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August 20, 2014


Bryant Pappas is a 41 year-old middleweight from Yonkers, New York with a record of 14-1. His lone loss was in May 2012 to Josh Williams, who is now 9-6. Pappas suggests he was a victim of tampered gloves that were allowed by a negligent New York Athletic Commission. Here is a scathing petition of complaint that Pappas wrote to the Governor of New York on

[Editor's note: Boxingtalk has not conducted an independent investigation into the claims of Mr. Pappas, who reports that a long-time New York Athletic Commission employee named Ralph Petrillo was fired in May of this year. Due to the serious nature of Mr. Pappas' claims, it is a matter of public interest that boxers, trainers and administrators be aware of what allegedly went wrong in this fight and take steps to make sure things of this sort do not happen in the future]  

On May 12, 2012 in Poughkeepsie, NY, I fought in a six-round bout at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center. I was donating my entire purse to two fellow Yonkers Police Officers who were stricken with cancer (one of which, tragically has since succumbed to the disease).

My opponent, Josh Williams, was allowed to disregard the rules and laws of New York State and the New York State Athletic Commission (NYSAC) and refused to wear the 10-ounce Everlast Gloves provided for him by the promoter.

Instead Williams produced a pair of gloves (Fuel fight Gear Gloves- at that time out of business and not being made anymore, unknown weight) from his gym bag. He put those gloves on, and taped them on unsupervised. These gloves were not inspected by anyone from the NYSAC and were then taped on his hands (the boxer himself, his manager ,and a witness also admit this on audio tape).

He was allowed to bring, wear, and use these gloves without his opponent (me) being notified at any time before or after the bout. He then was given his gloves back that night, they were taken off while he was in the ring.

The [facial] injuries I suffered clearly point out that something foul was happening with those gloves. Please view the photos at

When I asked the NYSAC about this I got the answer that they did not have to tell me anything because it was not a "title fight". The NYS Inspector General's Office is investigating the matter, and a letter I received from the NYSAC signed by Director of Boxing Ralph Petrillo states he personally examined the gloves before and after the bout.

This is not the case as I have an audio of him , as well as the boxer, his manager, and a witness saying he did not inspect or examine those gloves! The New York State Athletic Commission as well as Governor Andrew Cuomo and the NYS Inspector General's Office need to we will not stand this type of behavior by our boxing commission, in many cases civil servants who make a lot of money per year (over 100k) to protect fighters. Which, sadly they do not.

Please view the injuries and make up your mind. I would ask if you feel strongly about this, please contact NY State Governor Andrew Cuomo, as well as the NY State Inspector General , and Melvina Lathan of the NYSAC about this matter. Ralph Petrillo or anyone else did not inspect those gloves, and they should never have been in a position to have been used regardless. The fact that I have a signed letter from Ralph Petrillo saying he personally inspected the gloves, while the boxer and the manager, and even Ralph himself have a different story to tell on audio compounds the problem.

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