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February 02, 2013

By Stephen "Breadman" Edwards

Watched this clip and I thought of asking you, what have you heard about the history of the "red" and "blue" corners? Is Mike accurate on this? Congratulations on Julian William's KO win! God bless you and keep it up!-- Carlo Castillo,  Manila Philippines

Breadís Response: Thanks. From my research Mike is correct. Tyson could be one of the top 5 or 6 boxing historians in the world. I rarely question him. Heís the TRUTH.

I just just  wanted to comment on two things, first andre berto & the shoulder roll. berto use to use the shoulder roll really effective just look @ his fights before collazo. especially the fight with steve forbes where they both was using it pretty good. It just seems in the fight with collazo & after he stopped applying it relying more on banging & squaring himself up a lot to the point of looking & being uncoordinated. its like he regressed & is not the same fighter he was when he was coming up & got the belt, idk what happened what do you see? Also another topic one that kinda burned me a little, i was watching floyd & jesus chavez & larry merchant made a comment about "how can mayweather get anything serious on to his opponent if he is punching & fleeing @ the same time." Now i don't know about anybody else but i love fighters who can punch on the move going in any direction. To me that
 true mastery of the craft & artistry of boxing after all ali did a lot of punching on the move even knocking guys down & out going backwards. I guess its true what the mayweathers say "most people don't know shit about boxing!" By the way are there any fighters i can watch who can punch moving in any direction & then slip & slide in when they need to bang a combination & then get back out to repeat all over again? thx bro keep doing ya thing!
Breadís Response: Maybe Berto regressed, maybe heís just not as good as advertised. I donít know but this next phase of his career will tell a lot. Berto has a lot to prove to the public and himself.

Theoretically Merchant may have been correct. You do generate more power when your feet are set and you move towards your target as you punch. But Floyd has unique ability. He understands boxing. He knows he can wear a fighter out by touching him and not being touched. He understands that taking away a fighters success of hitting you is as important as hitting the fighter. Merchant knows boxing but he just may not understand what Floyd was doing.

There have been a few fighters who can punch while moving away. You named Floyds and Ali. How about Willie Pep and Roy Jones? Pep moved his entire 2nd fight with Sandy Saddler, to get that win.


Hello Breadman,
Don't you think Zab Judah's point this week as to why Danny Garcia's rib cage x-rays have not been displayed, a very logical concern? Also, Garcia's injury from a body punch coming from someone not known to be a big puncher tells me, another skeptical reason to believe the Garcia camp is either 1. concerned with taking this fight or 2. they need more time to strengthen/bulk up, as to this extended 60-70 day period, PED opportunity for Danny. Realisticly, the only way Danny boy wins this fight is by KO. No way in my opinion will Danny be able to out box Zab for 12 rounds. Look for Zab to begin to punish Danny as we get half way through the bout, serious body and clean, quick head shots, at will for Zab. At this point in the bout, Zab will make Danny look like a rookie sparring partner.
This question also needs to addressed, what size gloves were used in the sparring session when this injury occurred? I believe very strongly they were sparring with larger, heavier gloves, maybe even 16 oz which is why I'm having a hard time understanding how this injury can happen, if correct with this glove size. Chop Chop or someone credible, please, not old man Garcia, needs to confirm the glove weight during this sparring session.
If I were in Zab's team, I would demand Garcia random drug testing up to fight week. Don't you think its very evident, Garcia, at this point is looking at all options for some type of an advantage to be able to compete against Zab?
Thank you for your insight-
Breadís Response: Zab said before Garcia postponed the fight that Garcia would come up injured. But Iím not going to go all crazy and accuse Danny of being a PED user. Fighters do get injured and Zab has been injured before.

As for Chop Chop. You may not consider him to be a big puncher. But people in the boxing world know Chop Chop can crack. Who the media considers a puncher and who the trainers and fighters in the gym consider a puncher are two different things. I remember HBO saying Danny Garcia wasnít a big puncher before he KO'd Amir Khan. Here in Philly we always knew he could crack.

Fighters get hurt in sparring often. Iím not taking up for Danny at all. In fact Iím just cordial with Danny and his team. We donít train at same gym. But the truth is I have seen fighters get cut in sparring with head gear and 16 oz gloves on. Some have also been knocked out cold. If everything that happened in the gym was publicized we wouldnít view our fighters the same.

So as of now I say we take Dannyís word, he doesnít have a questionable history.

First time writing in and I wanted to say, hands down, pound for pound, you have the best mailbag in town!! You definitely know your stuff and have a good set of "eyes" when it comes to the sweet science!...I have a quick question for you regarding Pac and De La Hoya. When Pac dethroned De La Hoya, I think it was sort of the passing of the torch to being the who the next "golden ticket" would be in regards to who generates the most money in boxing (excluding Mayweather of course). My question to you is even though Pac put hands on De La Hoya, who do you think overall has the better resume and why?? I hope this makes it in the mailbag...Thanks Bread for your time...
-boxing fan from the 818
Breadís Response: Thanks great question. As far as who they fought and when they fought them I would say Oscar has the better resume. But as far as who they beat, I would say Pac. Overall I would give the edge to Manny. Oscar never had a dominant run the way Manny did. However, Oscar has fought as many prime or close to their prime greats as anybody in history.



Hey bread whats up.Just wanted to know where do you stand with Juan Manuel Marquez.I think he is a top tier fighter but I feel he is historically overrated.I think him being even money with Manny and ko'ing him in the 4th fight puts him in this position.When you examine his resume,there are no hall of fame worthy victories on there except manny.He beat an old Derrick Gainer,got a gift against an old Marco Antonio Barrera( most ppl felt he lost that fight),beat a career underachiever in Rocky Juarez,beat an old Joel Casamayor,a past it Juan Diaz,then a shot Juan Diaz,a shot Michael Katsidis,and got a gift belt at 140, then ko's Manny.His loses are to freddie norwood,chris John, Manny twice in fights that could have went either way and he got a gift draw in the 1st manny fight.He also turned down a career high payday against Prince Naseem Hamed and turned down a fight with Amir Khan to fight a shot Juan Diaz the 2nd time.Now im not saying marquez isn't a great fighter but sometime we the fans over value a fighter because of the success him my have with 1 elite fighter.Lets not forget he has left potential fights with Joan Guzman,Nate Campbell,Erik Morales,Tim Bradley,and Zab Judah on the table.I say Marquez is behind Sal Sanchez,Julio Ceasar Chavez sr, erik morales, and Barrera on the all time mexican list.I think he is overrated because of his success with manny.What are your thought on this? Thanks
Breadís Response: InterestingÖ.. Sometimes all you need is that one fighter to put you over the edge. Joe Frazier is a great fighter, but if he didnít win the first fight with Ali then people could poke holes in his resume.

I personally feel as though Marquez is an all time great, that happens to have Mannyís number. I know itís an enigma but I think itís true. Sandy Saddler beat Willie Pep 3 out of 4. But every once in a while Saddler would lose non title fights or put on subpar performances. Most historians rank Pep over Saddler historically as a fighter and as a featherweight although head to head Saddler.

I think the same will be said 20 yrs from now when comparing Manny and Juan Manuel. However I donít think Marquez is overrated. I think he is where he deserves to be. Although he has scored the most significant victory in the history of Mexico, he is not considered Mexicoís greatest fighter. Although he moved up a few pegs when he kod Manny. Interesting topic, letís revisit this 10 years from now.


Ring Magazine recently ran a poll on who would be regarded as the best fighter when everything was all said and done. The list consisted of Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather, Roy Jones, Bernard Hopkins, Evander Holyfield and Juan Manuel Marquez. Pacquiao won by landslide. Who do you think will have the better legacy and do you think itís more of a popularity contest than actual accomplishments?
Breadís Response: Who did my man Dougie Fisher pick? Thatís a tough question. Because most of these guys can still write their legacies. For example if Marquez knocks Floyd Mayweather out cold in a rematch then he goes up the list.

As of right now if we combine eye ball test, accomplishments, who they fought and who they didnít fight, I would say Roy Jones and Evander Holyfield would be the best two. But itís close. I actually think everybody on the list has a claim to the number 1 spot except Marquez. Marquez is an all time great but I think all of these guys have accomplished a little bit more.

I am a little shocked that you say Manny won by a landslide, I havenít received my copy of RING yet for this month. That just goes to show you his popularity. Coming off of a terrible loss like thatÖ. Itís interesting because Pacquiao is not even an American. Think about this for a second. He is no worse than the 2nd most popular fighter in America and heís only here about 2 months out of the year. Heís Asian which represents the largest population of race in the world. Heís no doubt the most popular Asian fighter in the world. Itís reasonable to assume heís the most popular fighter in the world right now.

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