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September 12, 2013


Q&A with Edmund Gerber

Press Release: Edmund Gerber (23-1, 14 KOs) will try to become the European heavyweight champion on September 21st, when the 25-year-old German heads to London's Copper Box Arena. That night, Englishman Dereck Chisora (17-4, 11 KOs) will stand in the opposite corner as he tries to get his hands on the vacant EBU belt on his second attempt. (Bulgaria's Kubrat Pulev vacated the title and is now the IBF mandatory contender). In the following interview, Gerber tells how hopes to beat Chisora.

Q: On September 21st you will be challenging Dereck Chisora for the vacant European heavyweight title. How is your preparation for this fight going?

A: All I can say is that I am currently dedicated and joyful when working out at the gym. When I am in such a good mood in training, a top performance can be expected of me come fight night. My coach Karsten R÷wer and I have especially put emphasis on my stamina. I have fun torturing my body (into shape) and can hardly wait to step into the ring.

Q: How pleased were you with your last fight against Gbenga Oloukun this March?

A: The first five rounds I did what my coach wanted me to do, which saw me dominating this bout. But for whatever reasons, I backed away from our tactics and lost control. I still won this fight clearly, but I can do much better than I showed back then.

Q: You received your first career loss as a professional against Michael Sprott in December 2012. Is this memory out of your head?

A: Who is Sprott? Seriously, I was a bit arrogant going into that fight, thinking, "you will beat this guy hands down."  I had already floored him in Septemer 2012. If the referee had waved off our first meeting, I would have knocked Sprott out conclusively. Therefore, it ended controversially and we had the rematch in December. I will never ever make such a mistake again and underestimate an opponent.

Q: What are your thoughts on the [extremely eccentric] personality of Chisora?

A: When people start talking about Chisora, they are first thinking about a madman who slapped Vitali Klitschko and spit in his brother Wladimir's face. A big part of what he does before a fight is just hyping up the event and he is good at it. Although, he should not try to do those things to me as I would not react as calm as the Klitschkos did. From a sporting point of view, he lives up to his [hype], already having challenged for a [WBC title]. Therefore, he will be my biggest test to date.

Q: What are Chisora's strengths and how can you negate them?

A: Chisora only knows one gear. He is moving forward as he tries to pressure his opponent from the get-go. You have to handle those tactics. The key to win against such a style is simple: impress him with your punching power and looseness. Over the rounds, he then will run out of ideas. And when he starts risking too much, I will knock his lights out.

Q: This will be your first chance to win the European championship. Do you feel ready for it?

A: I feel more than ready and want to take the next step in my career. That is the chance I have been waiting for. Now it is time to take this big opportunity. My whole team is confident that I will beat Chisora. I do not want to disappoint them as well as the boxing fans.

Q: Your match-up with Chisora is going to take place in his home country, England. Do you already feel nervous about facing a partisan crowd?

A: I would be lying to myself if I said that I am not nervous at all. When I walk towards the ring, my tension will be the highest. Afterwards it is just him and me inside the squared circle. I basically take no notice of the crowd during a fight. Therefore, the fans at the Copper Box Arena can boo me as loud as they can. When I lift the belt afterwards, they will be stock-still. I have absolutely no doubt about my victory.

Tickets for the fight night at Copper Box Arena London on September 21 are available at

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