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September 04, 2013

By Benny Henderson, Jr.

Super flyweight Bruno Escalante (9-1-1 with 5 KOs) is looking to keep his four-fight win streak intact when he steps in against the upset-minded Joseph Rios (13-8-2 with 4 KOs). Escalante-Rios will take place on September 28th as an eight rounder at the Cache Creek Casino Resort in Brooks, California. The Filipino fighter, who has trained alongside former champion Nonito Donaire, hopes that someday his name will be mentioned in the same breath as other Filipino boxing stars, believes this fight is just another step at reaching his goal. In this exclusive interview, Escalante speaks out on his upcoming bout and more.

Benny Henderson Jr.: Give the readers your thoughts on the upcoming bout between yourself and Joseph Rios.

Bruno Escalante: It is going to be an exciting fight. I am excited to face Rios on September 28th. I am thankful to my manager for getting me these fights, and I am looking forward to having a great time.

BH: A little over a year ago, you suffered the one and only loss of your career, a decision loss to Matthew Villanueva. What did you take away from that experience that you feel has helped you win four straight?

BE: It helps me a lot. I think I learned a lot from that fight. Overall I am a better fighter and getting better each fight. I cannot wait until September 28th to show how much I have progressed.

BH: You are Filipino. We all know there have been some great Filipino fighters in the past as well as present. Does that give you a lot of pride, or make you even hungrier to fill those big shoes?

BE: Manny Pacquiao and Nonito Donaire have done a lot in boxing, and one day I want my name mentioned next to theirs.

BH: What do you feel separates you from the other prospects in the 115-pound division?

BE: My speed and explosiveness are my greatest strengths.

BH: As a young fighter, there is a lot of room for improvement, a lot to learn. So although you feel your greatest assets are your speed and explosiveness, where do you feel you can use some improvement?

BE: In all areas, I want to be better, so I work hard in the gym. My trainer teaches me so much. I am learning a lot and I cannot stop learning. I never will.

BH: What can the fight fans expect from you come fight night?

BE: An exciting, fun fight to watch.

BH: Any message you would like to send out to your upcoming opponent?

BE: Be prepared, because I am coming. I have prepared myself, this is going to be an exciting fight.

BH: Anything in closing?

BE: I want to invite everybody to come watch the fight, it is going to be exciting. it is going to be a great night of boxing.

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