fan of electronic music.

Q: Who has been your toughest opponent so far in your career?

A: Actually, my toughest opponent so far has been the lack of support for professional boxing in Brazil. Its getting more and more difficult to make events. And I also had a difficult opponent in a promoter in the USA, but...

Q: Getting back to your USA adventure, if I may call it that, what happened in those two fights you lost back-to-back?

A: Well, I had some problems with my manager around that time, and because of those problems I was not focused and wasnít trained properly to face (Samuel Miller and Jose Medina).

Q: For your last fight, the victory over Eduardo Tercero, you had some support from the legendary Acelino Freitas. How is it, knowing you have such a great personality behind you?

A: It is always good to have support from someone like Acelino Freitas, because he believes in me and help me with all his experience as a fighter. I am very grateful for all his support.

Q: Finally, tell me what you hope to achieve as a boxer in the future?

A: My goal is of course to be world champion, and to make my own story. Not only in Brazil, but in the world.

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