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April 16, 2013

By Stephen "Breadman" Edwards

I caught your breakdown of Guillermo Rigondeaux vs. Nonito Donaire [which Rigondeaux won by decision on Saturday] and I gotta say your take on it was very on point even though it didn't shake out that way. As far as examining all the moving parts in a match-up, I couldn't shake a stick at what you were saying, even though I thought the fight would be different. Boxing is so intricate. Its like a chemical experiment. You can lay all the compounds out and how they should respond to each other. And for however sound your hypothesis may be based on all the available data, when you put them all together it could go just as you expect or blow up in your face. But props for a very good breakdown. Nito had a lane to do what you said but in my eyes he often doesn't do what he ought to. I was talking to my nephew about the fight as I was really looking forward to some high quality get down. Last thing I told him was if Rigo do what he supposed to he should win nice and concise. All the subtle things you mentioned that he does are so special. Nobody in boxing is doing that. 

I'm not just talking his pro fights. I've watched a lot of his amateur fights and sparring too. You can't run up on him because he has too much violence about him. He doesn't jab but he sets up punches beautifully. He did this thing against Teon Kennedy where, as if he had mind control over him. Made him throw a right hand. He slid over about three inches letting the right hand fly over his left shoulder and cracked him concurrenfly with an overhand left. I just shook my head. Cat MEAN! Sophiscticated. He's small but he gets guys coming to him and being that he has so much experience playing chess, amateur game, its hard for guys who rely on power to play the game with him. Especially because he's a puncher himself. Hunt him at your own peril. And for as talented as Nonito is I never saw craft. If he can't catch you clean off your error then he looks a litle vanilla to me. Not that he isn't capable of boxing tactically, he just doesn't. Puncher's curse. The only fight I've seen him box complete was Darchinyan, and Vic is a mad dog coming forward, so he plays into Nito's hands. But other than that fight where be boxed beautifully, he either gets you out with your participation or plods forward looking for one shot. I've watched him so many times and he'd be aggravating the shit outta me because talented as he is he just does not know how to set up. But whatever the talent may be hustle beats talent when talent don't hustle. I know u dig that brother. Always fun choppin it up with you about this here boxing. Peace. One last thing. I really like that Pedro Diaz. Point of view science and psychology. He looks at the opponent like he's looking into their soul. Cuba don't hire Olympic coaches unless they are sons of Alcides Segarra. Remember that cat? I really respect how well Diaz prepares guys.

Breadís Response: Whatís up brother. Please continue to write in. Rob Jackson and Big Sarge are MIA, so we need you to keep serving this good food to the fans.

All I do is take what I know to be true and I put it out there for you guys. I thought Nonito would get to Rigondeaux over time and he did but nowhere near enough. As you know I am a Nonito guy but you are right about him. There is a disconnect with some of the things he does. Heís so talented he can actually ďforceĒ knock outs. Now you know in the gym, thatís a no no. Most trainers will tell you to set knockouts up and donít force them. But Nonito has the unique ability to force them and still hit you with his hardest shots. On top of that he has rarely been caught coming in. He was spoiled but his power and unique ability.

So now he fights a guy who you simply canít do that with. As you stated Rigo gives you a violent impression, ďlike go ahead a run up on me if you want.Ē Sort of like the old head at the liquor store with the bulge in his pants. The young cats want to rob him but they know they will catch a bad way messing with him.

Stylistically the disciplined pure boxer can usually overcome the puncher. Nonito is a puncher who can box, Rigo is a boxer who can punch. Tough fight for him. Thanks again bro.


Bread it in your video it sounded as if you wanted to pick Rigo but you just couldnít pull the trigger. Did you pick with your heart? You were dead on about his skillset, dude is sick with it.

Breadís Response: Watching Rigo the night before I made my pick scared the shit out of me. I told B Mac and J Rock. I even called a prominent trainer in the game and told him so. But Nonito is my guy and I just knew more about him. So I didnít pick with my heart, I picked with familiarity.

I will say thisÖ.. Some trainers hate on me because they donít feel I have been doing this long enough. My answer to them is ďsharks are born swimmingĒ. Guillermo Rigondeaux is a shark. He has twelve fights and he hasnít been a pro very long. But he doesnít need to be. Special fighter.


Bread how did you score the fight between Rigondeaux and Donaire? I thought it was crazy when the HBO crew said that some of the boxing writers "did not know what fight the crew was watching" and that it was much closer in their eyes. I scored it 116-111 for Rigondeaux. I feel he gave Donaire a boxing lesson all night long. Donaire admitted that he did not study Rigondeaux before fighting him and Jim Lampley commented that most of the preparation for the fight between Donaire and Robert Garcia was over the phone. If that's true then shame on Donaire and his team, but I think that was a cop out. Also the comment Donaire made about his shoulder was also a cop out. If you know that you have an injury that requires surgery, and you are about to fight the best fighter you have ever faced why would you not get the surgery and make sure that you can perform at 100 percent? What did you think about the judges' scorecards? I think that two of the cards were much to close especially the 114-113 card. Really?! 114-113??! That makes me think that had Donaire scored another knockdown that he would have won the fight on at least one score card and maybe pulled almost even on another one. It makes me wonder if judges respect pure boxing like we all saw. I don't think that Donaire won more than 3 rounds. So what do you think about a possible Rigondeaux and Mares fight? Mares puts alot of pressure on his opponents, but I see Rigondeaux out boxing him. Also what is your assessment of Verdejo? I know he only has about five fights, but he seems to be the goods.
Chris from Chicago
Breadís Response: I donít score fights when I am watching them for enjoyment. I say that because sometimes you can give your guessed score when asked, but in reality you could make a mistake because you werenít actually scoring the fight. That being said Rigo won between 9 to 11 rounds. There were a couple of swing rounds that Nonito could have won but he didnít clearly win a round except for the 10th. If someone wanted to give him a few of the swing rounds so be it, but there should be no scoring controversy over this fight.

What I am about to say next will offend some people but oh well. The two judges who had the fight close should be subjected to an official inquiry. Those scorecards tell me that Rigo won so clearly that they stopped trying to rob him at some point because it was too obvious that he won. Remember he won the 11th and 12th rounds clear it makes you wonder. I donít care that they got the final verdict correct, sometimes intent is enough to be punished.

I have always had a problem with HOW judges are paid. For those who donít know they are paid by per diem coming from the promoter of the show. Therefore when you see the bigger star get the benefit of the doubt most times, itís not unreasonable to assume the judges are doing the promoter a solid. Maybe itís a silent favor. Iím not suggesting Arum or any other promoter have gone to a judge with an envelope full of 100s.

But I am suggesting it behooves a judge to give favorable scoring to the fighter they assume the promoter wants to win more. For example letís say Nonitoís next fight is in NY. And the judge who scored the fight 114-113 is on the panel of judges. If I were part of Team Donaire I would be ecstatic. I mean that judge must be in love with Nonitoís styleÖ..
I have always believed judges should be paid in another form and there should be protocol on who gets to judge a fight. I hope you guys are following what I am saying.

Also there have been a slew of writers who have publicly dismissed Rigondeauxís performance as boring but yet they have not criticized Donaire, Who threw and landed 50 less punches. These writers claim they are not bias but it does make you wonder what played into their dubious opinion.
I picked Donaire to win. I was almost exact in my prediction when he scored a 10 round knockdown. But almost doesnít count. I was wrong and I have no problem admitting it. Nonito loss the dam fight. I wonder if egos played a part in this ridiculous view of Rigondeaux. I wonder if being cozy with Top Rank plays a role in this alsoÖ...

Seriously all of these 114-113 scorecards are beyond incompetent. All of this Rigo is a runner crap is ridiculous. He didnít run... he boxed to win the fight. He fought the fight that best allowed him to win. If he slugged with Nonito he would probably get knocked out. Then what is he supposed to do. Heís already with a promoter who doesnít ďreallyĒ want to promote him.

Heís already getting short deals financially. Are you guys f#$%ing kidding me. Rigondeaux fought his butt off and you guys should be ashamed of yourselves. I have a list of guys who I will never read another story from. Not once did these expert mention that Rigondeaux closed the dam show and took the 11th and 12th big after he was knocked down in the 10th. Not one mentioned that Nonito should have been the one fighting like that.

The so-called boring boxer outthrew and outlanded the exciting puncher in this fight. The boring boxer won 10 or 11 rounds from one of the three best fighters on the planet. The boring boxer just won a unification match in his 12th pro fight. I will openly wonder if the boring boxer were a Filipino American and not a Black Cuban defector would he be embraced more. Stand up Guillermo Rigondeaux! Breadman appreciates what you did!

I enjoyed this fight on saturday.I thought Nonitio would win by UD (lol) it became obvious after a couple rounds Rigondeaux was not having that.In defeat I thought Nonito was bit of sore loser mentioning the shoulder and weight issues.He said he was going to move up in weight but he didnt really make it a priority to want to rematch Rigondeaux.One question I have is (and please excuse my novice opinion)do you think there is something wrong with his conditioning it doesnt seem like he ripped or weight drained for a fight.Do you think going up to 126 is going to help him?--Rio

Breadís Response: Nonito is never ripped. He wasnít ripped at flyweight. Thatís just not how his body is. I donít know if going to 126 will help him or not. He looked great to me at 122 before he fought Rigondeaux. I think Nonito is in shock that he lost. He just hasnít grasped what happened to him.

Not watching Rigondeaux before this fight was just stupid. I donít care what anyone says. When you face a guy like Rigondeaux you have to watch him. Quite frankly I donít believe that. The shoulder could be true but Nonito seems to have full rotation on both of his arms. He swings like heís wielding an axe. Who knows.

I actually think moving up will be good from a financial point of view. There is no one left at 122. From now until the end of his career Nonito will probably jump around in weight to where the money is. Canít blame him for that.


What's going on Bread!
Man! I hate not writing in with my predictions when my pick is not necessarily the popular one. I was kind of split down the middle on who i wanted to win this weekend, but I had a feeling Guillermo would pull it out. To me, I felt that they were both fast, both strong, but the difference was that Guillermo was faster on his feet, and I felt that there was no way that Nonito would out-box him. I really didn't think he would try, I thought that he would try to go for the KO because he felt that Guillermo wasn't in his league, and that his chin was suspect. But I looked at this kind of the way that I saw the last Manny vs. Juan fight, Guillermo had a point to prove. He wanted to prove that he belonged in the pros despite his record, and he wanted to prove that Nonito couldn't deal with him. I thought that even if Nonito caught him, Guillermo wasn't going to allow himself to be knocked out. Just off of past habits, the way I saw it playing out was that Guillermo would out-box Nonito, and Nonito would get frustrated and just try to land something big. We've seen Nonito, as great as he is, get frustrated and land the big shot in the past. We've seen Guillermo hit the deck and get back up to win before. I just thought that there was no way Nonito was going to catch him or effectively cut off the ring and that Guillermo would either win in a close decision (legitimately close), or that it would be a controversial loss for Guillermo. I thought it was an awesome fight though.
That being said, I want to go ahead and put in my prediction for Alvarez vs Trout. I have Trout pulling the upset. I see this fight playing out like Tyson / Douglas. Yes, I agree totally that Alvarez has faster hands, and yes, I agree that Alvarez is a hitter and is very strong. He's also quick on his feet. But Trout is a really solid dude. He's extremely strong for the weight class. I remember Floyd talking about Mosely before their fight, how Shane was strong, but you have to be strong all over, not just be able to lift a lot of weights. Trout is like that, he's an all around strong dude, he's very slick and he's a southpaw. I think that he's going to catch Alvarez with some really solid shots and tie him up. He's going to tie him up, push him back and keep him on the end of his punches. I honestly see Trout knocking Alvarez out. We've seen Alvarez hurt before. I know it was a while back but I remember how nervous I was when he was hurt by Jose Cotto. I think Trout is going to knock him out in a Buster Douglas style of fight.
Breadís Response: I canít give you credit afterwards bro, lol. I am picking Canelo to beat Trout, but with all these big fight upsets who knows. Again we have an excellent boxer against more of a puncher. The boxers have been winning. My man Blood and Guts from philly may not like this but itís true.

But in the Canelo vs Trout I think Canelo will actually out speed Trout. I think he has a distinct hand speed advantage and with that pro Mexican crowd behind him I think his fan friendly punches will give him the edge in a fight that Trout will be trying to close down the stretch. I do believe Trout has better natural stamina.


Hey Bread!

Long time! Glad to see you're still doing a mailbag here and there, despite your busy schedule!

Just wanted to get your take on something...I know that people for the most part, once they put you in a particular place in their mind, usually don't take you out of that place unless you do something to remove yourself from that place.

Basically what I'm saying, or asking, is, does Floyd Mayweather really deserve his place as TOP P4P guy anymore? Looking at his reluctance to REALLY make a fight with Pac when it was a viable fight, looking at just how he's gone after (or not gone after) certain guys when it was in the fan's and boxing's best interest to do so, how can we really rank him at the very top any more? I mean, seriously, when was the last time he actually fought the BEST guy available to himself? Is it fair to rank him above guys like Andre Ward, who has fought everyone around him, and now has to call out people above and below him to get a pay day? Just asking the common sense question...are we putting him up there because we THINK he could beat everyone, or because he actually goes out there and beats everyone??

I really don't think Guerrero, Shane Mosley, Ricky Hatton, (or Devon Alexander, lol), Cotto, especially at the TIMES he fought some of those guys, were ever the BEST fights that could have been made.
Breadís Response: Interesting term you used, ďbest available guyĒ. I think the best available guy was Saul Alvarez, not Robert Guerrero. If Floyd is not dominant vs Guerrero I think a strong case can be made for Andre Ward as the number 1 guy. But I wouldnít break the door down because Ward has only fought once last year and not yet this year.



After witnessing the boxing display Rigondeaux put on Donaire, who seemed befuddled at how to move or keep up with Rigondeaux's angles, pivots, or circling out... a few things became apparent for me. Donaire, (who i always thought was a decent mover) while athletic, seems to need you in front of him to be able to get off. He sort of needs to be set, or in a situation where he in the one initiating the motion....and is not super comfortable punching on the fly. He seemed awkward being reactionary, whereas in the past he always had success countering what others were doing... although I believe this is the first time someones speed was equal to if not faster than his. The second thing that became apparent, is that writers and fans seem dismissive of the slick african american or afro cuban style. When a slick black fighter outclasses and out lands an ineffective aggressor, you always here comments like "boring," or "he has on roller skates," or "dancing shoes." If the whole artform and point of boxing is to hit and not be hit, why is this unfair characterization of the slick black style always made. It's not as if they're lined up on a track, or he gets to dance around the entire arena... last i checked you're in a square. It's YOUR job to go and find the other man. You can chase him or run after him all night, but if you're not landing or making him uncomfortable, it's INEFFECTIVE aggression at best. It's become the cool thing to diss fighters that aren't taking punishment, that are fighting intelligently, and aren't simply serving their chin up for a game of what amounts to russian roulette (let's see who blinks first). It's just very unfortunate, because this same group of dismissive fighters and pundits adore Muhammad Ali, who while in his prime was as pure of a boxer and a mover as there was. It just seems that at times the slick black fighter is held to a different standard. I not only have to win, but beat you in the manner in which you want me to beat you in, to get FULL CREDIT. Smh. A fighter like Timothy Bradley (regardless of what you felt of the Pac decision), who attempted to box his ass off, was maligned as running... because he chose to box and not trade with the stronger Pacquaio. He then fights the much stronger Provodnikov, stands toe to toe with a much more powerful man, while clearly demonstrating inferior fire-power... yet an iron-will & major cajones... & ACTUALLY gets booed when they showed him on screen on the HBO feed during Saturdays fight. He fought as a true warrior, what's there to boo? He's damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. Final note, can we all just admit that CompuBox is pointless and can just be done away with. No greater evidence can be established for it's pointlessness than this past Saturday.
Donaire 129 of 396 for 32%
Rigondeaux 82 or 356 23%

Anyone that could possibly believe those punchstats would need more than just an eye exam.

Breadís Response: Your comment was perfect. The only thing you had wrong were the official punch stats. You put mixed up the numbers, Rigo was 129-396 and Donaire was 82-356. But I get your point, good comment.


What is up with prominent media members trying to force us to ONLY appreciate blood n guts style fights? Dan Rafael's entire twitter timeline is him complaining about how boringness the fight was AND he's blaming Rigo... The winner... The man who dominated the man! Yet all the fans responding to him are telling him they loved the chess match they saw last night. Dans reply is fans wont watch that... But it's the fans that are saying they will.. I don't get it. Bob Arum exclaims how hard it's going to be to sell Rigo fights. It's like all of the sudden people forgot what boxing is about???? Max Kellerman has become a kill-yourself to please my eyes kind of announcer lately too. When did everyone lose the appreciation for boxing? Does the Matador get ridiculed for not letting the bull bludgeon him? I don't get this mentality from so-called boxing experts.   Great boxing isn't a turn off, unappreciative commentating and journalism is!
Breadís Response: I donít know whatís up with Mr. Rafaelís comments. But ESPN as a whole always does boxing an injustice. Iím interested to see if Teddy Atlas will check him on his peculiar stance on the fight. It saddens to me to know the leading sports network in the world, with the largest platform, does this to boxing. I know Mr. Rafael has a right to his opinion but with his opinion being so far from reality itís just counterproductive to the sport. Thatís all I really have to say about that.


mister breadman,
about last nights fight. I don't know what people talking about saying that the donaire v. rigodenux fight was boring. this fight had me glued to my seat from beginning to end knowing that either fighter could end the fight with one punch. Aside from that i want to give donaire mad respect. I hope donaire reads your mailbags because he earned more respect last night for getting into the ring with the one fighter that every fan in the world thought could be his equal and boxing fans got an answer. Nonito didn't make excuses to avoid fighting rigo. Nonito didn't make rigo a take it or leave it flat money offer. Nonito didn't come up with phony drug testing demands. Nonito didn't say he didn't know who rigo was and thats why he shouldnt fight him. No, no, no, no. Nonito got into the ring with the one man people thought could defeat him. IMO, nonito donaire earned more respect in this one single fight than floyd has in his whole career by fighting has beens or guys he is better than. Floyd mayweather will never ever get respect because he is a coward of the worst kind. Never fought margarito in his prime. Never fought cotto in his prime. Will fight cotto and de la hoya at 154lbs but won't fight canelo or martinez at the same weight and the reason is because he doesnt seen weaknesses he can expose in martinez or canelo. floyd only fights guys who he is technically better than or guys who are over the hill with eroded skills. Nonito could have went on and fought guys he was superior to and kept on winning and winning like floyd does . But that isnt always what boxing is about. It is about taking on the fighters that fans want to see you against whether you win, lose, or draw. That is how ray leonard earned respect. That is how hagler earned respect. That is how de la hoya earned respect. NONITO, IF YOU ARE READING THIS, YOU HAVE A FAN FOR LIFE FOR HAVING MORE BALLS THAN A 3 POINT SHOOTOUT CONTEST!
joseph from tucson
Breadís Response: Nonito should have been more gracious in defeat but heís a certified gun. Now he just needs to be quiet, take his loss like a champion and come back knock someone out cold in his next fight.

No one wants to fight a tricky southpaw with power. No one. Nonito could have easily ducked Rigondeaux and Arum would have allowed it. No doubt about it.

Nonito is still a great fighter, no one at 122 or 126 can beat except Rigondeaux. Thatís just boxing for you.

I do think Nonito needs to sure up a few things technically. He needs to jab more and learn how to come forward better. Although I donít believe anyone else can beat him, you never know. I bet most trainers will have their guys wait on Nonito to lead and move away from his vaunted left hand. Fights will get tougher for him now.


Need your professional feedback. How in the world can an over rated, decorated boxing journalist from ESPN with initials DR complain and critique Rigo's masterful victory over Nonito? After reading recent fight analysis from this particular writer regarding Rigo's performance, I've committed never to read or follow any future boxing articles from DR @ ESPN.
I'm an admirer of both Nonito & Rigo although, after Rigo's Sweet Science domination of Nonito, I'm trying to understand, how can anyone with boxing knowledge critique Rigo's performance? I wonder what some writers thought of Nonito's face after the bout while understanding, Nontio was probably 10-15#'s heavier than Rigo and was consistently hesitant to open up and pursue Rigo. So what Rigo wasn't the aggressor, damage was being done to Nonito every round, Nonito probably suffered an orbital break in the opening two seconds of the 12th round. Why didn't anyone comment or write about that type of damage done to Nonito? Rigo fought a very intelligent fight while recognizing his opponent's strength's. I'm sure there are some boxing writers that will applaud intelligent boxing results such as Rigo displayed. I've become an admiring boxing fan of Rigo after last night's victory and I excitably look forward to Rigo's next bout. Wouldn't you agree, some particular boxing writers need to have their fight result analysis, opinions questioned occasionally? Thanks again for your candid feedback-
Breadís Response: I am not going to co sign any fellow boxing media members names. I try to respect everyone. But you have some great points. Good comment Curtis.



Hey Bread,
I know you have made your pick for this fight and although I am rooting for Trout in this one as he is 'local' and born in the same city as I was El Paso Texas and raised next door in Las Cruces New Mexico. Unfortunately I think you might be right in your assessment of this fight. One more connection is that he is friends with and usually employs my daughter's karate instructor Abie Han a good kid and an up and coming fighter for sparring purposes so a win for Trout would be something else. Do you think if Trout were to pull off the big win that it would propel him to superstar status or will he still be an obscurity of sorts amongst fight fans? Although Canelo isn't a bad guy per se Trout is a genuinely nice guy and and does a lot for his community and I would really like to see this kid get his big payday and the status he has been working hard to attain by continuously going into hostile territory and beating guys in their own backyard. I really hope he gets his signature win but I have a bad feeling your eyes are dead on as usual Bread! Well I just want to say I enjoy the mailbag immensely! Wealth of boxing knowledge! Keep doin your thing Bread!
Joe Stevens
Breadís Response: I was wrong on Nonito vs Rigo, so I can be wrong with this one. Itís not written in stone. Trout is a really good fighter. But I think we are overlooking Caneloís handspeed. I think he will outspeed Trout.



 Your break down of the fight was spot on other than the winner but you cant be 100% correct and you even gave a warning that it could go Rigondeaux way. Please Help me settle a debate. I know styles make fights and just because fighter A beats fighter C doesnít mean fighter B can beat C. With that being said I chimed in on a FB post that Roberto Marroquin stock should go up due to giving Rigondeauxís a tougher fight than Donaire. The example used was that Marroquin was able to buzz Rigondeaux so his stock should rise and my rebuttal was that Jose Cotto stock sure hasnít risen because he buzzed Canelo in the past.  I think Donaire is still a special talent and would take Marroquin out. Even after being dominated by Rigondeaux. Marroquin is a good fighter and has plenty of potential but I just donít see him beating Donaire. I know people are quick to hype up the hometown kid but my eye test just doesnít give Marroquin much of a chance. Your thoughts?
Breadís Response: Nonito would destroy Marraquin and anybody who thinks otherwise doesnít know anything about boxing. Rigondeaux didnít have an easier time with Nonito, he fought better with Nonito. Sometimes a fighter raises his game depending on the competition. Marraquin was able to visibly hurt Rigo but Rigo was much more comfortable against Marraquin. The haters are surfacingÖ.



What's happening Doughman, In my last note you said some people may call me a hater for some of my takes and after re-reading my post I see where some might agree. Hating ain't my style so I decided to turn over a new leaf and thanks to You, Rigondeaux, and Donaire I'm able to send an all prop's email. So here it is....
I have never been so impressed with a wrong prediction in my life. Bread you were on the money with almost everything you predicted in the Donaire v Rigondeaux fight it was as if you saw the fight before everybody else and was giving us a preview of things to come, to the point the conspiracy theorist in me thought for a minute you had some insider information and didnít want to make it obvious that this thing was staged so you picked Donaire to lose so it wouldnít be obvious lol. You said Rigondeaux would controlled the pace and distance in the fight, set traps and walk Donaire into them, You said Rigondeaux would test Donaireís patience and Donaire couldnít get wreckless or he could get clipped. You predicted Rigondeaux would be winning when he would get caught late in a forced exchange and not get up. Thatís where you were mistaken because not only did Rigondeaux get up he showed the kind of poise and determination that you would expect from a 2 time Olympic gold medalist. You mentioned Winky Wright versus Shane Mosley where Winky was a great fighter we just hadnít realized it yet. Again you were right Rigondeaux is a once in a lifetime talent who because he was born in the wrong country is a 31 year old fighter with 11 fights and not fully appreciated for his true greatness. However, on April 13 in Music City Hall Guillermo Rigondeaux showed the world he is the truth. Sadly enough even though it was right before their eyes some missed it. They were looking at all the things Rigondeaux wasnít doing so much that they missed the things he did so masterfully. They booed and jeered him not realizing he threw and landed more punches than Donaire, Donaireís face would bear witness to that fact. You said that Rigondeaux would break down because he hadnít had had to concentrate in a tough fight for 36 straight minutes and win every round. True but he had to concentrate for 400 9 minute fights equating to 3600 minutes. Rigondeaux was the smarter, more prepared and all around best fighter this Saturday night. He put on one of the greatest performances against an all time great fighter that Iíve ever seen and it was beautiful to behold. I for one didnít miss it and I owe it in part to a Boxingtalk Fight Analysis who told me to just enjoy it. Thanks Bread thatís exactly what I did. Although you didnít get the prediction exactly right there was enough truth in it for me to appreciate your greatness as well. Iím not prone to riding jockís I leave that to wives however I believe in giving propís where propís are do and I have to say that the Rigondeaux v Donaire fight was a boxing classic and your analysis of it was legendary. RIGONDEAX, DONAIRE, BREADMAN STAND UPÖÖ

Htown Stew....
Breadís Response: Whatís up bro? I will be in San Antonio this weekend, how close it that to H Town? Anyway itís nothing wrong with being complimentary where one deserves it. I still think Nonito is one of the top 10 fighters on the planet. He just ran into a bad dude with a bad style for him. I donít care who you are if you fight enough A class threats in their primes, you will take some lumps. One day we may watch a tough animal like swarmer out work Rigo.There is always a fighter or style that will trouble you.

 I had some fans on youtube trying to check me about my prediction. The ironic thing was they didnít talk crap until after the fight. SMH. Boxing has the worst fans of any sport. The reason being is because boxing fans are the least knowledgeable. Very few people understand the game, beyond the mainstream propaganda. Keep writing in, I appreciate yaÖ




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