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July 07, 2013

By Stephen "Breadman" Edwards

Hey Bread: I liked hearing you mix it up with Pedro Fernandez on Ringtalk. It was good to hear your boxing acumen come to the surface in a live, unrehearsed format. He definitely gave you props, and you absolutely delivered. What has happened to Guillermo Rigondeaux--is he going to be inactive for the rest of the year? How do you see Timothy Bradley v. Juan Manuel Marquez playing out?
MMA: Anderson Silva is facing a prodigy not unlike the last guy to challenge silva (sonnen), and many are saying July 7 is the end. I think the kid is in for a surprise from the 38 year old legend. Thoughts?-- Marc from Milton

Breadís Response: Pedro is super cool, I like being on his show and will come back anytime Iím invited.  I donít know whatís up with Rigondeaux but if I were Rigondeaux I would want to leave Top Rank. For Top Rank's Bob Arum to come out and say he will have a hard time promoting him is counterproductive to him. First off after his performance against Nonito Donaire, HBO will cut him a nice rights Ffe check as long as he keeps winning. He made 750k for Donaire. So Arum has built in money before he sells any tickets. On top of that if you are a great promoter, which Arum is, then he should be able to promote any great fighter. Match Rigondeaux in South Florida. There is a large Cuban population there. Then match him against the best available Mexican or Filipino fighter. I mean come on with the BS. Itís insulting. Guillermo is the most talented fighter I have ever seen in my lifetime. Promote his freaking talent. Travesty!

Iím not a big MMA guy. But I do recognize talent. Anderson Silva could be a top class professional boxer. There is NO ONE else in MMA that I feel that way about. He could be the Ray Robinson of the UFC. Absolutely ridiculous talent. I donít know much about the kid heís fighting but unless Silva got old overnight the kid will be in trouble trouble (Bernie Mack voice). (PS-- Boy was I wrong lol)


Brotha B,
Unfortunately for my boxing sake, I've been back and forth all over the world especially the last 6 years. So the lack of consistent watching has hurt the sharpness of my current boxing awareness. And Monday, I leave out for a year in HOT Qatar. Fortunately before leaving, I was able to watch Golovkin for the first time live. WOW! His patient aggressiveness reminds me of a prime JC Chavez Sr...with more power! Without a doubt, he is the best two-handed puncher in boxing today. More than the disposal of Macklin, who's no world beater, I love the almost indifferent disposition Golovkin has in the ring and with his broken English pretty much said, "This was just another fight." It takes a lot to get my attention but I LOVE this guy after one fight. Holes? I don't think he's overly hard to hit but in old school hood talk, "You got to bring ass to get ass." Just like a young Tyson, people are scared before they get in the ring and go into panic/survival mode after tasting the power. I will give Macklin credit. Instead of going into the fetal position, he went out swinging like Tony Montana but that left hook to the body was just down right NASTY. As for the future? Do you think Martinez is crazy/bold enough to fight him? I don't see anyone south of 160 wanting some of that & he's going blast everyone at 160. Is it possible in 2014, if they build him up more, we can see a Ward vs. Golovkin superfight?
Second, I don't want to "playa hate" on this big thang Money Mayweather is about to pull off but honestly brah? I'm not drinking the Kool Aid. Canelo is a talented guy; good hands, pretty versatile, and an overall solid fighter BUT he's too green and doesn't do anything GREAT in my eyes. I don't think that character fits the description of the fighter who's going to give Floyd his first "L". In my mind, I can remember every great fighter I've seen having at least one "great fighter" characteristic in his game. Where does Canelo's greatness lies? Unless Money turns into Grady from Sanford & Son overnight, I don't see it! Plus, if anyone has a stamina issue, it's the younger Canelo. While I see this as being a viable & respectable fight, I DON'T see this as a smashing PPV records event. I just don't see it brah. Big Chief
Breadís Response: Golovkin does have that quiet killer way about him. His sense of himself actually makes him better. Heís quick but never in a hurry. He almost knows he will get you. I love the Kingís robe he wears to the ring. It doesnít even match his outfit but he wears to show heís the king of the land, the most ruthless ruler around. I really like him.
I think GGG and Ward will be a superfight but Iím not sure when. Ward is having some promotional issues. And I would assume he doesnít trust Goosen promoting a show of that magnitude.

I donít think Canelo will beat Floyd but I do think heís the best combination puncher in boxing now that Manny Pacquiao has slid somewhat. The kid can really put them together. And what makes it even better (follow me here). Every punch of his combinations is hard. Some guys put them together but only the last punch is hard. When I hold the pads for a kid I will notice that. But Canelo like Manny can make every punch solid and hard of a 4 or 5 punch volley. Thatís a gift. He definitely does that better than anybody else right now.

I have been tough on Floyd in the past for failing to make certain fights. So I have to give him his props for this one. This is the biggest available fight that can be made. You have to respect that.



What up Bread? Had a couple of questions from the mail bag. I know you said that your P4P list was off the top of your head but isnít Mickey Garcia as good as Abner Mares. Would it be fair to say that GGG and Rigodeaux need to do more. GGG hasnít fought a P4P great, let alone beat one so he at best is a question mark. Then you left Sergio Martinez off all together and Iím wondering what he has done to fall from grace. The dude hasnít lost since the first Williams fight and that was controversial. Yet, somehow Rigodeaux is number 3 on your list .... At least he beat a P4P fighter. To his credit Rigondeaux was at his best when he fought Donaire but Donaire was at his worst Iíd like to see a rematch and see how Rigodeaux would fair against a 100 prepared and focused Donaire. I have a feeling it would be a different fight. Iím not saying Ridondeaux isnít great but we donít know how great just yet. The Heavyweight division is a joke so to have any heavyweight on the P4P list to me is a stretch. Name 1 P4P great that either of them have faced and beat. A washed up Lennox stopped Vitali, are we to think heís gotten better since that fight or has the competition been soft as Twinkie fillings. I think Bernard could beat Froch so Iíd have Hopkins ahead of him as well. Also, toward the end of the mailbag you were talking about big punchers and how they tend to be overrated and you said ďBut they all got brought back down to earth by extremely tough, battle hardened, well rounded fighters. I expect the same thing to happen to GGG.ĒCould you be a victim of your own theory in that you have overrated GGG and he will be brought back down to earth and out of your P4P list soon. Assuming it happens who would be a suspect in the death of a big puncher. My eyes are on two suspects Andre Ward who is a heartless assassin in the ring and Peter Quillan who is just a warrior who can bang with the best of them and I think he could pull it off. What do you think?
Breadís Response: You know Mikey Garcia is one of my favorites but no his resume is not as good as Abner Maresís. Mares has fought a murderers row of different styles at different weights and still hasnít lost a fight. I have seen him swarm pure boxers, outwork pressure guys and out punch punchers. Mikey could be better than Mares but Abnerís resume is insane for a featherweight with 20 something fights. Mikey is in my top 15-20. Garcia for as good as he is has only had two title fights and one he came in vastly over weightÖ..
Martinez probably should be on my list he has ďaccomplishedĒ more than GGG. But right now as they sit I believe GGG is a better fighter and he would beat him head to head. Honestly I wouldnít argue if somebody placed Martinez over GGG, but let me ask you who would you favor to win if they fought. And youíre right the best fighter GGG has fought was Matthew Macklin and heís just pretty good. But sometimes the eyeball test tells you, you are watching a beast.

Rigondeaux is special and heís the most gifted fighter I have ever seen as pertaining to functional boxing gifts. Speed, balance, the ability to see punches coming, timing, power, reflexes. I have never seen anything like him. Iím serious when I say that. The only reason I picked Nonito to beat him was familiarity. And Nonito is one of the most gifted guys I have ever seenÖ.that should tell you something.

I know Rigo hasnít accomplished a lot but heís just special to me. One more thing please donít tell me Nonito wasnít prepared. If heís foolish enough to get in the ring with that supremely gifted man and not put his all in training then thatís on him and he got what he deserved. Itís his job to be ready.

I respect the K bros and I believe they are great fighters in this current era. Period. Lots of people donít like them and that is their prerogative. I donít believe they are the best heavyweights ever or anything like that but I do believe they are outstanding fighters.

I canít be a victim of overrating GGG when I warned people of my theoryÖÖ. Yes I would favor Ward to beat him at 168. Yes I think Quillen has a shot with anybody that walks to him. Heís a supreme counterpuncher who can punch with you. And he has major crack. I also think Carl Froch would rumble GGG until the cows came home. But I still think GGG is the truth.



Hello brother Breadman,
first off I do love your mailbags and I'd like to thank you for them. They are laden with history and a unique behind-the-scenes knowledge about fighters and what goes on in and around the gyms.

Mid-thirties and I've been a fan of boxing since I was around 10. Back in the day we used to listen to boxing on radio as opposed to watching it (I'm from Uganda but I now live in Germany). Give me your thoughts on Sharif "The Lion" Bogere: yes, he failed in his first attempt to win a world title but do you think he has the potential to emulate Ayub Kalule, John "The Beast" Mugabi or even Kassim Ouma?

On another note, where did the use of the word destroyed come from in relation to one fighter losing to another by K.O? These days it's the operative word of almost all the online sites that I read. Yes, some of these knockouts are career-ending but are we sure every fighter that gets stopped has been destroyed? Think Lewis vs Rahman 1. Looking back, I believe Bernard Hopkins really "destroyed" Jermain Taylor, although Kelly Pavlik later knocked him out cold. Give me your take on this.
Kind regards,
Breadís Response: Greetings Sir glad to have a fan from afar.
I think Bogere is a good fighter but unfortunately not as good as the three you mentioned. Although lightweight is not really stacked Iím not sure he can win a title there. Hope he proves me wrong.

I think you are taking the wordplay a little literal instead of figuratively. If I say a fighter got destroyed by another fighter I am simply talking about what happened that night. If I say he destroyed his career then I will phrase it that way. Feel me?


What do you think happened with the Anderson Silva fight? I know you thought he was a special athlete but that was some ko. Do you think it draws a parallel to what could happen to Floyd Mayweather and what is your take on MMA as a whole?
Breadís Response: I thought Silva got a little complacent and he got kod. I have seen him fight before and he drops his hands often and draws his opponents in but this time he got caught. It happens. I do find it a little weird that he was kod like that by what I thought was an arm punch. Maybe it landed directly on the nerve center but that punch didnít seem like a punch that would ko a guy who hasnít lost in 7 yrs, in a sport where multiple losses are common.
I still think Silva is special but heís 38 yrs old and father time has never lost.

As for the Floyd parallel sometimes when things happen an aura of similar things can follow, but who knows. I get the similarities butÖÖÖ.. who knows I donít want to play the jinx guesser.

Personally I am not an MMA/UFC guy. I donít watch it on a norm. However there are a few athletes in the sport I know are really special. I donít want to be a killjoy on the sport. Some young kid who has aspirations to be in the UFC could be reading this. But itís just not my cup of tea. And as far as the comparisons to boxing they shouldnít be compared.
Boxing is just much more advanced. Past their prime fighters go to MMA and prosper because itís just easier to advance. But you wonít see a past their prime MMA fighters prosper in boxing. No way,no how. It takes years to become a great boxer. It doesnít take years to become a great MMA fighter.

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