Sugar Shane Mosley showed a tremendous amount o">
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May 19, 2013

By Rick Evans

Shane Mosley W12 Pablo Cesar Cano... With his back to the wall, Sugar Shane Mosley showed a tremendous amount of heart in his return to the ring on Saturday night, scoring a unanimous decision over the durable Pablo Cesar Cano in Cancun, Mexico in what can only be called a battle. Both fighters landed big punches throughout the fight with Mosley’s best weapon, his overhand right, finding the side of Cano’s head virtually every time he threw it. However, it took a number of rounds for Mosley to find his groove.  Rounds two and three followed a familiar theme, Cano dictating a fast pace and landing the combinations to the body and head which seemed to frustrate Mosley rather than do any legitimate damage. By contrast, Mosley seemed to be finding the openings to counter, but wasn't able to land anything meaningful.  Round four saw Cano continue the body attack and Mosley not being able to land his better punches save the first of many overhand rights midway through the round that bothered Cano. Mosley continued to turn things around in the fifth, bloodying the nose of Cano with a series of jabs and continuing to find a home for the overhand right.  Round six was a back-and--forth battle as both fighters landed solid shots throughout the round and Mosley hurting Cano with a right hand towards the end of the round, forcing the man seventeen years his junior to hold and escape the round.  The seventh and eighth saw Cano get on his bike and outbox Mosley, landing combinations while going backwards, effectively thwarting any offence Mosley was attempting.  In round nine, Mosley almost went down from a solid combination by Cano, only to answer back with another big overhand right that kept Cano from pressing the advantage. In between rounds, trainer Jack Mosley implored his son to pick up the pace and pressure Cano, believing that they may be behind on the judges’ scorecards. The former pound-for-pound king answered the call and battered Cano around the ring throughout round ten, his most decisive round of the fight. It was the championship rounds where Mosley kept the pressure on Cano, outhustling the younger fighter down the stretch when it mattered the most.  All three judges scored the fight the same, 115-113 in favor of Mosley. With the win, Mosley improved his record to 47-8-1. Cano, for his part, fought a very tough fight and showed his own heart in taking some hellacious shots from the future hall of famer. His record falls to 26-3-2. While he is not the same fighter who tore through the lightweight and welterweight divisions, taking more clean, hard shots than we are accustomed to seeing. Mosley earned the right for his career to continue, proving that he still has the ring smarts to make adjustments in the middle of a fight and the heart to wage a battle down the stretch and pull out a victory. source: fox deportes

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