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August 16, 2014

By Stephen "Breadman" Edwards

Shawn Porter vs Kell Brook Breakdown & Prediction plus more.....

Greetings Breadman,
Please allow me to first render big props to you on your vast knowledge of the fight game my brother, and in the manner you control, handle, and educate the ignorant. Breadman your analogy of the upcoming clash with BHop and Kovalev is very interesting, and very thorough. You mention a particular flaw that Kovalev has, however i must bring up what i consider a flaw of my Philly homeboy BHop that concerns me. Iíve noticed as he has aged that BHop kind of leads with his head. Iím afraid that this particular flaw could potentially hurt him if Kovalev times him coming in. I am pretty sure that Kovalevís trainer Mr.Jackson will look to expose the tactic. Iíd like to know your thoughts. Keep up the great work brother. Peace.
Breadís Response: Hopkins has always led with the crown of his head and his chin tucked. IT works for him. The problem is now heís a little slower. Sure Kovalev can take advantage of it. I would be interested to see if Kovalev could because rarely does Hopkins get countered when he does that. Especially with the logical punch an uppercut. I have not seen that happen often. This is going to be a great clash of styles, canít wait.


Long time no speak my friend.
Weíve been in touch before, i read your mailbag whenever i see it is posted.
I know you are a fan of Kell, youíve told me that before. On both sides though there was always some reservations about him. I guess this weekend we get to find out if he is the real deal.
As us Brits sayÖits cock on the block time! Who wins, why and how?
Iím going to say Kell Brook, i think he adapts his style and deals with Porter albeit it in a difficult fight.
£50 English Pounds if you wish to go the other way and take the home fighter? Assume youíve got PayPal so the bet isnít hard :)
Oxford, UK
Breadís Response: Here is my full breakdown of this fight...
Kell Brook is a physically strong, solid punching neat boxer. He has a good jab and a solid right hand. His body seems to be sturdy. From a stylistic standpoint he seems to work well when he can be deliberate. Carson Jones did not allow him to be deliberate in the second half of the first fight....
Brook has a tendency to lean back towards his RIGHT when heís engaged. Sometimes he does this at the waist without even moving his feet. Paulie Malignaggi leans out of the way of punches the same exact way. Guys who do that are sucker for ďstep inĒ right hands. They get hit behind the ear constantly.

Shawn Porter in my opinion has freakish strength for a welterweight. Now that he has a top team helping him rehydrate I donít know if anyone can match his strength at the weight. Some look at Porter as a guy who has to make the fight ugly because heís not athletic. Thatís not true. Shawn is very quick, fast and athletic. The reason why heís perceived that way is because he gets sloppy. Shawn is also not an accurate sharp shooting type of puncher. He bludgeons you...

Porter can be hit with counter right hands because dips right before he springs into his prey. Heís also built with his chest out so despite him being short he stands upright.
I look for a battle of Brookís counter right hand and Porterís attack right hand. Both should have big openings for those shots.

Porter has also had some huge cuts over both eyes and Brook has been prone to nose bleeds. I expect blood. My lean is towards Porter because heís riding so high. I also think heís the quicker athlete. Brook has a great shot if he can nail Porter early and slow the pace of the fight down but I donít think Shawn will slow down. I think heís going to be a raging tiger. Shawn has not stopped any top guys except Malignaggi despite him being a good puncher. But my guess here is he stops Brook in 10 in a really good fight.

I love young champion vs legitimate top challenger matches. Jermaine Taylor vs Kelly Pavlik, Bernard Hopkins vs Joe Lipsey, Felix Trinidad vs Oba Carr and Yuri Boy Campas.... This is a legit, hardcore lovers fight and Iím pumped. These kinds of fights propel fighters into p4p status and further.



Greetings Bread -
What's up with Porter letting Team Brook sit and watch them spar?? I really like the corner his team has turned as far as his conditioning and physique, he looks more fit over his last 3 fights..I don't think Brook has the energy level to hang with porter, porter really brings it - kinda like a mini version of dead game James.
What is your honest take on Deontay Wilder? he and Brook have title fights coming up, but their level of comp has been horrible.. hasn't anyone learned from Gary Russell Jr. that you have to gradually step it up so you are ready??
Hopkins vs. the Krusher? I see Hopkins taking advantage of Kovalev's Stamina (dude has not put in any rounds yet) He looked like he was getting a little winded against Agnew, and he can be hit - what are his whiskers made of? I doubt he has had to adjust in a fight, can he make them??
I like your analysis on Danny Jacobs, he needs to step it up already - I remember what you said about B-hop fighting the Krusher on HBO - it lets the fans and other fighters know that it can be done, stop hiding behind the networks - Quillin hiding behind the network to avoid GGG (WTF is that) and Jacobs recently said he wanted to fight GGG but now he is singing a different tune - sad state of the game..
J Rock is doing his thing, what's up with him and his fight coming up? They have Jermall Charlo against a TBA are they trying to set something up in the near future?? How many years do you think Jrock can and will stay at 154 before he moves up to 160 ?
Parrish Duke - Chi town
Breadís Response: I think Deontay Wilder is a bionic puncher. I believe in his power. But I also would like to have seen him fight a Derrick Chisora type. That hard, sound guy who is not upper echelon but will push the elites. Ray Mercer and Oliver McCall types. Those guys give you rounds and experience. People say Wilder simply does not have a chin. His punch resistance is extremely poor. I saw him get stopped once as an amateur and it could have been more but I only saw one.... If the rumors are true I understand why he hasnít been risked. Bad whiskers on an inexperienced guy is a tough mix to chance. I think Wilder has to be very careful against Stiverne because Stiverne sort of knows how to lure you in and he has really good punch release and technique.
I like Wilderís chances against anybody because of his height and power but obviously you canít be sold on a fighter who has faced such limited opposition. There is always a reason a guy fights soft for an extended period. The people around him may not ever openly say it but trust me there is always a reason.

I wonít say the Krusher will have stamina issues. Just because you havenít done something does not mean you canít. It just means you havenít done it yet. I have seen the Krusher make subtle adjustments. Cedric Agnew had a tight defense and he stopped him with a JAB to the body. I have never seen that before, ever.

J Rock can fight anybody at 154.... He will be fighting Eliezer Gonzalez who is 14-0 with 9kos out of Puerto Rico and trained by Felix Trinidad Sr. He could stay at 154 for at least a few more years if his diet remains perfect. If he starts to blow up too much between fights he is going to have to move up. Itís simply up to him and what type of integrity he has when no one is looking. I personally think his frame is perfect for 154.




Hey breadman Just a couple quick questions from a longtime reader and fan of your work. Every week I look forward to the daily breads your boxing insight is second to none and from student of the game to another real recognize real. I've been a fan of boxingtalk since the G.Leon days and all I gotta say is keep it comin! Anyway homie my I just wanted to know what you thought of tony Ayala since he's from my hometown and if you think he would've became champ if it weren't for the mistakes he made outside the ring? Also I would like to know your picks on these potential matchups Porter vs Thurman if he gets by kell next week and D.Garcia vs Robert Guerrero at 147? Or Guerrero vs rios at 147? Hope you holla back Ģ
Breadís Response: Tony Ayala was sort of a phenom. He was very mature for being very young but here is the thing about that. I have seen this many times. Just because an athlete is exposed to more resources or he matures faster than everyone else does not mean he will keep getting better and be better than everyone else. Most guys like that reach their ceilings a lot sooner. For example Mike Tyson was more mature than both Holyfield and Lewis at 20 but he stopped getting better a lot sooner than they did.

I have a feeling Ayala would have burned out in the ring also. Just think, he was a junior middleweight in the early 80ís. The two best fighters in that division he would have been sure to tangle with were Mike McCallum and Tommy Hearns. I think highly of Ayala, he was a wrecking ball but I donít know if he would have been able to beat either guy. I also donít think he could have moved up and beat Hagler. Ayala was in a tough era, there were guys he could have beat but sometimes people who project how high he would have went may overrate him because he was so good, so young.

Porter vs Thurman is a pick em. I donít want to make a pick because I want to see how Porter handles Kell Brook.
Guerrero makes so many mistakes bro. He has absolutely no defense and he draws back all of his punches. He seems strong and he has a die hard attitude but I see so many holes in his game. I see why he wanted no part of Keith Thurman.

I think Danny lights Guerrero up. If Iím Danny I ask for that fight early before someone else does it. Guerrero may edge Rios but what has Rios done at 147.......

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