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December 25, 2012

By G. Leon

I told my self a while ago that I would not send anymore comments in regards to the Manny Pacquiao -Floyd Mayweather matchup especially after seeing Manny got KOed by Juan Manuel Marquez. It has been covered numerous time on many mailbags. I will cut to the chase and say that I think that Manny would do better against Floyd than he would against JMM and here’s why. Marquez, in my opinion, is a better counter puncher whereas Floyd is a better defensive fighter. I think that many fight fans confuse the two. Not only do I think that Juanma’s counter punching is better than Floyd’s but I also think that he is one of the best of all times in that regard. Floyd is a better ALL AROUND fighter and has more OPTIONS in his arsenal. Juan Manuel is primarily a counter puncher and Manny was tailor made for his style. Juanma does a better job of returning fire and hitting while being hit. Now many people try to use the fight between JMM and Floyd to show that Floyd was a better counter puncher and by beating Marquez then he must definitely be able to beat Paquiao. The problem that thinking is that Juanma, being the smaller man was forced to have to close the distance and force the action and stay away from the end of Floyd’s punches. By doing this he had to abandon his counter punching style which is the nucleus of his fight game. Here is one thing that I have noticed about Floyd as a puncher. Most, if not all of his KOs have come from the left hook or if his last punch was a right before a KO it was preceded by his left. Marquez’s counter right has always been the problem for Manny. I don’t think that Manny was as affected by that devastating KO as he was from the pounding he took from Margarito. I thought that that fight took a lot out of him both mentally and physically and it showed in the fights that followed. I will use a football analogy to describe what the blueprint is to beat Floyd. You keep his offense off of the field. Just punch at him landing solid shots on his arms, shoulders and in the neck area just below the chin. Also use a subtle movements to make it hard for Floyd to catch on and adjust. There is more but that’s just the gist of it. What are your thoughts? Columbus, Tampa

Leon's Response: I think Manny Pacquiao absorbed more physical punishment against Margarito. Marquez just put him to sleep. I also think Mayweather is a much better counter puncher than Juanma. I don't think Marquez beating Pacquiao means Mayweather does the same thing to him, I just don't think the fight is what it was and that's what really bothers me as a boxing fan. Floyd and Marquez's power comes from their ability to land precise counter punches.


G, you were always an idiot, and you will always be an idiot. Mayweather was a pu**y, and he will always be a pu**y. Muhammad Ali was The Greatest, and he WAS Picasso, and he would have beaten Mayweather to kingdom come at any weight. Picasso was great because he stepped outside all conventional limits, and was courageous enough to paint images that were not acceptable by anyone at the time, and in risking failure and defeat, he proved everyone wrong and won at the end. Muhammad Ali, did the same thing, he signed to fight George Foreman, when everybody thought that he was completely crazy for even thinking of fighting George. Roberto Duran did the same thing, he signed to fight Ray Leonard, when everybody thought that Duran was nuts for doing so. But that is the true mark of greatness. Mayweather never fought a guy who presented the possibility in people's minds of defeating him, and he always knew who they were.That's why, he said no to Antonio Margarito, called Miguel Cotto "green" 7 years ago, said no to Shane Mosley 9 years ago, and no to Manny Pacquiao for as far as we remember....Mayweather is a fine boxer who happens to be a cherry picker, and an opportunist who plays the cards safe to his chest.

Leon's Response: Ho, ho, ooh you mothersuckers know how to share that Christmas spirit. I've never put Mayweather and Ali or Duran in the same sentence so your email confuses me. Mayweather faced Diego Corrales and Jose Luis Castillo. Those were risky fights to take. Since then he hasn't taken the risk that Manny Pacquiao has. We all know this, so what exactly is the point of this email?

I signed up for boxingtalk long ago no longer a member but I still read, I Remember Floyd would be on here, I mean often now at times he seems to be taking jabs at you .... Via etc. You say he is doing this ellerbee says that, I know he told me to my face long ago "fuck boxingtalk Greg is a hater".... You reported about his money problems years ago what's the deal what started this boycott of a site i loved to read? btw I got my boxingtalk t-shirt on lol -Mike Kings

Leon's Response: I haven't heard Mayweather take any jabs at me since I wrote one story he didn't like. I'm sure he's got bigger things on his mind than lil ol' me. Mayweather received tons of positive coverage on Btalk and chose to stop talking to us after ONE story he didn't like. Personally I think it was a bitch move, but he has the right to talk to and not talk to whomever he pleases. If he feels more comfortable talking to my former padawon, that's his perogative.

Whats up G! JUan Manuel Marquez knocking Pacquiao out is definitely one of the most significant knockouts in the history of Mexican Boxing. This knock out is up there with Sanchez knocking Gomez out, and Chavez last second KO of Meldrick Taylor. I was upset when Jim Lampley indirectly discredited Juan Manuel Marquez in his KO of Manny Pacquiao. He stated that he cannot give Marquez Fighter of the year because of his freakishly muscular body, and there was no blood testing in this fight. Instead he gave it to Nonito Donaire mainly because he gave himself up for Blood Testing 360 days out of the year, he encouraged fighters to be more like Nonito Donaire.. I don’t have a problem with Nonito Donaire I think he’s a great talent, however Nonito Donaire Personal Trainer is Victor Conte the God Father of Cheating.. here we have people question Memo Heredia, when the fighter of the year according to HBO FIGHT GAME, personal trainer is Victor Conte.. I don’t understand that. Also Marquez never said NO to blood testing, it wasn’t on the contract and Pacquiao people never requested it, so what’s the big deal? When Floyd demanded that Pacquiao “Take The Test” people were saying oh Floyd is scared, no one has ever made such demands, who does he think he is!
Now Jim Lampley is over there encouraging everyone to take a blood test.. where was this when Floyd was making his demands against Pacquiao? IF it wasn’t for Floyd Mayweather JR. no one would have been requesting or demanding a Blood Test. NO one! But we don’t give Floyd any props..Marquez Knocks Pacquiao out with one of the cleanest punches you can ever get hit with and people are screaming Steroids and there needs to be blood testing.. But when Manny was beating up on bigger men, knocking Hatton out with one punch, we don’t push him to get a blood test, because he’s afraid of needles? That’s freaking BS! Pacquiao fought Diaz, De La Hoya, Hatton, Cotto, Clottey, Margarito, Mosley, Bradley and there wasn’t any blood testing going, that’s a fact. So I just wish all the Pacquiao supporters or people who thought Floyd was crazy for asking for a blood test the first time around would just shut up! ahahahahaha
One last thing Floyd not fighting Pacquiao hurts his legacy..
In boxing there comes a time where the two best fighters have to go TOE to TOE and prove who’s the better fighter. You can go back over 100 years ago  to Jack Johnson vs James J. Jeffries “Fight of the Century” Louis vs Schemling Robinson vs Lamotta  6 times and Robinson vs pretty much the whole world  Ali vs Frazier, Frazier vs Foreman, Foreman vs Norton, Ali vs Norton etc..Sugar Ray Leonard vs Duran, Duran vs Hearns, Hearns vs Leonard, Hagler vs Leonard, Hagler Hearns, Hagler Duran
Chavez vs everyone Sanchez vs Gomez Pryor vs Arguello Marquez vs Pacquiao I mean the list could go on and on and on and on.
But we could never say do you remember when Floyd fought… Or when he came back and knocked out… NEVER! I’m a huge and I mean huge Floyd Fan, but the older I get, I  start realizing that as great as Floyd is he has never DARED TO BE GREAT.

Leon's Response: Juan Manuel Marquez's knockout over Manny Pacquiao is one of the most significant KO's in the history of boxing, not just Mexican boxing. My vote for fighter of the year would be for JMM, but it seems that my fellow Boxingtalk staffers will over rule me and give the award to Nonito Donaire for fighting four times and more importantly allowing himself to be tested anytime and posting the results on the internet. In this day and age where boxers are suspected (not proven) to be on something, boxing purists are very leary to give it to a guy who's body transformed at such an advanced age. Manny Pacquiao received the same kind of heat when he was killing everyone he faced at higher weight classes, especially Margarito.  As it relates to Floyd it's like I said, he's failed the boxing world by refusing to gamble his undefeated record by betting on himself.

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