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September 14, 2013

By Rob Soucy in Las Vegas

At yesterday's weigh-in in Las Vegas, Floyd Mayweather stepped off the scale weighing 150.5 pounds and looked to be in phenomenal shape as usual. His opponent, Saul "Canelo" Alvarez weighed in right at the contracted weight of 152 and he too appeared to be in great shape.  We won't know until tomorrow night if Alvarez is drained from losing two pounds below the standard junior middleweight limit he usually fights at.  The two fighters faced off in front of a jam packed MGM Grand Garden Arena, perhaps the biggest crowd ever for a Las Vegas weigh-in. By the time the two men step into the ring around 11:45 Eastern time tonight, Canelo is expected to have a 15-pound weight advantage.
Both fighters talked and acted confidently during the fight week activities. However, there have been rumblings that Floyd's right hand is not 100% and if that's the case, Alvarez has a couple of significant physical advantages going in. Mayweather figures to be extremely cautious, especially early, hoping to frustrate Alvarez. But Alvarez has the ability to end the fight with one shot upstairs or to the body. 
Floyd may very well be too experienced and more importantly too elusive for his young opponent but look for Canelo to concentrate on Floyd's body early and try to keep him on the ropes as much as possible. It will be interesting to see if Alvarez can walk through Mayweather's punches without much concern. If he is able to do that his chances of winning are greatly increased. 
Everything about Floyd Mayweather's game is A+, except for his chin, which in my opinion checks in at about a B. Can Alvarez outbox Floyd? Not a chance, but can he win by KO? Absolutely! I believe that Floyd will get hurt in this fight, probably in the middle rounds. Throughout his career, Floyd has avoided getting hit with that second big shot. Tonight I don't think he will be as fortunate and Canelo knocks him out in shocking fashion!

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