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January 15, 2013

By G. Leon

GL: We're just days away from the most important fight of your life, a challenge of Gennady Golovkin. How are you feeling and what can we expect to see from you on Saturday night?

Gabriel Rosado: "I'm feeling real good. Right now the whole team is in the limo on the way to New York. Camp went great and everyone can expect a great fight and a great performance. I know everyone in Philly isn't going to be shocked, but the world will when I beat Triple G."

GL: After all of the work you and your team were putting in with the eliminators at junior middleweight, what made you take this fight?

Gabriel Rosado: "I just felt like it was the perfect opportunity. I felt like it was just one of those things where the greater the risk, the greater the reward. People are talking about Triple G like he's the best middleweight in boxing right now. But me and trainer believe we have the tools to beat this guy and pull the upset."

GL: Did your decision to fight at middleweight have anything to do with weight issues and are your days at 154 behind you?

GR: "Not at all. I fought three times in 2012. I had an active year and I make 154 without a problem. When you're busy it's a lot easier to make weight. I'm definitely not done at 154. I have unfinished business at 154. I don't see why I couldn't fight at 154 or 160, I'll have options at both weight classes."

GL: Is there a rematch clause for the Golovkin fight?

GR: "There is a rematch clause [but] I can exercise my rights on fighting before I have to give him a rematch. It doesn't have to be an immediate rematch. The only way I see it being an immediate rematch is if it's a Gatti-Ward type fight. But I plan on putting on a performance that is dominant. I don't just want to win I want to dominate him."

GL: Do you see the fight going the distance?

GR: "I don't. I think we can get a stoppage in the later rounds. About the ninth round."

GL: What's the biggest reason you've been able to turn your career around this way? What do you attribute it to?

GR: "I attribute it to experience and being seasoned. This is a sport where it takes time to hone your craft. I also started the sport late at 18. I only had 11 amatuer fights and I took some early losses while I was learning on the job. As this point the experience kicked in and I'm a full time fighter. I used to be working ten hour shifts, graveyard shifts, but now I"m a full time fighter and 2012 was the first time in my career that I was able to focus 100% on boxing."

GL: In your last several fights you've looked much stronger. What kind of things have you been doing differently in training?

GR: "I had a strength coach who was helping me out bigtime in my last three fights at 154. For this fight right here we went back old school. We did a lot of old school things, and I feel a lot quicker and stronger. We really concentrated on speed for this camp and I think people will see that I'm a lot faster in there. And the strength is there, it's either something you're born with or you're not."

GL: Do you plan on coming in at 160 on the button?

GR: "160 on the money. Right now the weight is good. I'm only four pounds away. I'm going to be at 160 by Friday, so I'll be good."

GL: Closing thoughts?

GR: "The fans can expect a great fight. I've trained extremely hard for this. It's not just about getting a win. The fans pay their hard earned money to see good fights and I plan on putting on a show and being victorious at the end of the night. Follow me on twitter @kinggabrosado and on instragram @kinggab86

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