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October 18, 2013

Stephen "Breadman" Edwards

What up Breadman? I was at your boyís Jrockís (Julian Williams) fight against Hugo Centeno. I actually thought Centeno would beat him but I was wrong big time. He was about to knock Centeno out [when it was declared a no contest]. I was in the section that was rooting for Centeno and even one of his supporters whispered to me that Hugo got lucky. I introduced myself to you after the fight, I had on the red shirt. Any how before the fight I overheard you saying that you could gameplan for anybody because all fighters have tendencies. You told someone that Julian would take Hugoís jab away because you guys have like 5 different jabs and you also have solutions to every problem in a boxing ring. Then your guy goes out and pitches 3 rounds to zip in what was supposed to be a 50/50 fight. No prospect allows another to win 3 rounds in a row so Iím not buying that was Centenoís plan [to start slow].

My question to you is what are the 5 types of jabs that you guys have? Why were you so confident that Julian would beat him when lots of people were picking against you guys? And specifically what were your solutions to the problems Centeno presented? Great job J rock looks like a future world champ.

Breadís Response: What up bro you mustíve been really ear hustling if you heard all of that. Let me go in order. YES I can gameplan for anybody. I donít care who it is. A guy may not have weaknesses but everybody has tendencies. We are all wired a certain way. We all react a certain way when presented with a certain problem. When I hear a coach say they donít watch video of their fighterís opponents, I know they are being dismissive. There is always something to see.

I had Centeno secretly figured out for months before the fight. I just didnít tell anyone. I knew he was infatuated with his height. Heís always talking about outboxing and outjabbing his opponents in his interviews. I didnít tell anyone publicly but I knew Julian outjabbing him would ruin his confidence. I knew Julian would outjab him because Hugo is taller but Julian is longer. Hugo has a longer head and neck so his height is misleading. From shoulder to shoulder he was only 1 inch taller. Julian also had longer arms from armpit to fist and his legs were longer and covered more ground. Itís important to look at a fighterís anatomy when assessing a fight. So Hugo was taller but Julian was longer. That was battle 1 that we won.

I wonít get into our variety of jabs because Julian could fight the kid again. But yes you heard correct. We have like 5 jabs that we throw. Nobody has ever outjabbed Julian. As far as the problems Hugo presented I wonít go into full detail because other opponents may read this. But there are three distinct things that I look at when I study film. They are simple but not one coach has realized what we do. Hugo couldnít understand why the same thing kept happening to him over and overÖ..

Bread, My Brother drinks the Floyd Mayweather Jr. Kool-Aid to the point he thinks Floyd would beat Julio Cesar Chavez Sr., Robeto Duran, Thomas Hearns, Wilfredo Benitez and, he says, ONLY Ray Leonard would have had a chance. Always saying that he doesnít need to see him fight a great fighter to decipher his claims, he can simply project it from what he sees. What upsets me is I think Floyd Jr is GREAT, but my bro makes me chop him down so he can see the greatest that fought before. Hereís one claim that drives me nuts: Duran wouldn't have been able to beat Floyd because Duran comes straight in and that type of ďnorth/southĒ style could never beat a defensive genius like Floyd. PLEASE break down point for point why Duranís greatness would overcome Floyds greatness as only you can.

Breadís Response: Itís all hypothetical and subjectiveÖ. But if Roberto Duran didnít quit in the No Mas fight (Ray Leonard rematch), he would be as high as number 2 on lots of alltime pound-for pound lists. Duran was so good itís frightening. When someone tells you that Duran came in on a straight line, walk away and ignore them. They donít know s$%^ about boxing. Duran is one of the best defensive fighters I have ever seen. He comes in with his right hand held near his ear, and he slides and shoots as he approaches. Duran is also cat quick with great reflexes. Look at his first fight with Leonard. Floyd couldnít beat that Duran at any weight.

If the theory about Duran coming in on a straight line is true you have to think Jose Luis Castillo sure had success coming in a similar way BOTH fights. Now I do agree with your brother that sometimes you can see a fighterís brilliance without them being in with a great fighter, but you canít overdo it and disregard competition. But I will play Devilís Advocate. If Castillo, Miguel Cotto and Emanuel Augustus troubled Floyd, then I can only imagine what the Assassin we call Roberto Duran would do. See how that goes. Duran also fought guys and gave up physicality. Iím not sure Floyd would fight. Duran fought Marvin Hagler, Hearns and Iran Barkley late in his career. Man thatís rough for a 30 something ex-lightweight. It would be similar to Floyd fighting Gennady GOlovkin, Demetrius Andrade and say Carl Froch. Floyd has yet to make a fight like that where he is really up against it. Duran had a sick type of confidence.

They are both great fighters and this is no disrespect to Floyd but I donít know 5 men in the history of boxing I would take over Duran on his best night in a pound-for-pound sense. Heís that good. Go to youtube and watch the first Leonard fight, Hector Thompson and Ray Lampkin. Duran was really a serial killer in gloves. He had it all and the biggest advantage Floyd has over these guys today is heís a 15-round fighter.

The guys he faces want the fight to be over after the half way mark. Floyd is enjoying himself because of his beautiful stamina. Well Duran was indefatigable. Most of his stoppages came mid way or late and were extremely conclusive. He stayed quick and sharp all night. So as Floyd gets in his comfort zone so does Roberto.  DOOOOOOOORRRRAANN all day.

Whatís up Breadman,
Just wanted to get your take on fighters and weight training. I believe you have spoken on this topic before but Iím not 100% sure. When I was coming up in the gym as a kid years ago trainers would not let us lift weights. I even seen trainers that would not let you do push-ups because they did not want you building any bulky muscle that would slow you down. I see today that all the top fighters weight train and it doesnít seem to have a negative effect on their speed. My question is do you allow your fighters to lift weights, and if so what do you do to insure that it doesnít take away from their speed? Are there specific stretching exercises that you require your fighter to do after he lifts? Thanks for the insight you bring to the sport we love, keep up the great work.-- Rich from DC

Breadís Response: I donít do BIG weight training for fighters.  There are some exercises that we do with weights, but not many. Some fighters love weights and they work for those fighters. But I think you can build the muscle without the stress on the joints that weights cause. So we do about 15% of our strength work with light weights.

In my opinion too many weights causes fighters to push their punches and it causes too much muscle maintenance. So if you are lifting weights make sure you combine lots of cardio so those muscles will get used to working correctly. I also believe heavy weight lifters who are boxers have to use a good stretch coach. If they donít the fighter will be way too tight. You ever watch a football player throw punches at a heavybag. They look absolutely terrible, too much muscle, too little elasticity. 

Good afternoon Bread: 1) Do you think Daniel Ponce de Leon will make it to the hall of fame? 2) Tim Austin or Johnny Tapia at their best? 3) Marco Antonio Barrera or Israel Vasquez who wins and how? 4) I always liked Jermain Taylor and hated how his career unfolded. Do you think he would have become a better champion
had he had a better team guiding his career? 5) Jhonny Gonzalez... just how good is he? Thank you for taking the time and God bless. Efrain Aguilar

Breadís Response: No HOF for Ponce. Johnny Tapia over Tim Austin. Barrera by stoppage. Not sure about Jermain Taylor. He was what he was. But the trainer side of me always thinks something could have been tweaked. Who knows? Gonzales is very good just not great.

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