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March 05, 2014


Press Release: With fans and media standing in lines that stretched from the sidewalk outside the main doors to the make-shift ring inside the lobby of MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Saul "Canelo" Alvarez, his opponent this Saturday, Alfredo “El Perro” Angulo, plus five of the six other fighters who’ll compete on this Saturday's pay-per-view show’ made their official entry into the hotel Tuesday afternoon.

Canelo (42-1-1, 30 KOs) will face the dangerous Angulo (22-3, 18 KOs) in the twelve-round junior middleweight main event.
In the fights that precede the main event, WBC 122-pound titleholder Leo “Terremoto” Santa Cruz (26-0-1, 15 KOs) will defend against former three-time champion Cristian “El Diamante” Mijares (48-7-2, 22 KOs); IBF junior middleweight champion “King” Carlos Molina (22-5-2, 6 KOs) will defend against Jermall Charlo (17-0, 13 KOs), who missed the arrivals, but was due at MGM Grand later on Tuesday. A ten-round lightweight fight between ex-titlist Jorge “Niño de Oro” Linares (35-3, 23 KOs) and Japanese contender Nihito Arakawa (24-3-1, 16 KOs) will open the telecast.

All of the fighters were welcomed enthusiastically by the appreciative fans, but the biggest and loudest cheers were for Canelo, who entered MGM Grand lobby wearing sunglasses and a smile. He was quickly surrounded by fans and media as cameras clicked and TV cameras rolled. Each boxer signed autographs, posed for photos and completed press interviews.

Below is what the fighters said upon their arrivals on Tuesday.

“I had a very relaxed camp, but, at the same time, I was very anxious to get back in the ring.
“More than the style difference [between Floyd Mayweather and Angulo], I’m just happy to be back in the ring. It’s a tough fight, but I’m very confident.
“I learned a lot from fighting Floyd, but I’m ready to get back in the ring to maintain the path that I was on before. This is what I love to do. I live to fight and we’re ready for Saturday.
“I’m fully concentrated on this fight. What happened in September is in the past. I’m focused on Saturday and Angulo.
“I’m here for the fans. That’s what I fight for.”

“Every fight is important, but this one is more special because all of the fans in Mexico will know that the winner of this fight is the No. 1 Mexican fighter. It’s a huge fight for Mexico and it’s a huge fight for Canelo and me.
“Everyone can have their own opinion on who will win the fight. My fans know what I do in the ring and they know what to expect on Saturday night.
“My hand will be raised. I’m ready now and I will give the fans my best performance against Canelo. You will see the best Alfredo Angulo on Saturday.
“Amir [Khan] and Andre [Ward] told me that I’m ready. They told me this is my time.”

“I’ve been in the gym training really hard so when fight day comes I can give them my best.  It’s a huge motivation to be fighting in a big co-feature on a pay-per-view event like this. It would be a dream come true for me to fight in a main event. But I need to win to get that opportunity.”

“Leo is a great fighter, but in this sport you win some and you lose some. Come Saturday, I’m coming to win. It’s a great honor to be on this card with this Canelo and Angulo. We’re going to do our best to put on a show.”

“I’m more eager and hungry than I’ve ever been for a fight in my life. I can’t wait to walk in that ring. This is what I’ve worked for, this is what I live to do. This guy is undefeated, but he’s never faced anyone like me. I’m still the champion and I’ll still be the champion on Saturday.”

“This reminds me of 2007 when I won my first world title, the only difference is that was at Mandalay Bay instead of MGM Grand.
“I respect Arkawa’s game. I respect what he did with Omar [Figueroa Jr.], but I’m a different fighter. The ‘Asian Rocky’ won’t last very long on Saturday night.”

“I’m grateful to be back in the United States and this time I’m going to win.  My last fight was a war, but I didn’t come out with the win. This time, we’ll put on another war, but the result will be different.”

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