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April 17, 2013


EDITOR'S NOTE: Yesterday, American welterweight Holly Holm announced that after her May 11th bout against Mary McGee, she will leave boxing to pursue mixed martial arts. This decision means Mcgee and Cecilia Braekhus, the two best pound-for-pound women boxers, who both compete in the same weight class, are unlikely to face each other in their primes. The situation is reminiscient of a decade ago, when Roy Jones rules the light heavyweight division in America, while Dariusz Michalczewski dominated in Europe, and the two never fought to determine world superiority. Braekhus was born in Colombia but raised by an adopted family in Norway and now lives in Germany, where her career is promoted by Sauerland Event.

Press Release: Here is Braekhus' reaction to Holm's boxing retirement: “I am very, very disappointed. A fight against Holly would have been the biggest thing in women's boxing, the one fight every fan wants to see. Itīs a shame that it will not happen – but itīs not our fault. We've done all we could. I have always said that I was willing to fight her, I have always been ready for her. My team has worked very hard to organize the fight.  We removed all the stumbling blocks. We were even willing to go to her backyard. And when she has to chance to give the fans what they want to see, she retires. Really, I donīt know what to say. Itīs a pity and I'm disappointed. I will now shift my focus to other challenges. There are a lot of other interesting options for me. One thing I know for sure – true champions do not run away from mega-fights.”
Promoter Nisse Sauerland added: "We are disappointed to hear that Holly Holm has retired from boxing. She is one of the all-time greats. She deserves respect for what she has done for womenīs boxing. Itīs sad that a great career ends like this - now she will always be remembered for running away from Cecilia Braekhus, the best female fighter in the world. If Holly Holm still had the heart, pride and skills to compete at the highest level, there is no way she would have passed on the biggest payday of her career. We have offered her a six-figure sum. But with this offer on the table, she calls it a career and decides to fight in MMA - for a fraction of that money. That just tells you all about how scared she is to fight Cecilia. The horrible knockout loss against Anne-Sophie Mathis – a fighter Cecilia outclassed last September – must have changed something inside Holly. She knows she canīt beat Cecilia.

"We wish Holly all the best for her retirement. Meanwhile, Cecilia has other options against fighters who are courageous enough to challenge the best female fighter in the world. Thatīs how you cement a legacy, by fighting the best of the best, not by retiring when you have the chance to be part of a fight every boxing fan wants to see."

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