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January 28, 2013

By Stephen "Breadman" Edwards

On Dec. 17, 2012, Zab Judah told Boxingtalk (in the article "Did Team Garcia Snitch On Zab Judah?"):"Everybody knows me for the fifteen years that I've been in this game that I've never done anything to my opponent that would screw up a payday. Don't be surprised if these guys pull out with an injury. Don't be surprised."

Jan. 28, 2013 press release on Boxingtalk "Entire Garcia-Judah Card Postponed to April 27th": "Due to a rib injury sustained in training, world junior welterweight champion Danny Garcia will be unable to compete in his scheduled February 9th title defense against Zab Judah which was to be televised by Showtime from Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. As a result, the event and its undercard have been postponed until Saturday, April 27th..."

Very interesting, don't you think?

Breadís Response: Yes but I wonít question Dannyís integrity. Danny has been ambitious fighter and he has taken some tough fights. Kendall Holt in an eliminator and Amir Khan in his first title defense. I am NOT a part of Garciaís camp therefore I donít have any personal knowledge of his injury. I just know he is a tough kid and he was a big favorite in this fight. Letís see if they go through with the rescheduled date.

And for the record, fighters do get injured. It happens more than you know. If Danny develops a patter on this then we can look at him sideways but as of now letís take his word. Zab has also been injured before a big fight. Does anybody remember the shower injury he suffered before his fight with Shane Mosley? Things happenÖ As of now I donít think either fighter is scared of the other, the injury was just an unfortunate thing.

Just wanted to get your take on Gennady "GGG" Golovkin. While Rosado wasn't expected to win, I think that he's at least a quality fighter albeit not a natural middleweight. With that being said, GGG looked good. Although the announcing crew for the 1st part of the fight acted liked because he hadn't yet knocked Gabe down that somehow he wasn't doing damage was kind of funny to me. His punches sound different than just about any other fighter out there. Rosado was game although he fought in a much different manner than that of which he normally fights. I'll credit that to GGG and the fear that seems to come along with fighting him. Looking ahead the only obstacle I really see is Sergio Martinez. That is a very dangerous fight for both fighters I believe, but as of now I'd still narrowly favor Sergio as long as his game plan is built on catching GGG coming in with a big counter shot. The problem I see for Sergio potentially is that GGG puts a lot of pressure on without throwing punches. That combined with legit punching power, good punch selection, and a pressure style from a fighter who fights relaxed could spell trouble. For GGG the one problem I'd see with him possibly is against someone like Martinez who can catch you with a big shot and sting you. Just with his awkward style and handspeed I could see it presenting some serious problems especially if Sergio is looking primarily for counter shots to score. Who knows? I'd love to see it eventually but we'll have to see how well Sergio comes back from his knee injury and if he's able to move around like he usually does. If he can't move as much GGG will chop him down I believe.
On to another topic real quick...I really can't believe all of the hate that gets sent towards the Pac Man these days. Like you said a while back, "I'm a fan of both fighters" in reference to Mayweather and Pacquiao fans. There probably isn't anyone that is a bigger fan of the boxing of PBF. While I always believed that he would defeat Pacquiao had they ever fought, it's not like I didn't really enjoy watching Manny fight as well. Manny is either the best or 2nd best of the last 10 years or so. He has beaten a laundry list of great fighters over the years and in many cases, done so in spectacular fashion. So because he gives us some super entertaining fights against Marquez, 4 in fact thus far, he somehow is overrated because he didn't crush Marquez? I've got news for people who seem to be in the dark as far as Marquez is concerned...He is an all-time great fighter. Not just a good one, a great one. Losing to him via huge KO in their 4th meeting is what it is. It's a spectacular finish to what have been a spectacular 4 fights. Some people who are apparently new to boxing, seem to discredit Marquez as if he's not as accomplished as other fighters towards the top of the P4P listings. He too has been on that list for the last 10 years. Don't forget that. Lastly, it kind of reminds me of another sad time in the not-so-distant past...When RJ lost to Tarver in their rematch. So many ignorant "fans" talked so much shit about RJ as if he was some kind of fraud. To me, that is sad. I know that you're aware of just how great Roy Jones was, and for how long. Just spectacular.
So to anyone that loves boxing as much as I do, take a long hard look at guys like Juan Manuel Marquez, Floyd Mayweather Jr, and Manny Pacquiao. These guys are ALL awesome fighters, and the best we have had in this sport for the past 10 years. Enjoy them while it lasts because all good things come an end.
Peace to you and yours,
Twin Cities, MN
Breadís Response: I was very impressed with GGG. I needed to see him in against a ďknownĒ commodity and he passed with flying colors in my book.

GGG has a calm before his storm that is remarkable. He presses you without going ALL OUT. And heís so confident in his power that it takes his opponents aback. We could be watching a legitimate great fighter before our eyes.
I was not sold on him until this fight but I know Rosado well and heís a serious test. GGG won every round against him and forced a mercy stoppage. If GGG fought Martinez next, I would actually favor him to stop Sergio by the 10th, here is why.

There a few kinds of pressure. GGG is a master at cutting the ring down. So you say how can I tell. Here is how I can tell. His opponents are constantly switching direction. Look at how often Rosado had to change direction to get out of harmís way.

Now some pressure guys ďwalk you downĒ but they donít cut the ring off. There is really no right or wrong but the difference is you donít have to throw so many punches when you ďcut the ring offĒ. Chavez Jr. was walking Martinez down but he was not busy enough therefore Martinez went in the direction he chose to. Against Golovkin I think Martinez's legs would burn out and cause him to get stopped late in the fight. We shall see. Ironically it doesnít seem to be a fight that Martinez wants right now. Hopefully HBO puts up huge money for the fight and we get it by the BIG BUY season in November or December.



Wow, Rosado is one tough SOB! He did not want to quit Ė he gets all the credit in the world from me. He looked like a big middleweight Ė if he can still make light middle then he really should get back down and try and get a title shot cos Iím sure he would make it a very uncomfortable night for the champions there. Itís disappointing how the Garcia fight ended Ė he nearly did a Victor (Ortiz) on us there Ė when someone quits I call it a Victor now. He got away with it though, just as Salido was getting into the fight, I found it quite convenient but I donít want to discredit him too much though, he looked awesome before that happened. Iím just wondering though how heíd fair out if someone could keep the pressure on him for the whole fight and make him dog it out Ė Iím certain Salido will not be getting a rematch and I donít think thereís another fighter in the division that will push him hard for a whole 12 rounds Ė think iíd like to see him fight Caballero but hes knocking on a bit now for a featherweight. How long is Deontay Wilder going to be wrapped in cotton wool? They need to take the training wheels off and put him in with someone that can... well... fight back at the very least Ė heís an exciting fighter and everyone wants to see him in exciting fights Ė he could surely start making a fortune with a few relative names on his CV Ė it must be time for the promoter to realise they can make some serious cash with a big punching American heavyweight at the moment Ė 27 fights and 27 wins by KO! He should be headlining shows by now or is there a lack of confidence from the promoters and they just aint willing to risk it? Well as always lovin the mailbag Ė keep it up, all the best from the UK, James
Breadís Response: I donít think Garcia quit. I think his corner became opportunist. They understood the situation and called it a day. I wonít criticize them because I believe the headbutt was intentional and to be forced to finish a fight with a serious injury caused by an intentional foul is not easy. The referee should have taken more control because if you give the corner an option most will stop the fight if they feel their fighter is winning.

Mikey Garcia is the TRUTH. My eyes donít lie to me. I would pay to see him and Donaire spar.

Golden Boy probably feels that Deontay Wilder needs more work. Or else he would be fighting better fighters and they would show him on TV more. I think he has loads of potential but I do see a raw fighter. 2013 should be a breakout year for him.


People are praising Rosado for showing so much heart. I donít get it. Heís a professional fighter, heís supposed to show heart. He wasnít Carmen Basilio out there. I know heís your boy from Philly and all but come on with the BS.
Breadís Response: I havenít done a mailbag since the fight, so Iím not sure who you are referring to. Sometimes I think we as a whole use the wrong adjectives to describe someone.

I think the correct word for Gabe would be AMBITIOUS. He showed that by agreeing to fight GGG when nobody else wanted the fight. He dared to be great by taking on the monster. As for his performance in the ring, he fought the best he could. Of course all fighters show a degree of heartÖÖÖ

I donít equate Gabeís performance with Arturo Gatti vs Wilson Rodriguez but I do think he did his best. I think Gabe had a dilemma. He wanted to follow his game plan by boxing in tight circles and not exchanging too much. But when he got down on points and the cut started pouring he was caught between a rock and a hard place named GGG.

Here is the bottom line. They are on two different levels as fighters. Gabe has lost more as a pro than GGG did in 350 amateur fights. Gabe fought the best fight he could but it was not nearly enough. Iím not going to pound him. He just doesnít have enough to deal with somebody with that kind of pedigree. Get off of the Rosadoís back, he tried!

Breadman! I finally got to see J Rock [Julian Williams] in action and I canít wait to watch him again. His straight right and left hook couldnít miss. He is my type of fighter and with that TV friendly style he should be a mainstay for the next several years. The cat he was fighting was tough and had a granite chin. I think J Rock could have made it a little easier by tapping his body some more but that is just nit picking. Congratulations and keep up the hard work!
Breadís Response: Itís ok to nitpick, he could have gone to the body more, I nitpick him also. Thank you, many people liked his performance so much so that he will probably be back on TV in March.

Congratulations to you and your protege Julian Williams for the victory you guys secured over the weekend. I haven't seen the mailbag in a minute but I am also certain you've been hard at work with your fighter so I completely comprehend. As you can see, I am a huge fan of your inside perspectives because you tell it like it is and not what people want to hear. What are your sentiments on the machine? I think the dude is for real, can crack like a mule, and not afraid to go after it. I also think his 2 losses were bullshit and very well should be seeing an undefeated fighter. If you put him in there with your boy Danny from Philly, call me crazy, I have been called a lot worse, he kills the kid. I think he has too much firepower for Garcia as Danny has shown a decent chin against ok punchers (morales/khan) but nothing like the machine. Would love to hear you share your opinion on why the holdup on the announcement of floyd/Guerrero? Is there something else going on that we do not know about? Also,do you feel Al Haymon is flexing is muscle into making golden boy put in their horse cancels with trout for the undercard? Hope this makes the bag, take care my man. One luv, Joseph..
Breadís Response: I donít know whatís going on with the Mawather/Guerrero announcementÖÖ.

As for Garcia vs Matthysse, I think it would be a war. Anybody who walks towards Danny, will have heel on their hands stylistically. Danny is getting his ďgown manĒ strength and he is killing guys. Matthysse is also a powerful fighter but he is not defensive cutie. I expect World War 3, no blowout from either side.



What up Bread? Just a few questions/observations.. I'm in round 7 of Julian's fight from last night. I see that he's in tough against Wiggins which is refreshing to see (JRock just scored the KO while I was typing lol). He's a strong kid and obviously well schooled. I can tell you make him watch tape of the old timers and greats. I'm impressed because he got a guy out of there that wasn't cooperating lol. Some guys succumb to the pressure of being beat on/being the 'B side' of a fight but Wiggins came to fight hard. I see also that he would punch not necessarily while Wiggins was, but as Wiggins was resetting his defense. Is that something you guys work on in the gym? Either way, a good win.. Props to you both! On to another question. As I was watching Brian Vera dismantle Dzinziruk, I was wondering if Sergio Martinez has that ATG quality in that he 'ruins' guys after he fights them, or if Vera is one of those throwback type guys who could've fought in any era, or a combination of both? The fight was at middleweight which might be too heavy for Dzinziruk, but I'm not making any excuses for him. Vera is a tough SOB and is a tough out for anyone. Martinez fought Williams, Pavlik, Cintron and Dzinziruk and none of them looked quite the same after so I'm wondering if that just happens by chance or if it's a phenomenon (see Taylor after Hopkins, Moore after Duran, Taylor after Chavez etc.). Thanks again Bread and keep up the brilliant work!
Breadís Response: Good observation, I canít give out all of our secrets publicly butÖ Yes I was pleased with Julianís performance but I have yet to see it on tape yet, so itís tough for me to critique because of the emotion of the event.
I will say that he has no problem beating on a guy that wonít go away with one punch. He has staying power and high character, I expect him to get plenty of those beat down type of kos as he matures.

Martinez would be the ruining type of fighter that you speak of. Letís see how Chavez Jr. bounces backÖ.




Breadman, huge fan of your mailbags. I've been a boxing fan since I was about 5 years old (I'm 44 now). Since I was 5 I've been reading a lot about boxing and consider myself somewhat of a student of the game. To be honest, you are the best I have seen in my lifetime at breaking down fights. My props to you because you're IT brother. And truly what makes you the best in my list is that you're humble. I identify myself a lot with you because like you, I make sure I keep my feet on the ground at all times but when someone challenges me, boy, I like to turn it up and bring the goods. I make sure people know that if you come after me, you have to prepared, you have to be smart, you have to know how to execute your game plan, and above all, you have to be willing to go out on your shield. If you bring that, you may stand a chance. And if you beat me, I'm humble enough to give you your props and accept my defeat like a man. Keep doing what you're doing.

Anyways, the reason I'm writing is because at the end of last year I read in your mailbag someone talking about a fantasy match up between Nonito and my idol of all times, the great Wilfredo "Bazooka" Gomez. Brother, anytime the name of Bazooka Gomez crosses my mind I get goosebumps. I'm born and raised in Puerto Rico, factory of a lot of ATGs. As you know, we idolized our boxing champions. Just like in the Philippines the country stops when Pacman fights, same thing happens in PR when one of our champions fights. I've been living in the mainland since 1992 and I truly miss that atmosphere when one of our great champions fights. In June 2009 I was down in the island on vacation with my wife and son. Luckily for me, I married another big boxing fan like me. And trust me, my wife knows boxing really well. She can break down fights and see things during fights like the best ones out there. I admit she's a tad better than me at doing the eyeball test. The night of the Cotto-Clottey fight, me and my wife were like junkies looking for fix because my parents didn't have HBO in their house. We met my oldest brother and his family at a restaurant that night hoping the restaurant would show the fight. The restaurant didn't have HBO either. After dinner my brother suggested going to the house of one of his high school classmates. When we walked in, my heart stopped. Bazooka Gomez was there. My brother's friend and Bazooka are big time pals. That was one of greatest moments of my life. I met my childhood idol. I was starstruck. I sat next to the Bazooka and watched Cotto's fight that night with him, breaking down the fight, every round, man it was incredible. I also got to chat with the Bazooka about some of his most memorable fights, including the loss to the great Salvador Sanchez. I even got teary eyed when we talked about that fight. I still do when I think about the fight because like many Puerto Ricans that night, I cried so hard when I saw Bazooka lose. It was like seeing a family member get all beat up and not being able to do anything to help. During the talk we chatted about the Lupe Pintor fight and how Gomez ko'd him in round 14. I know I'm going to sound like I'm tooting my horn but Bazooka told me he had never heard anyone breakdown the end of the fight better than I did. I still remember that last round like if I had just watched it a minute ago. We also talked about his fight with Derrick Holmes. The reason I bring that fight up is because Holmes probably was the fastest guy in terms of hand speed that Gomez ever fought. The aura before that fight in PR was really big because Holmes had beaten Gomez in the amateurs by ko. The press made a big deal about that in building up the fight. Gomez told me he had problems making weight for the fight. Nevertheless, he was so pumped up to avenge the loss from the amateurs that he said he was willing to die in the ring if necessary. Gomez had a warrior mentality but he said he was out of his mind for that fight. I recalled Holmes gave him trouble with his speed during the first 2-3 rounds and even hurt Gomez pretty good, I believe in the 2 or 3rd round. But then Gomez started turning up the heat and Holmes all of a sudden started to break down. I remember that when Gomez started putting the hurt on Holmes, he was like a maniac, he really wanted to hurt him BADDD!! During one of the knockdowns Gomez was screaming at him to get up because he wanted to put a serious beatdown on the guy. Gomez told me that was one of the most satisfying victories of his career.

The reason I bring up the Holmes fight is because I see the fight between the best Gomez we have ever seen and the best Nonito we have ever seen going down like that. It would probably last a little longer but I see Gomez winning by ko within 10 rounds. I did my best to check my emotions at the door when I broke down the fight. It was hard to do that because the Bazooka is my MAN BIG TIME!!! My money is always with him but I also admit that Nonito is the GOODS for real. I'm big on him also. The reason I pick the best Gomez we have ever seen is because Gomez at his best had already been down, and down badly (with Don Kyum Yum when he won the bantamweight championship). He had already experienced serious adversity and overcome it. Also, way too much dog in him. Bazooka is DEAD GAME!!! Even with the beating Sanchez was giving him, he still wanted to continue fighting!!! I haven't seen Nonito walk through an inferno yet so the uncertainty of that is one of the reasons my scale tips in favor of Gomez. Don't get me wrong, I believe Nonito would take Gomez to dark places, his combination of speed and one punch ko power is no joke. I even see Nonito knocking Gomez down during the fight, probably more than once. However, I see Gomez damaging Nonito as the fight wears on. One thing that people don't realize about Gomez is that he knew how to hurt you, he knew when he hurt you, and he knew how to finish you when he got you hurt. One of the reasons it's hard for me to give Nonito the victory in this fantasy matchup is his performance against Wilfredo Vazquez Jr. WV2 is Rican and I was rooting for him even though I knew he had no chance against Nonito. I feel Nonito should have walked through WV2 like nothing. Whether I like it or not, WV2, a this best, is a B- fighter (I think I'm being generous). Nonito, I rank him in the A+ level. That fight should have ended with a big ko for Nonito. WV2 is tough as nails but his class is nowhere close to Nonito's. Seeing how Nonito ended the fight all swelled up, well, imagine getting hit by Gomez. WV2 is no way near the type of puncher Gomez was.

I would certainly like to breakdown this fight again after Nonito fights the likes of Rigondeaux and Mares. I tell you, if he beats those two convincingly, I may have to reluctantly give Nonito the nod against Gomez. I think one of those two guys will take Nonito to dark places. Because the best Nonito we have seen so far hasn't been there yet, that's why my MAN, the BAZOOKA, wins by ko within 10 as of today. I know this a lengthy e-mail but I hope you get to post it in the mailbag. Even if you don't, I know you'll read it and appreciate my experience of meeting the BAZOOKA man. I compare my appreciation for the Bazooka man to your appreciation for the second best fighter in the history of boxing ever called "Sugar," Ray Leonard. I say second best because like you, I truly think the best of the "Sugars" was Ray Robinson, whom I think is the best and most complete fighter in the history of boxing. Keep doing what you're doing and good luck with your fighter Julian. If someday when I retire I decide to manage boxers, you can take for granted I'll be hiring you to be my main advisor. Write back if you can. I know you're a busy man so I won't take offense if you don't write back. I'm sure someday we'll cross paths. Take care.
Jorge L. Tocuyo
Breadís Response: Because of your passion and love for Wilfredo Gomez I had to post your comments. He was one special fighter and the greatest junior featherweight ever. I honestly believe that he and Nonito is a 50/50 fight. I picked Nonito to beat him assuming Nonito could take his power, which is no easy assumption.

I understand exactly where you are coming from, Gomez very well could stop Nonnito late. And your line of thinking is on point. We know more about Gomez, so thatís a huge factor. So stand up Bazooka, I meant no disrespect Primo, I know what type of GUN you were.


What up Breadman,

Here is something that I have always been curious about and I wanted to get your take on it. It seems like a lot of fighters tend to develop reputations, not just within the boxing community, but with the JUDGES. Follow me on this, I have been watching and analyzing boxing for years and it seems like a lot judges when they become familiar with a fighter and the style that they fight, they tend to give them the benefit of the doubt on certain exchanges and close calls that they wouldn't normally give a lesser known fighter. For example, when Mayweather fights, the judges seem to give him the benefit of the doubt when he is on the ropes getting hit by another fighter. More so, then any other fighter who is in that same position. I know Mayweather has a great defense and a lot of times he does block a lot of shots, however, I feel that since the judges know this about him, then they don't count it against him. Whereas, if it were some other fighter like Sergio Martinez, who isn't known for his defense, did the same thing. Then the judges would count it against him as if he were in trouble and losing the round. The same with Manny Pacquiao. I feel like he can throw a four punch flurry, not land any of them or hit glove, yet the judges and compubox will give him the benefit of the doubt as if he landed all four punches, just because they know that Manny is a quick attacker and he hits hard. I saw a lot of this in the Cotto-Mayweather fight where Cotto seemed to land a hard jab, after the throwing a one-two, yet compubox didn't count it, nor did the judges. Since Money has so such a good defense, they say "well I guess he blocked the majority of those like he always does". This kind of thought, I think, is bad for the game and can really sway a fight, when it is close.
Also, I wanted to get your take on the Golovkin - Rosado fight. Was it just me or did GGG's glove look a little soft in the padding in the post fight interview (don't know if you caught that). Not sure, however, I hope they look at that gloves after the fight. Either way, I think a fight between Martinez and GGG is too close to call. GGG cuts the ring of well, however, Sergio has ways to keep himself moving around the ring away from his opponent and fighting his own game. He does that by throwing the straight left quickly and then following it up with a right hook, then back to moving around the ring again. He also showed that he is willing to mix it up when needed, because of his good chin. Let me know your take on these two topics. Keep doing what you are doing.

Adrian in Tampa, FL.
Breadís Response: You make a great point and you are 100% correct. Thatís why itís important for a fighterís team to get him exposure on TV before he fights his BIG fights on TV. So the judges can be familiar with his style. Great, great email.

There are so many layers to boxing, that the average folk just donít understandÖ..


Remember how you said people often make the mistake of saying Ray Leonard ducked Aaron Pryor but that wasn't the case (then you broke down why)..? What about Riddick Bowe and Lennox Lewis? Was that similar, where the media made it seem like Riddick ducked Lewis but there were some 'behind the scene things' that prevented it more than anything? Would you lable it a duck or a miss? Let me know.. thanks for all the knowledge!
Sean Hall
Champ Nation Boxing Gym
Oakland/San Francisco
Breadís Response: Unfortunately I think Bowe ducked Lewis. I am huge Bowe fan but thatís my honest opinion. I doní think Bowe was scared of Lewis, I just think his team advised him away from a makeable and winnable fight. They put it off for too long and Bowe lost his prime too soon. Therefore because I feel Bowe was at fault for the fight NOT happening, I would consider it to be a duck.



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