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August 23, 2013

By Benny F Henderson Jr.

Saturday night at the StubHub Center in Carson, CA, to be televised on Showtime Extreme, the 2012 U.S. super heavyweight Olympian, Dominic Breazeale 5-0 (5), will put his unblemished record on the line when he takes on his toughest test thus far as a professional , taking on Lenroy Thomas 16-2 (8), in a scheduled eight round heavyweight match-up. Breazeale, who just turned pro November of 2012, has stopped all in his pathway, not going past the second round. And when he steps in the ring with Thomas, Breazeale feels the fight will be no different than the rest. A knockout victory is on the mind of Breazeale. In this exclusive interview, Dominic s speaks out on his upcoming fight and more.

Benny Henderson Jr.:  You are taking on Lenroy Thomas this Saturday night, to me this is a big step up for yourself. Give the readers your thoughts on that match-up.

Dominic Breazeale:  It is the biggest test thus far, I have had five fights as a pro, and have not made it out of the second round. I am looking to do the same against Lenroy. But, of course he is experienced, so I know he has some ring generalship. I have to come out and box. My trainer, John Bray and I have focused on staying long, using my jab, that is the key, make him respect my jab.

BH:  Thomas actually has more knockouts then you do fights. So, what do you feel a win over such an opponent say about yourself?

DB: I think a win over Thomas is going to say a lot. Especially with me being real young in my professional career. It will show the boxing world that Dominic Breazeale is for real, he is coming and he is going to stay. It is one of those things where you grab more respect.

BH:  How has your preparation been for this bout with your trainer, John Bray?

DB: Camp has been real good, we have been training for about six to eight weeks now. We are always staying in the gym, we prepared a ton for Thomas since he is a southpaw and it my first time to face a southpaw as a professional. We had great sparring partners. The experience, and hard work has been put in, strength and condition is great. The body feels good, the confidence is there so now it is time to go to work.

BH:  You have had five pro fights as a professional, and are now approaching your first year as a pro. In this past year, what have you learned about the business of boxing, and how has the transformation been from the amateurs to the pros?

DB:  My transformation has been a little bit crazy, for the past year I have had to learn to be patient. You cannot just take over, you have to fight stepping stones and fight the right guys at the right time. It is all about timing. That is a concept I am still trying to grasp. In the amateurs you could fight every weekend or once a month. As a pro, they tell you when to fight, so I am still grasping the concept of patience. But, it is fine, in this time I am learning a lot in the gym with John Bray. I am looking forward to my future.

BH:  If you could send out a message to Lenroy Thomas before this fight, using as a platform, what message would that be?

DB:  I know he has had a layoff since his last fight, and I just want him to know that this was a bad decision, probably one of the worst decisions he ever made. To come back and step in with a 2012 Olympian, a guy like myself. It is not the test you want to take this time in your career. But, here comes trouble, I am going to give him trouble.

BH:  What can the fight fans expect from Dominic Breazeale when the bell rings?

DB:  They can expect a tremendous fight. It is going to be full excitement from the opening bell to the closing bell. I am going to use my boxing skills and my range in the opening round, if it does go in the later rounds, I will be more aggressive, throwing punches with authority. I am looking for a first or second knockout, but, I am willing to go the full eight rounds.

BH:  Anything in closing?

DB: I want to thank Glendale Fighting  Club they have been real great to me, they have opened the gym up for me, it was an honor to be in that gym.

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