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December 06, 2012

By G. Leon

GL: What's the latest and greatest? When might we expect you back in the ring?EL: Everything is good Greg, Iím just waiting to see what Luis Decubas Jr. has lined up next. Iím ready for anyone in the division and I feel Iím the best fighter at 154.
GL: What are your thoughts on the recent draw with Vanes Matirosyan?
EL:  He couldnít touch me and I was coming on strong toward the championship rounds.  Itís too bad the fight was stopped because of the cut, but as everyone knows, I was on my way to knocking him out.
GL: The two of you were talking rematch after the bout. Since it wasn't the most exciting fight we've seen, do you really think that's a good idea?
EL:  I never turn down a challenge and if he wants to get back in the ring with me then letís do it.  I doubt heíll want to relive the same type of fight.  Like I said I was on my way to knocking him  out.
GL: Are you confident that you're going to get the big fights in 2013 that have eluded you thus far?
EL:  Thereís no doubt about it.  Golden Boy has proven that they are willing to make the sacrificeís to get me in these types of fights and Iím willing to step in the ring with anyone.  DeCubas is always working hard to make sure Iím taking care of so everything is going well.
GL: What were your thoughts on the Trout-Cotto fight?
EL:  I thought Trout did a great job sticking to his game plan by boxing and using his jab.  Cotto can still move but I think his better days are past him.  It was a good fight but I know I can beat either of them.
GL: Other than Canelo and Trout, is there anybody else that you'd like to fight that HBO or Showtime would be interested in?
EL:  Thatís up to my team to decide.  Iíll fight anyone on any day, anywhere.  Thatís just the type of guy I am. I want to fight any of the champions out there.  Iíll beat them all!
GL: Closing thoughts?

EL:  Look for me to have a breakout year in 2013.  Sky is the limit and youíll be seeing me in a big fight soon.

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