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August 26, 2013

By Stephen "Breadman" Edwards

What the hell happened to Abner Mares getting knocked out by Jhonny Gonzalez? Was that a lucky punch ? Where does he go from here?
Bread’s Response: Mares was knocked out by a great shot. No way was that a lucky punch. Lots of Mexicans throw that punch. It looks like a power jab is about to be thrown and what happens is instinctively you put your hand in front of your face like Mares did to “catch” the jab. Instead in one motion a hook is turned over. Gonzales did it perfectly. The Marquez Brothers and Ricardo Lopez throw the same exact punch. Nacho Beristain is their trainer. Great punch not a lucky one. Mares will be back, probably in a rematch. Let’s see how it plays out.

Long time since I've written in. I trust that things have been well. Congrats on Julian Williams' recent victory. Three things: First, I know it's early but I'm going with Juan Manuel Marquez to defeat Timothy Bradley maybe even by KO. Here's why: I recently watched Bradley's victory over Provodnikov which if the ref would have called the former's fall against the ropes a knockdown, the fight would have been a draw. If Provodnikov would have pressed Bradley in the middle rounds, he would have won that fight. We know that Bradley is a warrior, and he's gonna try, at various points in the fight, to dog Marquez. Bradley has a tendency to loop and flail with his punches, and that's where he's gonna open himself up. He's fought some good technical boxers such as Holt, Peterson, Alexander and an old Casamayor, but Marquez is a master. Plus, Marquez is tough too, and if he's punching like he did in his last fight against Pacquiao, Bradley might not make it to the final bell.
Secondly, I see that Terence Crawford is fighting in a lightweight title eliminator on Oct 5th. I like Crawford a lot. I didn't know dudes from Omaha, Nebraska could put in work like that! It shows that good fighters can come out of anywhere. He fights with that "inner city groove." He reminds me of a very talented fighter from DC who did well some years ago named Derrell "Too Sweet" Coley. Both are naturals. I see that you finally made a reference to Crawford a few mailbags back. I'm expecting him to get that lightweight title and eventually move back up to junior welterweight, where the real business is. What's your thoughts on him?
Thirdly, Sergey Kovalev scares me. I have watched his last 6 fights including the one where the opponent (Simakov) died afterwards. Kovalev can fight and has this herky-jerky, aggressive kinda style. I know that Hopkins is a preeminent veteran, but I hope he stays away from him. Hopkin's is older, doesn't throw as many punches, and his chin may not be as reliable as in the past. I don't see Kovalev as a Kelly Pavlik. If Hopkins beats Murat then he should go for Stevenson, assuming he beats Cloud, not Kovalev.
By the way: A few mailbags ago, you claimed that "thorough" was a Philly word. I'm not certain that it isn't, but when I started hanging on the streets of DC back in the early 80's, that was all I heard about the baddest dudes (it was pronounced "thirl"). So you gonna have to give me more than just a declaration in order for Philly to lay claim to the word. Simba - DC.
Bread’s Response: I usually don’t do this but I’m picking Marquez to knock Bradley out also. But I am openly rooting for Tim Bradley to win the fight. The undertone behind this fight is sickening to me. The prolonging of the drug testing is absolutely disgusting. Because IF Marquez was juicing,”they” were giving him more time to cycle off. His insistence on USADA when Bradley “allegedly” had VADA in his contract was also suspicious. I wish Tim Bradley would have pulled out of the fight. He has made enough money over the last few years to not need money.

But Tim is a warrior and warriors fight. I’m pulling for you Tim. I don’t sit on the fence on situations like this.

I have been making reference to Terrence Crawford for some time now. I think he is the goods but obviously it’s early. He could be the best lightweight in the world. I do think he is big for the weight therefore they better get him a title shot soon. My eye tells me he is better at 140. Crawford has one of those old school, high contact boxer puncher styles. For this level and where he is at I rate him high.

I didn’t know Kovalev killed a guy I have to research that. However, he does look like a true puncher. He has a smooth and straight deliver and he seems to have a mean streak. Lots of times we overrate dynamic offensive fighters just like we overrate good looking women. They please our eyes. I judge my women on how they react when times are tough and I judge fighters the same way. I would like to see Kovalev fight Bernard Hopkins. If he can overcome Hopkins patience and smarts then we could have something.

“Thirl” is how we say it and “thirl” is our word. DC is our kissing cousins and I actually think you guys down there are more “thirl” then our  New York neighbors up north. But Philly is usually a step ahead of both places. Sorry.


I read on another site that kid named Dusty Harrison Hernandez from DC was calling out Amir Khan. I have seen him fight once and he is a novice fighter. Why would a respected writer even entertain a story where a fighter so unaccomplished is calling out one of the better fighters in boxing. What do you know about Hernandez?

Bread’s Response:  It’s not the writers’ fault that Hernandez said what he said. All the writer does is write. It wasn’t a story it was an interview. So DON’T blame the writer. I actually read the interview and I didn’t think much of it until you wrote in about. Hernandez is a decent prospect with a good PR team. He’s 17-0 but he hasn’t fought anybody anywhere near dangerous. I would like to see him fight Eddie Gomez, Erol Spence or Daquan Arnett before he starts calling out guys like Amir Khan. In my opinion the best prospects in the DMV area are Alantez Fox and Dmitrius Ballard.


Wassup bread,
First time writing in, but i read all the mailbags. How do you think the fox sports 1 channel will help boxing. I think this is a great way to give exposure to the young up and comers and to put boxing on a bigger platform. Also why is everyone doubting Danny i know matthysse is smashing all his opponents but who has he faced with danny punching power and ability to punch with his opponent. No one idea questioning matthysse chin like he has faced bombers.keep up the good work
O, from SP
Bread’s Response: Fox Sports Network should be good for boxing. I like the idea. I am not doubting Danny I believe he will be in the fight.


Whats up Bread,
Regarding the upcoming Mayweather Canelo fight, I was wondering how differing outcomes would affect Floyds career legacy. If Floyd wins in his normal manner, meaning defence, and pot shotting his way to a well-deserved, masterclass of boxing type decision, does he finally get the respect he has earned from the haters out there? On the other hand, if he loses, does this affect his best of his generation standing? My personal view on both, are that if he does win, he wont get the respect. I feel there are many “fans” out there, who even if Floyd knocks Canelo out in 30 seconds would still bitch on and find ways to knock his achievement. Way of live I suppose. Im a Floyd fan as you can probably tell, but I also think the same about Paquiao and the Klitschos. Brilliant fighters who will always have haters, just for the sake of hating. Some people get off on being negative. On the flip side, if Floyds loses, then there goes any chance of him being talked about at the GOAT roundtable. I have no idea if he could handle a loss at this stage and come back? But we would replacing one superstar with another on September 14, and Mr Canelo can watch his bank balance top up until the day he dies if he wins. Let’s say Floyd wins in less convincing fashion, struggles but still sneaks out a win, would he risk a rematch in your opinion.
Bread’s Response: Tough question. I do think that Floyd makes things look so easy at times that he doesn’t get the credit he deserves. At times no matter what he does no one appreciates it to the level it deserves. I don’t want to speculate too much but I will say if Floyd does an RJ on Canelo, like Roy Jones did to Montell Griffin then he will shut a lot of people up. But here is another problem because of the catchweight and Canelo’s noted trouble making weight I don’t believe he will get full credit for the victory no matter what.


A different type of question this week..I was just watching James Toney-Vassily Jirov and absolutely loved this fight but also loved Emanuel Steward's call of the fight especially the 12th round..RIP Manny. What are some of the greatest calls by announcers in fights that you've watched Breadman?
Bread’s Response: Howard Cossell’s call of Ray Leonard vs Tommy Hearns and Manny Steward’s call of the first Gatti vs Ward sticks out to me.


Is that normal? Eric Gomez of Golden Boy choosing the sparring partners for Canelo. I'm guessing if you are a good match maker and you are trying to do the best you can for Canelo, this would be a very good thing
Bread’s Response: Yes it is normal. Matchmakers pick sparring partners all the time.

I got a couple questions. What do you think of Kell Brook vs the Mayweather/Canelo winner? Does it make sense? And how do you think he would do? Also I wanna say I think a big factor in Pacquiao Rios is how well will Rios face hold up? If pacman can break something on Rios' face, I think he will be fine. But if Rios can take Pacquiao's punch, my guy might be in trouble. I don't know if Pacquiao can still shell out 1100+ punches to somebody in his face all night. Rios is going to tag pacquiao at some point. Its gonna happen. And when Manny gets hit, his natural instinct isn't run, it's fight back. This fight scares me as a pacquiao fan. Anybody who call this a stay busy fight, or an easy fight for Manny is CRAZY. If I go off of what normally happens in boxing, I would actually pick Rios. Anyways I cant pick that fight, too much emotion involved for me. Lucas and Danny. My mind tells me pick Danny. He's a better boxer, and his timing is better than Lucas'. But I haven't ever seen Matthysse in trouble. I've seen Danny in some trouble. Maybe that's a good thing for Danny because he learned to deal with it, or it might be a bad thing because Matthysse has been bothered but never troubled with even better competition than Danny's. If it goes 12, gimme Garcia because I think "they" want him in a ppv vs Floyd. But I think Mattysse brings his own judges september 14. Matthysse KO8
Bread’s Response: Kell Brook does not deserve the winner of Mayweather vs Canelo. No way. They are being so careful with him that it tells me something is up with Brook. In this day and age and with the push Brook has, if something was not wrong they wouldn’t wait until he was 30-0. In my opinion they basically turned down a title shot to fight Carson Jones twice at a catchweight……hmmmm…

This is not a stay busy fight for Manny. Manny’s career is on the line. Rios hurts everybody he hits and his best punch is a left uppercut. Manny and Freddie Roach still haven’t found a way to DEFEND that punch while he’s lying inside. Manny stays too squared up and his gloves are too high over his ears and it doesn’t stop the punch from getting up and through. See the Joshua Clottey fight. Manny has his work cut out for him. If I see Freddie I will specifically ask him about the problem with the left uppercut.

Garcia vs Matthysse will be an action junkies dream. There is no way this can be a bad fight. People are so enamored with numbers that everyone assumes that Matthysse punches so much harder than Danny because of their ko%. Ko% are misleading. Danny is a murderous puncher.

Everybody I know who has boxed or sparred with him talk about his power. Everybody didn’t decide to make up a lie. I’m not saying he punches harder than Matthysse, I haven’t caught pads with either guy. But my eyes tell me that Danny punches hard enough. Besides I have a theory on power. The man who takes the better shot when two men fight is the better puncher. Holyfield/Tyson, Chavez/Rosario. The catcher usually beats the pitcher when the catcher is throwing back. Danny will be throwing back.

It will be interesting to see if either guy can take the other ones stuff. Another interesting variable will be if Danny’s face holds up. Matthysse doesn’t seem to bruise much but I have seen Danny bruised in his nose area a few times. In a war that counts. I expect a great fight and to be honest the only decided factor I give Matthysse is the brusing factor and that he is more relaxed than Danny. I can’t wait.


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