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May 03, 2013

By Rob Soucy in Las Vegas

Boxingtalk caught up with Floyd Mayweather Sr. after Wednesday's press conference. The elder Mayweather has reconciled with his son and has been Floyd Jr.'s lead trainer for tomorrow's welterweight bout against Robert Guerrero.
BT: Do you see Floyd's counter right hand playing a big role in this fight against the left-handed Guerrero?

Floyd Mayweather Sr.: The counter right hand should be coming with the left hook behind it. No just one punch, should be at least one-two. The right hand left hook combination is what you score with against a southpaw.
BT: Do you feel Guerrero will slow down as the fight goes on?

FM: When the fight gets to the fourth, fifth, and sixth rounds, he has slowed down tremendously.
BT: Do you think that Guerrero feels his best chance is to fight on the inside?

FM: Yes, but I also think that little Floyd will beat him on the inside also. Outside, inside, it don't matter. He can't beat Floyd either way.
BT: Guerrero has a tendency to leave his head in the middle on the inside. Will Floyd's uppercut be a weapon in the fight?

FM: Look man, I'm gonna tell you like this... Little Floyd is gonna hit him with right hands all night. He is going to time him all day long. I don't think this fight is going the distance.
BT: So you think Floyd stops him...

FM: (cutting in) Yeah, and I don't care what round he stops him in as long as he knocks Guerrero out. But from what I have seen of his fights, I don't think he is gonna make it to the late rounds. Actually, I think Floyd stops him around the seventh.
BT: So in your opinion Guerrero is just in ordinary fighter, nothing special?

FM: He definitely isn't anything Floyd hasn't seen. I could whip Guerrero my (expletive) self and I'm telling you the truth.

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