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April 08, 2013

By Stephen "Breadman" Edwards

Good afternoon Breadman... Regarding Robert Guerro's legal issue in NY [bringing a gun into an airport], have you had any opportunities to discuss potential outcome scenarios with any legal experts or attorneys? True, this was a tremendous airport communication breakdown and or, lack of legal knowledge within Robert's team, although given Robert's clean history and Robert's upfront circumstances during flight check in, wouldn't you think financial fines and possible community service probably will be ultimate punishment?

Breadís Response: Whatís up Curtis? I think NY law enforcement are a bunch of piranhas. Let me say something. In any law book, the word ďdiscretionĒ is used frequently. Guerrero was not trying to be slick or hide anything. He was completely up front. Once he disclosed the fact that he had a gun, someone with some common sense should have whispered to him the ramifications. Guerrero is a fighter.  We assume he is not well versed in NY law. After having his coattail pulled, Guerrero could have acted accordingly. I think they gave Plaxico Burress a raw deal and I hope they donít do the same to Guerrero. As you stated because he was up front and because his weapon was legal, I donít think much will come out of this but who knows.

What's going on Bread! I just wanted to say that I was thoroughly impressed with Terrence Crawford. He really looked like a young Pernell Whitaker. He even resembles him in the face. You can see who his influences are. Breidis Prescott isn't the greatest fighter around, but he's pretty solid and he is a puncher. Crawford fought a very smart fight and pulled the win. I was really impressed with his patience, his poise and his ring generalship. He stayed on his gameplan and boxed Prescott's ears off. Great job!
Bread's Response: I told you guys Crawford was the truth. But even I was impressed with his boxing ability. From the footage I saw him, he was always more puncher than boxer. In this fight he was more boxer than puncher but he was ALL fighter.

Crawford does not remind me of Whitaker. He has his own style. Whitaker rolled and slid a lot and he dared you to punch, Pressing you with a jab. Crawford escapes with his feet a little more. Heís also a lot longer and taller, so there built in defenses are different. All in all Crawford has the ability to be a p4p type by next year. Lightweight is only top heavy but I would make him at 50/50 with each champion. Team Crawford is in a great position. Crawford also has a big money fight with Yuri Gamboa in the making, especially since 50 Cent seems so chummy with Bob Arum.

Breadman I was laying in bed watching some classic fights and I was just wondering a mythical match up. Sam Langford vs Ray Robinson. I know Sam Langford was known for fighting at heavyweight, but Sammy had fought from lightweight all the way to heavyweight. With his knockout power and amazing defense and for a guy who stood 5'6" with all of his attributes and intangibles we can easily say he was truly the originator of the P4P title before it existed. Now for Sugar Ray Robinson there is nothing you can say about that man that hasn't been said. The greatest fighter that ever laced them up. I just can only imagine how that fight might of went.  Plus I've seen Bobby Chacon vs Rafael Limon IV. Personally It has has to go down one of the greatest fights of all time. I mean all the way to the climax of the fight. 15 rounds. Without given too much and I know you have seen the fight yourself the fight couldn't of ended any better. Jim Lampley would of had a great time calling this fight.
Breadís Response: Man, tough question. Langford may have actually been a little too big for Robinson. Langford wasnít tall but he was extremely dense and he fought BIG. He had great reflexes and his arms were those of a man 6í3. Itís hard to pick against Robinson but this would be rough for him. I canít call this one.

Oh my goodness, I watched the Chacon vs Limon fight as a kid. Geez did they rumble. You young guys really missed a great fighter in Bobby Chacon. This kid was better than Arturo Gatti and Brandon Rios, in his prime. The 4th Limon fight he was past it but he was still an animal. What a fight! If someone told me punch for punch this was the best fight ever, I would not argue with them. Itís in my top 5 considering everything. And if Chacon and Limon were top 10 p4p guys at the time of the fight, it would be regarded as greater.

This fight had all the drama of Corrales vs Castillo and Marquez vs Vasquez III. Boy did, little Bobby finish the show. In fact thanks. Iím sending this link to my fighter to get him in an even worse mood for his fight on April 20th.


Great fight, didnít like the disrespect of Mike Alvarado in the post fight interview w/ Max. Mile High showed some decent poise and stuck to the gameplan. I feel that between the 2 scraps, that about 5-7 years taken off them each respectively. Bread, I just noticed something in the fight watching it the 2nd time the next day. Brandon Rios is starting to lose his punch resistance. Luckily for him, Alvardao is not a world beater w/ great power. I actually think if promoter Bob Arum puts him in with either Manny Pacquiao or Ruslan Provodnikov, Rios will be stopped and thatís the end of the Bam Bam train. What did your eyeball test say about the kid Terence Crawford? He looks to have a decent skill set, and an on the low killer instinctÖ.
Breadís Response: My eyes tell me Crawford is a killer, no doubt. As for Rios I didnít see him lose his punch resistance. I have seen Rios hurt before.  He gets hit clean and he buzzes somewhat. But I didnít see him lose control of his central nervous system or stay hurt for prolonged periods.

Letís take a close look at him in his next fight. Tim Bradley who stayed hurt for 12 rounds would be a better candidate to me as a fighter who could lose his punch resistance.

Bradley vs Prodvinikov was the appetizer Rios vs Alvarado was the main meal. What a fight! I'll be completely honest in the first fight I was rooting for Alvarado I thought he would be too strong for Rios., (Rios proved me wrong) ha!  After, watching the first fight over again, I didn't think Alvarado would have the condition to box and bang for twelve rounds with Rios, so my pick was Rios, (Alvarado proved me Wrong) lol.   This brings me the deepest division in boxing, just imagine if Golden Boy and Top Rank made up. We would have Rios, Alvarado, Matthyse, Khan, Petersen, Garcia, Provdvinikov,  Olsuguien (only loss to Matthyse.) Bread, we would have fights for a good three years! Lol.
I don't remember if you mentioned it on a FB Post or your mailbag but you mentioned that Terrance Crawford and Karl Dargan were just as talented as Adrien Broner, I've never seen Dargam fight and there is no footage on Dargan on youtube, but Terrence Crawford passes my eye ball test! what a great performance by Terrence Crawford and again you were on point..  Crawford, would give Broner Hell for the simple fact that he's not going to be a sitting duck for Broner to hit.. One thing about Broners wide stance it can be exploited if you have a good jab and could box  move in and out, it would make it difficult for Broner to counter, also I would love to see Broner try to walk a guy like Crawford down. Anyways, enough of that, just wanted to comment on the fight and the 140lbs division.--Jorge From LA
Breadís Response: Man 140 is as hot as fish grease. And it will get hotter if Crawford decides to stay there. As for Karl ďDynamiteĒ Dargan this kid a pure boxing fool. Heís probably not the puncher that Crawford and Broner are, but heís a better pure boxer than both. He just signed with Main Events. Dargan won the Pan Am Games on 2007 and was probably a better amateur than both Broner and Crawford. But he hasnít had the developmental fights that they have had as pros. Heís only 12-0. I donít know how he will progress but ask anybody who was on the amateur scene from 05-08 and they  will tell you about Dargan. Dargan is so skilled Victor Ortiz, Shane Mosley and Oscar De La Hoya use him to replicate you know whoÖÖ. I hope Dargan progresses to the level of these guys because if he does we will see some great fights.

Happy birthday bread, hope you have fun in your special day, just want to ask some questions about one of the two greatest sport in the world (basketball is the obvious other one). How do you think a Manny Pacquiao-Adrien Broner fight would play out assuming it's the same version of pacman in his fourth fight vs. Juan Manuel marquez? I know pacquiao lost but I thought pacquiao was having his most succesful fight offensively in all of his marquez fight. And lastly who do you think marquez would be fighting? Thanks bro and I wish yoU more birthdays to come..
Breadís Response: Thanks Bro. Iím old and washed up, I donít do much on my b-day anymore. However I did talk to Congress and they declared it a national holiday. So next year, take the day off on April 2nd. I think Marquez will fight Pacquiao. I really donít know how Pacquiao-Broner would go. Pacquiao could keep getting knocked out from here on out. Or that could have been a lightning in a bottle. Let me see how he looks. If I were Manny I would fight Alvarado or Rios under the most strict blood testing ever and if he won do the same thing with Marquez.


Hey buddy, please write an article pointing out what a punk and piece of garbage this adrian broner is. For some reason this punk and mayweather are given a pass and never taken to task on thier actions, this dude bites a security guard, flushes money down the toilet and no one calls him out. All broner does is try to copy mayweather and looks like a total retard, thanks for reading this
Breadís Response: I wonít write an article demeaning Adrien Broner. I try to only write about positive things. You have to remember I can only answer the questions that are written in. Most people donít write in about Bronerís outside of the ring activities.

I  think Broner needs to hone it in a bit. He seems to be going too fast outside of the ring. Broner is very advanced as a fighter but in real world years he is 23. I didnít like seeing him flush money down the toilette and I wonder if that was a publicity stunt, or he is just that sure he will multiply his money but doing something like that. I think Broner enjoys being the heel and heís patterning himself after Mayweather because a similar personality has turned Floyd into the worldís highest earning athlete.

Someone older whom Broner respects is going to have to step in soon if Broner doesnít tone it down. Broner will realize that he wonít be able to change certain things that he has done.

I also want to point something else out. Because of Bronerís outlandish personality HBO, started paying him 7 figures to beat up on the Gavin Reesís of the world. If Broner continues to get paid that kind of money, I donít think he will stop. He is the problem but outside entities like the networks contribute to his behaviorÖÖ

Bread this is the anniversary of Leonard vs Hagler. It was one of the most controversial fights ever. Who did you have winning and why?
Breadís Response:
Take a look at Roger Mayweatherís response. Not that Roger is the end all, but coming from a guy who usually down talks Ray Leonard and guy whose nephew is often compared to Leonard you would be surprised at his response.
I really donít see what all of the controversy is about. I thought Leonard got off to a great start, Hagler came on in the middle rounds and Leonard pulled out a couple of the late rounds to win a clean fight.

People try to say Leonard stole rounds by flurrying, but regardless of what his strategy was he won the rounds. He was the more effective fighter in more rounds. They also act like he only punched in his brilliant, 3 flurry per round strategy. Thatís not true at all. Leonard counterpunched the crap out of Hagler.

If you guys would look at the fight you would see Hagler plodding forward but missing much of his attack. He missed so many punches it was almost embarrassing. So by him missing more than he landed and he being counter punched that means his aggression was not effective.

If a fight is scored on 4 things, Effective Aggression, Clean Punching, Ring Generalship and Defense, how did Hagler win when he was out done in three categories and Leonard made his aggression not effective. He definitely he didnít win on defense, ring generalship and clean punching. I try to simplify things and simply score a round on who I would rather be during that 3 minute period. I would have rather been the guy who was making the other guy miss and making him pay in this fight.

Leonard not only won the event, because he beat a man who was much bigger than him and because he was off for 5 years, People thought he would be knocked out. But he also won the fight.

I seem to defend the unjustly attacked. In basketball I have defended Lebron James and Allen Iverson for years. In boxing Ray Leonard, Manny Pacquiao and Roy Jones. In football Peyton Manning.

I have noticed that certain athletes get judged on a different set of rules. People like to claim Hagler was conned into a 12 round fight. Thatís the biggest crock of shit in all of the theories I have ever heard. Hagler had fought three 12 round fights before he fought Leonard. For those of you that donít remember 12 rounders were in play at the time and way before this fight took place. In fact Haglerís fights with Juan Roldan, Thomas Hearns and John Mugabi were all 12 rounders.

So this theory about Leonard making up rules was BS. No one said Hearns and Mugabi made up in rules in order to fight Hagler in 12 round fights. The problem was Leonard won the dam fight. Check boxrec and see what those fights were scheduled for. And they were the B side in the fights. Hagler had also used 10 oz gloves before. Leonard just wanted the kind that were attached to the thumb. How could we blame him after the injury he had? Leonard did get a break with the big ring, but what mover wouldnít want a big ring.

I know this fight is very popular and itís marred with controversy. But I just donít see it. I just think the popular but envied fighter won and that bothers people. Hagler had a big ego and he tried to outbox Ray and fight him right handed for the first two rounds. But he allowed Leonard to gain confidence and get his rhythm not to mention pick up an early lead. Once Leonard got going and got the crowd on his side it was a rap. Hagler lost to the better man with the better game plan that night. He canít blame anyone but himself. 

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