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May 20, 2013

By Doveed Linder

Former IBF junior middleweight titleholder Cornelius ďK-9Ē Bundrage (32-5, 19 KOs) discusses the February loss of his title to Ishe Smith, a fight that Bundrage lost via majority decision.  Bundrage also discusses his desire for an opportunity to fight Miguel Cotto or a grudge match with Floyd Mayweather, Jr., who disrespected Bundrage's wife.

DL: What lingering thoughts do you have about your fight with Ishe Smith?

Cornelius Bundrage: The fans that watched the fight on TV, they didnít see everything that happened.  There were a lot of things that happened that couldnít be seen.  Floyd totally disrespected my wife.  He was dancing behind my wife like he was at a strip club.  Who allowed him to do all that?  This is a world champion fight in my city on Showtime.  Fighting a Mayweather fighter stacked a whole lot of cards against me.  Floyd is from Michigan too and his name rings a lot louder than mine.  Heís the highest paid athlete in the world and he gets away with a lot of stuff that he shouldnít.  I could have done better and I admit that.  But this was my home town and Iím the champion.  You have to take it from the champ.  I thought I won seven rounds to five.  It wasnít my best performance, but he didnít do enough to take my belt.  I hurt him bad and I dropped him with a body shot.  Then the referee took a point away from me!  I grazed him when he was down, but if he had called the right call and called it a knockdown, that wouldnít have happened.  It should have been a point for me, not for him.

DL: What are your plans right now?

CB: Iím working on building my brand up.  I have a lot of stock in boxing from all the things Iíve done.  Iíve been on Showtime three times, Iíve fought on ESPN2 nine times, I was on ďThe ContenderĒ [reality show]. Iíve appeared in commercials, I have a new brand of boxing shoes coming out, I have a book coming out, Iím about to open a gymÖ  I was offered a fight on June 22nd, but the opponent wasnít right and the money wasnít right.  But Iím still signed with Golden Boy.  Iím still rated number six in the world, so Iím not going nowhere.  [Showtime reporter] Jim Grey asked me after the fight what I was going to do.  What do you mean what am I going to do?  Iím going to fight on!

DL: Who do you want to fight next?

CB: I want Floyd Mayweather because he disrespected my wife.  If you disrespect a manís wife, you have to face her husband in the ring.  Iím calling him out.  I want to fight him.  Floyd did everything he could to make sure his fighter Ishe Smith won.  He came into Detroit with his reputation and his influence.  Everything was stacked against me.  If I wanted to win, I would have had to knock him out.

DL: The Showtime commentators had Ishe ahead on the cards.  Do you believe they were influenced by Floyd Mayweatherís persona?

CB: Oh, yeah.  They didnít want to go against the grain.  But if you hear [Showtime analyst] Paulie Malignaggi, he said they just took a point from him without even warning him.  I just grazed that dude.  And youíre going to take a point from me?  What happened to the warning?  Look at JíLeon Love.  He got knocked down and beat up [by Gabriel Rosado] and they gave [a decision] to him because heís a Floyd Mayweather fighter.  I want to fight Miguel Cotto.  Cotto wants to bounce back, so let him bounce back against me.  Iím rated higher on Boxrec than he is.  Let him build himself back up.  But what I really want is to fight Floyd.  He disrespected my wife and he has to pay for that.  My wife is honest and sheís not into that bickering, so letís settle this like men.  Letís do this in the ring in September.  The dog is coming!

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