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July 11, 2013

By Doveed Linder

In this interview, junior lightweight Mark Too Sharp Davis (17-0, 5 KOs) discusses his unanimous decision victory last Friday over Robert Osiobe (14-5-4, 6 KOs), which was televised on ESPN2's Friday Night Fights, as well his intent to take over the 130 pound division.

Doveed Linder: Of everything you could have done in life, why did you choose the path of a professional boxer?

Mark Davis: My father got me involved in it when I was about ten. I was a great amateur. I kept thinking about it and I turned pro when I was twenty-one. Ever since then, Ive wanted to be champion of the world.

DL: Youre now 17-0. Give me a synopsis of your career thus far. What stands out in your mind about your experiences as a professional?

MD: Every fight Im learning different stuff. This last fight, I experienced different things. I got cut and I got head butted. Every fight is a learning experience. Im going back to the gym and practicing stuff I need to work on and getting better at it.

DL: What did you take from your last fight thats going to help you in the future?

MD: I didnt really feel the cut when I was in there. We just clashed heads. That was my first time feeling the end swell. My corner had to mess with the cut. Next time, Ill just watch out more for a head butt. They said this guy was known for using his head and next time Ill be more cautious of that. I had an eighteen month layoff and to me, it didnt feel like an eighteen month layoff. I went eight rounds and I never got tired. I could have worked a little more, but I was just walking the guy down. I probably need two more fights to shed the ring rust. The people watching me on TV probably didnt see the ring rust, but I felt it.

DL: Tell me a little about your current situation. Whos your team and where you plan to go from here.

MD: My Promoter is SMS Promotions. When nobody else believed in me, 50 Cent gave me a shot and he got me on TV after being out for eighteen months. My father Mark Davis, Sr. and Fred Neal are my trainers. Tim VanNewhouse is my manager and hes the best manager in the game. A lot of people talk about Al Haymon and all them other dudes. Talk about Tim VanNewhouse. I train at Strong Style Boxing Club in Cleveland, Ohio. When Im in Vegas, I train at 50 Cents gym. Were fighting again this month on the 24th of July. We stay in the gym and grind. Were in the gym three times a day. For anybody at 130 pounds, were coming. Were taking over 130 pounds. This fight was at 135 pounds, but only because of the layoff. Were gonna take it down to 130. Thats my division. Nobody can beat us at 130 pounds. I can box, I can sit in the pocket I can do all that. In my last fight, I walked the dude down the whole fight. I could have boxed circles around him all night, but I decided to take the fight to him, because it was my fist fight back. I wasnt gonna let it be close. Let me ask you something whos the best 130 pounder right now?

DL: Its an open division.

MD: And Im gonna take it over. Im the person to do that. Im gonna have a title soon. By the end of this year, Im gonna be the man in the 130 pound division.

DL: Anything in closing?

MD: I want all my fans to follow me on marktoosharpdavis on Instagram. My Twitter is marktoosharp87. Im the best 130 pounder and I want the world to know it.

Photo courtesy of Emily Harney

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