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December 08, 2012

By Scott Shaffer

Yuriorkis Gamboa W12 Michael Farenas...  After fourteen months on the sidelines due to promotional difficulties, Cuba's Yuriorkis Gamboa returned to defeat Micael Farenas, a tough B-level junior lightweight, over twleve rounds. Farenas was knocked down twice, and Gamboa, for the sixth time in his undefeated pro career, went down as well.  Official scores were 117-109, 118-108 and 117-108. Compubox credited Gamboa with outlanding Farenas 156 punches to 89.

For his efforts, Gamboa got an irrelevant WBA interim title (at 130 pounds, the WBA currently recognizes two interim champions plus Takashi Uchiyama as the regular champion at 130 pounds).

Farenas was floored seconds before the end of the second round by a Gamboa right to the side of the face. In the third, the southpaw Farenas got cuts over both eyes from accidental headbutts. In the fourth, Farenas pawed at the cut, clearly distracted, but managed to land several hard shots to win the round. By the fifth, Gamboa was back in control thanks to his superior athleticism, but he showed the same technical flaws that have plagued his pro career. Gamboa fights with his hands down like Sergio Martinez, but gets hit more tha Martinez because he lacks Martinez's superb upper body movement. Gamboa scored a second knockdown in round seven when Farenas' glove touched the canvas. Things got exciting in the ninth round when Gamboa reclessly attacked and got decked by a Farenas counter left. Gamboa was too fluid for Farenas to capitalize in the remaining three rounds. Gamboa suffered a cut over his own eye during the final round.

With the win, Gamboa, now promoted by rapper 50 Cent, recouped a small portion ($50,000 according to HBO) of the $1.3 million he flushed down the toilet when he backed out of a Brandon Rios fight.  Gamboa, however, will never get back the 14 months of self-inflicted inactivity. source: hbo pay-per-view

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