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February 14, 2013

By Stephen "Breadman" Edwards

This makes me think Marquez won't be taking a 5th fight. He's telling all his secrets and thought process. Gotta give you props on the half-step back theory too...Marquez described it just as you mentioned years ago.

Great to see you and Julian on TV as well. Can't wait until the next fight on the East Coast. I'm going to splurge on ringside tickets for that.


Breadís Response: As of now Julian may be going again on March 2nd, the Gary Russell undercard.

I see what you are saying about Marquez. He did go in depth about his strategy. Marquez has also stated he gets killed in taxes by the US government and heís not crazy about fighting Pacquiao again. I understand what his complaints are about the taxes are 30%, which is a lot. But I donít understand his reasoning for not fighting Manny anymore. Regardless of how he feels, he didnít score an official victory over Manny until his 4th try. Manny has always been the A side to the fights. So therefore he was giving Marquez the shots.

Now all of a sudden he doesnít owe Manny anything. How about this Juan Manuel? You made more money in your four fights with Manny, than you probably did in your entire career combined. With this 5th fight looming, you will make you career high payday again at almost 40 years old. Of course you owe him something. Marquez is lucky Manny is an honorable guy and he loves to fight.

No one wouldíve given Manny crap if he didnít fight Marquez in the 3rd fight. Before that fight it was perceived that Manny had surpassed Marquez and was better at the higher weights. Marquez had not accomplished anything at welterweight. But he gave him the shot, which spawned the 4th fight. Oh well letís see how this plays out.


Hello Breadman.....I want to start by saying that i have much respect for your boxing knowledge and point of view even tho i tend to disagree at times, you're still a boxing historian and genius.
I'm going to make this short:
Here are the best fights I think can be made in boxing right now (in no particular order):
1.  Sergio Martinez vs Gennady Golovkin
2.  Floyd Mayweather vs Saul Alvarez
3.  Sergio Martinez vs Saul Alvarez
4.  Timothy Bradley vs Juan Manuel Marquez
5.  Danny Garcia vs. Juan Manuel Marquez
6.  Timothy Bradley vs Danny Garcia
7.  Brandon Rios vs Danny Garcia
8.  Juan Manuel Marquez vs Brandon Rios
9.  Timothy Bradley vs Brandon Rios
10.  Adrian Broner vs  Juan Manuel Marquez
11  Yuriorkis Gamboa vs Brandon Rios
12.  Adrian Broner vs Danny Garcia
13.  Mikey Garcia vs Yuriorkis Gamboa
14.  Nonito Donaire vs Abner Mares
Breadman, look at all of these great fights that can be made from 160 all the way to 122.  This shit between Top Rank and Golden Boy Promotions will stop many of these fights from happening.  That is too bad because if these fights took place in the next 2 or 3 years, it could be some of the best years for boxing....It's time for promoters to start looking after the best interest of their fighters and the fans and stop being so damn proud and selfish...
Take care and thank you so much for your time,
Ozzie Martinez
Orlando, Florida.
Breadís Response: You are so right. I donít understand what happened. A few years ago TR and GB seemed to be working together just fine. They put on Pac vs Barerra2, Pac vs Marquez2, Pac vs ODLH, Hopkins vs Pavlik and Pac vs Hatton. Now all of a sudden they canít work together. I just donít get it.

Where there is a will there is a way. With each fight coming down the pike they should alternate between fights. If they donít want to throw a joint promotion, pay a fee and let the other do their thing. There are so many big fights that can be made, they can go back and forth 20x and each company will be happy. Shame, shame, shame.


Who are you picking in the Mikell Kessler vs Carl Froch rematch? Iím expecting a great fight. Also who you do like in Donaire vs Rigondeaux?
Breadís Response: The Kessler vs Froch rematch will be a war. Froch is riding high and so is Kessler quietly. Kessler also seems to be punching really hard these days. He used to be a one-two guy. Now he seems to be really turning over his left hook.  This is a tough pick for me. But if the judges in England are fair, Iím taking Kessler on an upset. Possibly a ko.

Donaire and Rigondeaux could be the two most athletic fighters in boxing. Both of these guys could probably play short stop at a high level if they were groomed. Great footwork, quickness, reaction time, you name it. Superior athletes.

I think Rigondeaux is better defensively, as far as gauging the incoming and Nonito is better offensively as far the time it takes for him to pull the trigger on an opening.
They both have weaknesses however. Nonito becomes impatient. In his last two fights he showed patience but neither of those opponents are as talented as the Jackal. Rigondeaux does not like pressing forward so Nonitoís patience will be tested like never before. He canít get reckless with Rigondeaux.

Rigondeaux canít fight well coming forward. But his reflexes and footwork allow him to fight off of his back foot despite being the shorter man most of the time. But Nonito has plenty of length. If Nonito uses that length and makes Rigondeaux come forward he should be able to walk him into something.

I also feel as though Rigondeaux is still trying to figure his way through a 12 round fight. Heís extremely experienced but not in 12 round fights. I also think Rigondeauxís punch resistance is not on the par of Donaireís. Right now Iím picking Nonito. Either by ko, or enough clear cut rounds because he will hurt Rigondeaux often to get a clear victory.


What's up Bread?,
Adrien Broner is understandably a huge favorite against Gavin Rees, however like you I do not automatically subscribe to the "herd theory" so I did a little bit of research on Boxrec. Let me know what you think:
Age: Broner 23, Rees 32
Rounds boxed: Broner 91, Rees 195
Turned pro: Broner 2008, Rees 1998
Height: Broner 5í7Ē, Rees 5í7Ē Reach: Broner 71Ē,Rees 64Ē
Best Win: Broner TKO 8 Antonio Demarco 11/2012 at 135, Rees UD 12 Souleymane M'baye 07/2007 at 140
Observations: According to Boxrec, 5 of Bronerís last 6 opponents have had a reach of at least 70Ē, Reesí reach is only 64Ē. Broner displayed excellent infighting skills against Demarco and with superior size and hand speed he will have the advantage in the only area where Rees has a chance. According to Boxrec, Rees has not faced anyone with a 70Ē reach since MíBaye (his most recent opponent with reach listed was 68Ē).
Prediction: With such a disadvantage in reach, Rees will have to pressure Broner and keep the fight on the inside. Unfortunately ďThe RockĒ hasnít knocked out anyone at the world class level and his most notable win came via UD over 5 years ago. Without power as the great equalizer I think Gavin is in a world of trouble. I see Rees coming forward and winging shots in vain against Adrien's airtight shoulder roll defense and catching short power shots in return. Broner will pick Rees apart for a stoppage by round 5.
Once again it's not all-inclusive but I wanted to have a reason to go with Broner besides everyone else picking him. Also since Rees is such a huge underdog is there anything he can do to win this fight or at least make it competitive? My eyeball test says no but maybe you can spot something.
William in West Palm
Breadís Response: Good breakdown but bro Iím going to keep it real, you over analyzed the fight. Eye Ball test and who is riding higher is all you need to assess for this fight. Broner beats him.


Wuz up Bread,
     I just wanted your thoughts on Peterson vs Holt being on ESPN. LP holds a legitimate title and its been a while since I seem someone fight for that type of title on ESPN. I know LP isn't a house hold name (nor is Holt) but both have fought on major stations before and a little more known. So it's cool to show prospects fight over matched opponents on HBO or Showtime but not a legitimate title fight between 2 descent fighters? It puzzles me. Your thoughts bro?
E from BMore
Breadís Response: Iím not sure what ESPN paid for the fight, so thatís a huge factor. You also have to know what dates are available. And most importantly who those dates belong to. I see that Lamont Peterson recently signed with Golden Boy but I think this fight was made before he signed with them. The reality is as I stated before, GB and TR are putting the squeeze on everything.


Whatís up Bread,
Everyone piles up on Freddie Roach for being on a losing streak. But it seems as though Naazim Richardson is getting a pass. Steve Cunningham has been losing lately. Shane Mosley has not won a fight in 4 years. Bernard Hopkins canít do anything with Chad Dawson. Richardson seems to escape all of the fire that Roach gets. Come to think of it Virgil Hunter has not won a big fight that didnít include Andre Ward. Chazz Witherspoon and Michael Dallas were both knocked out early in their big fights. Whatís your take on this?
Breadís Response: I really didnít have a take until you sent the question in. The outcome of the race often times depends on the horse you have in the race, and more importantly who are the horses your horse has to go up against.

First off let me say this. I am a big fan and admirer of each trainer you named. I worked out at Wild Card and Freddie Roach was cool and he really welcomed us. Virgil Hunter is in my opinion the best trainer in boxing and Naazim Richardson is also a great trainer whom I see very often in the gym.

I donít want to clump each guy into one category while I answer your question. So let me start with Naazim. First off I have never heard Naazim say a bad word about anybody. He walks up and tells fighters who will be nothing more than journeymen their good points. He inspires the common man. So while he has been on tough luck streak lately, maybe the media does not dog him, because they know heís always upstanding and pleasant. Call it good karma.

On top of that you have to factor in Naazimís fighters were the underdog in each of the fights they lost. Thatís very important. Itís not like he lost five fights in a row, where his guy was the favorite like Mike Tyson was over Buster Douglas.

Same thing with Virgil Hunter. No one expected Michael Dallas and Chazz Witherspoon to beat Lucas Matttysse and Seth Mitchell. So when Hunterís guy lost it was expected.

Also you have to realize that Hunter and Richardson donít have 5 Trainer of the Year awards between them, so their losses go under the radar a little more.

Roach whom I think is unfairly targeted with disrespect by other trainers, did lose fights where his guy was the favorite (Pacquiao and Khan). All in all I think we should look at fights on an individual basis and stop making hasty evaluations either way. All of those guys can train their buttís off and a couple of fights wonít make or break them.



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