The term “old school” does not mean “outdated.” It means proven track record. B">
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May 20, 2013

By Vinny Furlani, courtesy of

Press ReleaseThe term “old school” does not mean “outdated.” It means proven track record. Boxing may be deemed a sport, but it is truly an art form in and of itself. Modern technologies and training equipment have evolved today’s boxer into a whole new animal. Many debate if today’s boxing greats can handle Cus D’Amato’s “peek-a-boo” style or Mike Tyson’s quick fists. Perhaps some innovations in the boxing arena may have made the sport safer, but the “old school” methods are still tried and true. 

Boxing used to be one of the most popular sports in America. Now, the lack of a charismatic heavyweight world champion has hurt the way the sport is currently viewed and valued [in America]. Boxing didn’t get bad in the heavyweight division because fans stopped watching— fans stopped watching because, in my opinion, boxing became bad. Current fighters have practically abandoned the classic form and techniques, which were vital elements of the sport in its heyday. In order to revitalize the sport’s popularity and passion, it’s up to today’s boxers to add a modern approach to the “old school” methods. Below are a few “old school tips”:

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#1: Move. Just like the boxing legends of the past, it’s important to constantly be on the move. Don’t become a stationary target, waiting to get clocked. Work on throwing punches while in motion to better deviate from your opponent’s throws and keep him on his toes.

#2 Stay on your toes. Speaking of toes, whip out your “Fred Flintstone twinkle toes” and be light on your feet. If you want to move fast and with ease, you need to have weight on the front of your feet.

#3 Keep your head down. Never loose eye contact with your opponent. You need to see where he or she intends to make his or her next move, but it’s even more important to keep your head down and let your second-nature moves go to work. Remember: old school boxing is all about repetition. If you repeat it enough, it will come naturally.

#4 Throw punches. I’ve seen so many boxers today wait for that perfect opportunity to throw that perfect punch. Here’s a wake-up call—there is no such thing. Keep throwing the punches. You want to be a smart boxer and maintain your energy, but don’t let your opponent beat you to the punch. Instead, build your stamina to be able to throw more punches to last you to the end of the match.

#5 Keep a closed stance. In order to leverage every punch thrown and have the maximum power and every defensive move put you in the position to go on the offensive, you need a strong, closed stance. When the fighter closes their stance, it gives the opponent a significant challenge because they do not have an easy entry to attack.

By practicing the “old-school” method, today’s boxers can put the “new school” fighters with their high-tech methods to the test and throw them quite a curveball; or should I say, left hook? If more boxers whip out these methods it may ignite a movement and bring the sport the recognition, excitement it deserves.

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