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March 16, 2013

Christian Schmidt @ ringside

It was an action packed night in the gateway city of Laredo, Texas as Triple A promotions put on "Fight Fest 6" at the Life Downs Pavilion in Laredo, TX.  The event had a pairing of mix martial arts and boxing.  Many local talent were featured on the card. The first bout pit Adan Melendez (0-1) of Laredo against Joe Garcia (3-0) of McAllen, TX in a flyweight bout.  Both fighters are early in their careers, but that definitely did not prevent the aggression.  The four rounder had many moments of heated exchanges in the middle of the ring with it being very difficult to see who got the better of it.  In the end, Garcia was awarded the majority decision with scores of 40-36, 39-37, and 38-38.

That fight was followed by Jorge Balboa (2-7) of Reynosa, Mex taking on Laredo's Piro Martinez(4-1) in a showdown of junior welterweights. The fight did not last long as Martinez landed a looping right hand to the jaw of Balboa, sending him to the canvas. Balboa beat the count, but was unable to fight off the flurry that came promptly afterwards.  Martinez was earned a TKO at 1:36 of the first round.

The first MMA fight of the evening drew a lot of passion from the crowd as both fighters had several supporters from their martial arts schools on hand.  Yail Elijio of Laredo took on Edric Martinez of San Antonio, TX.  Both fighters showed solid wrestling skills from the get go.  In the second round, the fight spilled outside the ring, knocking down ringside judge Lucy Rogers.  Both fighters were so wrapped up in the intensity, they stayed clinched even after landing on the concrete.  Rogers had her ankle iced down.  After order was restored, both men showed no signs of let up, and the crowd was split down the middle as they were battling it out to chant their fighter's name.  In the end. Elijio got the better of the two on the ground, so that earned him a unanimous decision with scores of 29-28 (twice), and 30-27.

The second MMA bout featured an impressive display of striking. Travonne Hobbs of Austin, TX wasted no time throwing athletic, flashy kicks at his opponent Sonny "Loco" Luque of Laredo, TX.  The first round many had both fighters aiming for the big knock out, stiff shots were thrown from both sides.  The action continued in the second round as both fighters landed shots to the face with Hobbs getting the better of it.  The third and final round had both men slowing a bit as they went to the ground.  Luque seemed to control Hobbs with his strength especially in the latter half.  In the end, hometown boy Luque got the nod with a split decision with scores of 30-27, 29-28, and 28-29.  Hobb's corner was not happy with the decision.

Back to boxing, top Laredo prospect Rodolfo "La Cobrita" Gomez
Jr. (11-1) took on Nick Gonzales (3-4-2) of Austin, TX in a middleweight contest.  Gomez Jr., at 6'3" is very tall for a middleweight, used his height advantage to control his opponent.
"La Cobrita" controlled the action from the get-go, sending his shorter opponent to the canvas with a leading left hook to the head.  Gonzales was able to recover, but could not be effective.  Then midway through the second round, Gomez landed a looping right hand to the jaw that sent his opponent flat on his back, prompting immediate stoppage.  After the fight Gomez stated he wanted a showdown with Jerron Lockette for the Texas title.  He then went on to say how much it helped him to train with Team Solid KO in Kingsville, TX.

The final boxing match of the evening pit Laredo's Edgar "La Bestia" Cantu (3-0) against Anthony Navarro (0-4-1) of Kingsville, TX in the junior lightweight division.  Cantu pressed the action in the first round as both fighters exchanged blows on the inside. Midway through the first Navarro lifted his hands to showboat. Tensions came to a head at the end of the round as neither fighter acknowledged the bell and Navarro's corner jumped in to signal for Cantu to return to his corner.  Navarro was deducted one point as a result.  Cantu continued to press the action and he pounded out a unanimous decision with three scores of 40-35.

The main event featured MMA prospect Rick Guerra of Laredo taking on from McAllen's Josh Sharpless in the 175-pound weight division.  The first round started off by swift kicks and punches by both fighter that really did not land flush.  Sharpless wrestled Guerra to the ground and control in a corner for the majority of the round.  At the beginning of the second round, both fighters had a serious clash at the ropes that forced Sharpless out of the ring.
Sharpless was able to gain his composure and once again gain position on top, and make several attempts to submit Guerra.  The third and final round was all Guerra.  The Laredo product was scoring with strikes of all kinds until towards the end of the round was able to wrestle his opponent to the ground in his corner.  Guerra continued to land long looping hammer fists that almost prompted referee stoppage. Sharpless, very bruised and battered showed his heart by surviving the onslaught.  The hometown crowd was elated when it was announced Guerra won by split decision with scores of 29-28 (twice), and 28-29.

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