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January 18, 2014

By Stephen "Breadman" Edwards

Who do you like this week, Luian Bute or Jean Pascal? Why? Break it down for us.
Breadís Response: Pascal BIG. I like Pascal by early KO. Heís very explosive and he throws a nasty overhand right. He doesnít have a lot of KOs but Bernard Hopkins said heís a big puncher and Hopkins has a super solid beard. I think Bute also gives up ground and goes straight back to the ropes. Now Bute used to counter with his nasty left uppercut shot underneath but he may not have the moxy to do it now because you leave yourself open over the top for a overhand right.

Although Bute is the better skilled guy, I think Pascal is physically tougher and meaner. Heís also more confident. I believe Buteís confidence has been shattered by his shellacking from Carl Froch. Pascal responds to adversity much better. He may even get Bute within the first three rounds.

Bread, between Santi and the Broner Bashers vs. C/Hawk and the Broner Backers your mailbag is getting funny.  It exactly illustrates the point of a fighter like Adiren Bronerís existence: To polarize. Once you polarize people, they start to tune in. Just look at our political system and everybody that feeds off of it, from TV to universities churning out Political Science degrees every 10 seconds. Entertainment needs the heel to survive.
Broner is walking that tight rope and someone pushed him off of it. If he would have won, he would have tried to verbally bury Marcos Maidana. I canít fault Broner for trying to speed things along either though. I know people always say heís trying to do this too fast, but the general consumer public has been trained that immediate gratification is a necessity. Broner is a product of the world he lives in. Iím not a fan of the spitting and racial stuff but I am a fan of the memes and criticism. Iíve always been a product of give and take. Initially, I felt like Adrien was a bully at first and got beat up for it. Damn near any bully Iíve seen get the tables turned always has that period where every kid in the school grows a pair they never had before. I actually like the kidís response to all of this criticism and the loss. Heís one of the most talented fighters in the game right now and it is a positive, in my opinion, that he was taught this lesson early. This kid is going to be in some absolutely humongous fights in the future and will be able to look back on this experience and hopefully stay mindful of the lesson.
I definitely agree with one of your comments; that many people are projecting onto Broner what they wish would have happened to Floyd Mayweather. A big difference in my view, especially in recent years, is Mayweather has almost completely changed his tune and humbled himself as far as his opponents are concerned. Heís still 100% Money May outside of the ring and doing appearances and gambling the casinoís money away, but heís ultra respectful of his opponents. Even after Canelo dissed him several times at the weigh in and in-ring, Mayweather stayed composed and got back to work.
I have to disagree however with another; ďIf you had a son who was boxing what kind of coach would you want your son to have? ď. I know a lot of dadís and trainers Ė even dad/trainers that want their kid to be a face first, in the trenches brawler. I used to spar regularly with a kid whose dad ran a local gym. He was tall for the weight and would absolutely box my ears off from a distance. All it would take from me is one left hook to the body and his dad would start screaming at him to land back. Calling into question his heart and intestinal fortitude and how he Ďwould let me get away with thatí. This trainer also derides his fighters, judges and officials when his kids lose at the gloves because they came forward the whole time. His approach is certainly flawed and he needs to realize not all fighters are created equal but that doesnít change the fact that he would answer your question in a manner other than how you intended.
Lastly, I donít think Broner has the right build and body type for welterweight. Most of his weight and muscle is in his upper torso. His body reminds me a lot of Andre Berto. Some of the impact (both through punching and wrestling) they take at this weight will straighten out them chicken legs and kill the balance. The ultra successful welterweight is more lean and sinewy and evenly balanced. Not that the shorter, thicker guys canít be successful, they are just up against it when they match up against that 5í10Ē/5í11Ē welterweight. Now I know that the last five years of top welters have all been short.. todayís welterweight is just lucky that there are no top flight future Jr. Middleweight/Middleweight on deck. But even all of those guys are just more evenly proportioned that Broner (and Berto). But I dare you to dig in your memory banks and find a top 10 all time welter that is so disproportionately large up top vs. down below.
By the way Iím not 100% sure if you know this now but all of us Boxingtalk readers do. We have been in open communication (via this mailbag and Boxingtalk) with a highly probable future Trainer of the Year. Your insight is absolutely ridiculous and I guaranty you that many a fan, the world over, wins arguments with their buddies by saying ďusing the eyeball testĒ. Ha. Great work bud. You deserve whatís on its way.

Breadís Response: Thank you for the kind words. Yes Broner is the product of todayís society. Immediate Gratification. Yes he is built very top heavy. And Iím glad you noticed todayís welters are sort of short. When people say the sport has evolved so much, I laugh. Manny Pacquiao: 5í6" ex-flyweight; Mayweather" 5í8" ex-super featherweight; Juan Manuel Marquez: 5í7" ex-featherweight; Broner: 5í7" ex-super featherweight; Tim Bradley: 5í6"; Shawn Porter: 5í6"; KeithThurman: 5í7". Man, 6 ft Mike Jones must be kicking himself.

Compare this era to Oscar De La Hoya, Felix Trinidad and Vernon Forrest. Or Leonard, Benitez and Hearns. Or Curry and McCrory. Itís weird but the welters have been smaller for quite some time now. And tell that dad that Bread said itís easy to be courageous with someone elseís health. Heís wrong. No matter how aggressive a fighter is taught to be, defense should be instilled. Heís a dam fool! Peace brother. 

What's going on Bread? Enjoy reading the mailbag. Quick question. I was reading a MMA website and according to the site, they say they have a source from team Mayweather that Floyd failed his drug test for the Saul "Canelo" Alvarez fight. That the 400 grand shown in the all access episode leading up to the fight was actually going to Nevada boxing adminstrator Keith Kizer to allow the fight to continue and to look over the test results. Then they also said that the big deal made about De La Hoya checking into rehab was blown up to create a smoke screen. Now Kizer up and resigns. A little suspect. All the time lines match up. This was what I read. Your thoughts if possible. Larry Tampa.
Breadís Response: Donít believe all of the crazy rumors you hear. I havenít heard anything like that. Not that things have to go through me, but I turn a deaf ear on most things I hear. And I try not to repeat whispers. We shall seeÖ.


As a trainer, wouldnt you want to build any fighter up that Julian was in line to fight, even if you thought it was a "tuneup" type fight? I continually see Mayweather Sr talk down every one of Jrs opponents. Every fighter out there thats mentioned for Floyd, Sr talks about how easy the fight would be. I would think to talk up an opponent, "hes got a long strong jab, hes quick, good power, smart, blah blah blah". To me that would add sales to the PPV buys if people thought he was going to be challenged. Should GBP or Floyd pull Sr to the side and shut him up or feed him other lines to spew? And does this hinder the fans take on Floyd and his legacy? I thought Floyd was smooth up to 135, but from that point on I think hes taken the easier route so to speak. ATG skills minus the ATG push. Now its out there that Manny has to leave TR to get the fight, what will be the next obstacle in 2015? I no longer care for Jr and his antics, but always thought he would beat Pac with the same right JMM hit him with, minus the KO. But at the same time, Manny is an animal Floyd has never faced. Still a little interested.
Now on to a couple of mythical matchups you may have mentioned and I just missed: Sweet Pete vs SRR, Floyd/Manny vs Sweet Pete, and a newer version...Broner vs Prince Hamed? Appreciate the time, keep it easy and good work with Julian. B from Houston
Breadís Response: Floyd Sr. is very dismissive to most fighters except for the ones he trains. Heís a great trainer but I just donít get that. The only fighters I have ever heard him talk highly of was Oscar before Manny fought him, Hatton after he beat Malignaggi, Cotto and Clottey before Manny fought them. Think about thatÖ..

Robinson over everybody. Floyd may edge Pea on his lead right hand but I go back and forth. Pea may edge Manny but that would be a tough fight for him because of the volume. Hamed is too small for AB.


Happy New Year. I see that Broner exercised the rematch clause and will face Maidana in April. What do you think from several angles-1. would it have been better for Adrien to get a tune up fight? 2. Will he lose some goodwill with GBP or Floyd for not playing his position and allowing Floyd decide if he wanted to fight Maidana? I think his pride led him to dismiss these questions and make the match--and I think it foreshadows seeing a hungry, focused, more serious Broner. Cant wait to see the odds.
if you were training him (all due respect to Mike Stafford, who is a very good trainer), what would you work on as you prepare for this fight and/or what do you think of my list: 1. lateral movement and slipping left when Chino attacks. 2. working off the jab in general and using jab to the stomach to slow maidana's momentum 3. check hook as Chino attacks 4. being warm and ready to start fast from the opening bell. 5. body work early and often.
Any insight as to why Danny Garcia doesn't have a date or who his potential opponents may be? as sharp as he looked against matthyse, I think he needs to fight 3 times per year and hope he is on the mayweather undercard. Maybe the winner of Jean vs Peterson on Mayweather undercard? Are there any Brits he could fight on that under card?
Billy Bomaye
Breadís Response: Broner is ambitious, prideful and everything else that goes along with being a fighter. I have no problem with him asking for a rematch. Thatís what GUNS do. If heís the kid they say he is he beats Maidana.

You have a solid gameplan for Broner. My keys echo yours. Start better to build confidence. Use your legs more on defense. Jab more. Donít try to shoulder roll Maidanaís right hand. It comes from an odd angle. And stop catching a jab to the body. Maidana turns a hook on that.


Bread what do you know about this Jesse Hart? Heís talking rubbish about our Frochy [Carl Froch]. Frochy would smash him. I did research on him and found he was knocked out brutally as an amateur. I know heís a Philly fighter and you may be biased. But I trust you will be objective. Is he as good as he talks. He talks a tough game. He has a tough fight coming up with Finley, how will he do.Also I have another Philly question. Who are you picking in Rosado vs Charlo? Is Rosado just a goo loser or can he finally win a big fight?
Breadís Response: Jesse Hart is a super talented fighter. Heís 6í2, very quick, good power and has excellent amateur pedigree. He was also a tie breaker away from making the Olympic team. I did read his comments about Carl Froch and all I can say is thatís how he feels.

In my opinion Froch is probably a Hall of Fame fighter and has had a great run. But Jesse obviously does not think too highly of Froch. I wish they could fight. But Froch is in his last days and Jesse is only 10 fights in. I never say never but they will never fight.

Jesse has his toughest fight coming up in Derrick Finley but I think he will handle Finley. Finley is just too short for Hart. Finley is 5í6 and unless you are Dwight Qwawi thatís just too much height too give up at the weight they are fighting.  And Finley does not know how to apply smart pressure. Heís game and tough but the only question I have is can Jesse stop him. A better test would be against Brandon Gonzales who is quietly coming into his own. Gonzales is about 5í11, heís super strong and he knows how to jab his way in. Thatís a real fight right there and a makeable one.

I actually think Gabe has a great chance to upset Charlo. Most are picking Charlo and I understand why but from  a technical point of view Gabe has a better inside and mid range game. Charlo throws everything LONG. Gabe is strong enough to get inside and into the mid range. He hurt Kid Chocolate and J Leon Love in the mid range and inside. If this were a 12 round fight I think Gabe would really be a live dog. But from what I can see it will be a 10 and that doesnít bode well for him.

I also think he will struggle to make weight. He rehydrated up really high in his last fight at middleweight, now they are asking him to shrink down and make 154. No matter what anyone says that takes a toll on a body. Gabe is one of the 2 or 3 biggest superwelters in the world. I donít have a pick right now let me think some more and find out how Rosadoís camp is going. I havenít seen him sparÖÖ


Bread this is why so many people hate the Al Haymon machine. How did Jermall Charlo at 17-0 get a title shot vs Carlos Molina? The kid has fought absolutely nobody. Heís had one real fight against Antoine Smith.  Charlo is talented but his twin brother has fought tougher guys than him. Julian Williams, Jonathon Gonzales and John Thompson have all fought better competition. How did this kid deserve a title shot?!?
Breadís Response: If a fighter is ranked in the top 15 by a sanctioning body they can fight for a title in a championís voluntary defense. Molina needs an opponent, Charlo is ranked 13th by the IBF, Golden Boy has options on Molina so therefore Charlo got a title shot. Don't hate Al Haymon... every manager wishes they had his power. Molina didn't have to accept Charlo it's a voluntary defense.

Iím not outraged by the fight because boxing is a marathon not a sprint. If the kid is not ready for the big time, boxing is a truth machine. The ring will tell the truth.

I will admit his ability outweighs his accomplishments but thatís boxing.  Charlo fought 7 times last year and his competition was not overwhelming. He also hasnít fought a 50/50 fight against another fellow prospect, but Molina is no gift. Molina can rumble. Heís also very strong and has great stamina. What you may think of as a gift may be a curse. Charlo has never been past 8 and the one time that I saw him extended he had difficulty and that was against a little guy in Rogelio De La Torre. Good fight.

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