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February 08, 2013


Press Release: European featherweight champion Alexander Miskirtchian (21-0-1, 7 KOs) and his challenger Andreas Evensen (17-2-1, 6 KOs) have arrived in Esbjerg, Denmark ahead of their title fight on Saturday. Evensen is ready and confident he will be bringing the title back his relatvely nearby home in Norway. 

In the main event of the evening, undefeated middleweight Patrick Nielsen faces against Patrick ‘The Tiger’

Belgium´s Miskirtchian is well-prepared and promised he will not be giving up his title without a fight. ‘’I am looking forward to this clash,‘’ said Miskirtchian. "My training has gone well as always. I spent six months in Big Bear Lake in America before returning to Belgium to finish my training. ’We have a lot of experienced boxers in Belgium around my weight class so I have been able to spar with a lot of top level fighters including EBU bantamweight champion Stephane Jamoye, EBU super featherweight champion Ermano Fegatilli and French super featherweight champion Karim Chakim.’ I am well-prepared and confident that I will beat Evensen.”

"I have had ten hard weeks of intensive training,’’ said Evensen. "Luckily I have had no injuries and everything has gone smoothly. I have had great sparring, great work-outs and I have a great team around me so I am prepared for Saturday. Miskirtchian is a strong guy and we have similar approach and style so I think it will be an action-packed 12 rounds. All I need to is go in the ring and do my best and with my best I am sure I will be bringing the title back to Norway.’’
On the same show, Croatian veteran Josip Jalusic has been confirmed as the first opponent of local dock worker Peter Gram's professional career. The two fighters will collide in Gram's hometown at Blue Water Dokken on February 9th, with the bout scheduled for four rounds at cruiserweight. Jalusic, who boasts the experience of 37 fights (10-26-1, 7 KOs), is determined to end Gram's pro career before it even starts. "I look forward to coming to Esbjerg and beat Peter Gram in front of his home fans,” Jalusic said. “I understand he will have a lot of support from his fans and the harbor workers, but that will not help him. In the ring it is just him and me and I will put him down. I am coming to Esbjerg to win."

Gram, unfazed by the Croatian´s fight talk, had a clear message for Jalusic. “I am very grateful that you will travel the long way from Croatia to enter my ring,” he stated. “I am looking forward to show you what a man from the harbors of Esbjerg is made of. I will not disappoint my fans and I will beat up your butt, that’s for sure!”

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