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December 06, 2012

By G. Leon

GL: Things got quite heated at the press conference to announce your fight with junior welterweight champion Danny Garcia. Can you give us some thoughts on what went down? "I tried to keep my composure and the man just tried to, I don't know, say some things to get in my head. But I'm a veteran of this game and I've been in it way too long to let a person like Angel Garcia get into my head. He had a little boxing career back in the days and it didn't do go nowhere. I think he's living his dreams through his son, but you have to understand you're son ain't you."

GL: Does it bother you more when the person you're fighting is doing the talking or does it bother you more when it's somebody in his camp?

Zab Judah: "It always bothers you more when somebody else talks garbage because you're not going to be able to get them. If you want to talk about me from your side of the block that's ok. But when you're screaming in my face talking about me, it's kind of hard for me to take that, so I reacted the way I reacted."

GL: Why do you think he does more talking than his son does? Do you think he's trying to make himself the center of attention?

ZJ: "You have to understand, he knows his son made a mistake. He knows that their whole show is a boring show and it's going to be over soon, so let me keep it going while I can. His son don't sell nothing, his son don't know how to talk and when he does he sounds retarded, so I think he likes to stand up and sell his son. Believe me when I knock him out, I'm going to stand back and watch him come in there and pick Danny up. Watch."

GL: Do you prefer to go into a fight with there being bad blood between you and your opponent?

ZJ: "It seems like every time people are ready to get in the ring with me they start talking. Even with Vernon Paris there was drama. If there's a little bit of drama in this boxing world there's nothing wrong with that. It's a fight anyways. We're coming to fight. We're not coming to do anything but fight. This is the life and things that go along with the fight game. I probably won't let myself get out of control like that no more. Evidently Richard Schaeffer and Bernard Hopkins never sent me the memo. I never got the memo about, this is not real and these are Hollywood actors. I'm just not used to people standing in my face and talking to me like that."

GL: Would you be shocked if this fight went the distance?

ZJ: "I would be very shocked. This kid is not supposed to make it past four rounds. His father called me a four round fighter and he's 100% right. I'm not going to need more than four rounds to put his son to sleep."

GL: Is this a do or die fight as it relates to your future as a competitor at the highest level?

ZJ: "My whole life has been do or die. I've never gotten anything easy in life. Being from Brownsville, Brooklyn everything we got we hard to work hard for or take. I'm working hard, I'm coming in there to knock him out and bring the world championship back to Brooklyn where it's supposed to be at."

GL: What does this disdain between you and Angel Garcia stem from?

ZJ: "I don't know the man from anywhere. I think maybe, I ain't going to go there yet G, I'm going to hold that one."

GL: Hold this one. I hear things and I heard there was some more scuffling between Teams Judah and Garcia after the Trout-Cotto fight had concluded. What can you tell us about that?

ZJ: "Danny Garcia's father putting on a great show for the cameras is all over youtube and facebook. But as soon as we got back to the hotel where there were no more cameras, no more security and no more media it was a whole different temperment from Danny Garcia's father. I told him let's talk tough now, but there was none of that. That goes to show everyone he was putting on a big show. This escalated to where it's at because of Angel Garcia. It didn't have to, but it's here. He started it and I'm going to finish it."

GL: Is his New York pass soon to be revoked?

ZJ: "I ain't even gotta say it!"

GL: Closing thoughts?

ZJ: "I'm determined to deliver. I promise this one to my fans. On February 9, put your seatbelts on, get your popcorn and I'm going to take you on this roller coaster, it's going to be good."

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