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May 03, 2013

By The Nonpareil Hilario, Boxiana Science Educator

Fans today have trouble finding an NBA player without a tattoo, an NFL player who doesn’t have a dance or signal for every touchdown, or even a reserved politician who stays “in the closet” because it’s nobody’s business what happens in their home.   After the legendary referee Mills Lane coined “Let Get It On”, it’s become hard to find a boxing referee without a catch phrase during his intsructions. For this weekend’s main event between Robert Guerrero versus Floyd Mayweather, it’s hard to find a resourceful vessel that is not hypnotized by Floyd’s ether. I believe it’s an evenly matched contest.  With Mayweather having missed eleven threatening, viable opponents (the most in boxing history according to my count) since 1999, the media and Showtime continue to underestimate Robert’s chances. 

People who give Floyd credit for the random blood testing in boxing fail to realize Floyd and his ‘Money Team’ aren’t trying to form or even put a campaign in place for legislature or boxing commissions.  Instead, they spend their time on Showtime’s “All Access” bragging about [a license-less Mayweather Promotions and its boxer] Ishe Smith winning a racketeer acronym title, how great trainers Roger and Floyd Mayweather Sr. are, and Floyd riding a bike with his fiancée at night.

For four years, Mayweather used a blood test ploy to avoid facing Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao.  Could Guerrero be the invisible Pacman southpaw image Mr. Mayweather initiated ‘blood tests’ for?   Could this fight be another [southpaw] Antonio Tarver - Roy Jones Jr., in terms of styles colliding for an entertaining evening?  Robert’s chances are as good as Floyd’s because one always has to keep in mind Floyd’s checkered past in selecting opponents.  Furthermore, can Guerrero’s wife’s conquering of cancer be Robert’s carbon monoxide nobody sees or smells to delete Floyd’s zero?

Other than the second Jose Luis Castillo bout, Floyd has never leaped.

I hear a lot of fans repeat, without research, that Floyd is an all-time great.  How can this be so when he’s never cleaned under the rugs, behind the piano, removed rust from the fire escape, or lifted the stove cover to remove grime in any weight division he’s competed in?   The missing eleven means Floyd’s professional boxing record during his prime demonstrates that facing his most threatening peers was never a priority.  All of the sports’ all-time greats have had to face imminent danger, perform funambulism without a balancing rod while disarming the opponents alarm without being caught – a la Roberto Duran walking away unscathed after facing Sugar Ray Leonard in their first meeting, then Marvelous Marvin Hagler and later Iran Barkley. 

Consider that the late Hector Camacho was 0-3 against Julio Cesar Chavez, Oscar De La Hoya and Felix Trinidad.  All these men were young at the time and Hector was known for having a low knockout percentage, but he went the distance with all three.  Floyd’s 43-0 does not even compare to Macho’s willingness and mettle -- versus three men!  “You” the fan shouldn’t be like those NBA players who needs to fit in by getting tattoos, or like boxers who feel they have to thank Al Haymon after every HBO appearance like a puppet-- remember, Al is employed by  the fighter!  Boxers should thank their loyal uncle or a high school math teacher instead, because these people are clearly more deserving of the prime-time plug.   So be original in thought, and use discernment on assessing Floyd’s stature in the sport.

During the last press conference for Saturday’s contest, Robert’s father Ruben Guerrero blasted Floyd for being a convicted woman- beater.   Many praised Floyd’s resolve for not countering his opponent’s father and trainer.  But Floyd had already played this card when he faced the late Diego “Chico” Corrales.  Floyd hammered Diego, who was already facing sentencing  for domestic violence after their contest in January 2001.  What Floyd should have done was countered Ruben by apologizing directly to his children’s mother, “man up” for his past transgressions and acknowledge that he learned his lesson.  But “classy” and “admirable” aren’t a part of today’s athletes that are spoiled with mega-contracts,  shoe deals without paying their dues or Machiavellian matchmaking spanning 13 years.

I wrote this to educate readers and fans to continue to see the holes in the Money Team, whose façade continues. The Money Team does nothing purposeful for the sport of boxing.  On an episode of ‘All Access’, Floyd’s daughter did two graceful back flips and Floyd took credit for himself, saying “it’s in her genes,” rather than sincerely praising her young potential.


The usual barber shop banter comparing and contrasting Floyd to true risk takers and all-time greats like Duran should be preceded with a discussion entitled “Would Floyd Even Fight Duran?” Floyd’s eleven misses will always be on the record of his prime years, creating this “all-time great” scandal.  During his prime, Jones Jr. missed six peers while taking on lesser opposition.  Later on in his post-prime career, Jones, Jr., perhaps trying to fill these voids, showed poor muscle memory (due to not acquiring proper Boxiana Science fundamentals) in alarmingly frequent losses.  Three is the average number for any legitimate All-Time Great to ‘miss’.  Now count to E L E V E N slowly for Floyd.  That’s a high number of misses, members of the jury.

And lastly, because the "Money Team" has so much time promoting nothingness, they can help this writer implement a campaign I began in 2006, to teach African History in inner-city schools on a year-long basis to increase self-love in African-Americans and decrease teen violence, incarceration and gang affiliation.  We won’t stop there: collectively, we can also challenge the school system to disarm the use of the N-word as slang, sagging pants on males, and girls being allowed to dress provocatively.   Also, in my home city, Brockton (Massachusetts) public schools teach sex education which subliminally promotes teen pregnancy.   The Art of Mating, which should replace so-called sex education, cultivates and promotes how, when and why to rightfully choose your partner.

Take these ideas, ‘Money Team,’ and be productive for America.


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