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September 11, 2013

By Benny Henderson, Jr.

Coming up tomorrow, Thursday night, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, light middleweight warriors will collide as Julian Williams (13-0 with 7 KOs) goes head to head against Hugo Centeno Jr. (19-0 10 KOs) in a scheduled ten-round clash. Williams, who is trained by Boxingtalk's Stephen "Bread" Edwards, and is coming off a victory over the former WBA titlist Joachim Alcine, believes he has the edge over his upcoming opponent and will capitalize on Centenoís weaknesses. In this exclusive interview, Williams speaks out on the fight, his career and more.

Benny Henderson Jr.: You have the fight coming up September 12th against Hugo Centeno. In my opinion it is a very interesting match-up between two unbeaten fighters, but give the readers your own thoughts on that throwdown.

Julian Williams: I think it is a good match-up,.I am glad he took the fight, We are doing something that a lot of unbeaten prospects are not doing. A lot of prospects around 14-0 are still fighting six rounders, and when they do step up, they cannot fight. This is going to be a tough fight, but a fight that I plan on winning.

BH: This will be your first ten round bout. You went eight rounds in your last outing. Two extra rounds, does that make that big of a difference, or are you prepared?

JW: I donít think it will make that big of a difference. I have been preparing and going six and eight rounds so it is time to step up.

BH: Your last fight, you earned a victory over the former WBA title holder Joachim Alcine. What do you feel that victory said about Julian Williams?

JW: First off, it shows that my handlers who put me in there with a former world champ has confidence in me. And it showed the heart that I had taking on a former world champion with under thirteen fights under my belt. I stepped in against a former world champion that only got beaten by contenders, not prospects. I did not get the credit I deserved, but I got the win and that is all that counts.

BH: How was your training for this fight, any snags or did everything roll pretty smoothly?

JW: Everything went great. I got some great rounds in with some great prospects. I am looking forward to this fight.

BH: How did this fight come about?

JW: It got brought up a couple of times. For some reason, the fight did not happen a few times. But, now it is happening.

BH: Looking at Hugo, what do you feel are his greatest strengths that may pose a threat and what weaknesses do you see in his arsenal that you feel you can capitalize on?

JW: I feel he has a bunch of weaknesses, but I am not going to say what they are before the fight. But the biggest thing, I am a huge step-up [for him]. He is a good fighter, but he has not taken the right fights to prepare for me. I am only 13-0, but I have been in there tough already. I think I have the edge there.

BH: Do you have a message for your upcoming opponent?

JW: Nothing at all, I have nothing to say to him. I know he trained hard, I trained hard, he doesnít want to lose his 0, I would die for mine. So we will do what we have to do.

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