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November 05, 2013

By G. Leon

GL: We all heard the news about your fight vs. Anthony Mundine fight getting cancelled. Where does that situation stand? Is there any chance it will get rescheduled?

Shane Mosley: "Yeah, it looks like it's going to get rescheduled for November 27, so I should be back on my way to Australia pretty soon."

GL: Is there a different promoter running the show now?

Shane Mosley: "Yes there is. Vlad Warton is out and we're going to use another promoter that Mundine has ties with. I can't remember his name (Koder Nasser) right now, but it's a different promoter."

GL: Are you confident that you can get a fair shake fighting him in Australia?

SSM: "I think I will. I think what we need to do is get neutral officials from the WBA and I will get a fair shake."

GL: What are your thoughts on Mundine as a fighter?

SSM: "He's pretty good. He's athletic and he's a tough guy. Him coming down in weight is going to be a challenge for him and I plan to capitalize on that."

GL: What are you hoping a victory over Mundine leads to?

SSM: "I would like to get in the ring with Carlos Molina. Maybe Miguel Cotto again, but I hear he's going to 160 and if that happens we won't be fighting again. I want to make the big fight that everybody wants, the Mayweather rematch."

GL: You're already a hall of famer, what's your motivation to continue boxing?

SSM: "I want to prove to the people that I'm not finished. I'm not through and I can still beat a lot of the top guys that are out there right now. I know what I have left and I want to prove a lot of people wrong."

GL: Since you mentioned Carlos Molina, is winning a world title before you retire a personal goal of yours? 

SSM: "Carlos Molina was just to get me the belt so I'll be able to challenge the other big names out there."

GL: So you're more interested in making big fights than winning championships at this point? 

SSM: "I do want to make big fights and I think there's a couple of them out there for me. I want to prove that I'm still able to that over the last couple of years of my career."

GL: Give me some closing thoughts for the fans and we'll talk again when the rescheduled Mundine fight is official.

SSM: "I'm very excited to be back in the ring. I've been working very hard in the gym with top notch fighters. I'm feeling really good about this fight and the fights to come, so stay tuned."

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